How China lost its clout on Asia
Posted on March 26th, 2023

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A rather forgettable news column rang alarm bells. Tucked away in the Sunday Times, at the very bottom segment of its ST2 supplement, its very last link, was a Project Syndicate article, clumsily headlined ‘How China lost its clout on Asia’ by Yoon Young-kwan, ‘Exclusive to the Sunday Times, SL’, datelined to ‘New Delhi’.

     ee (11 March 2023) has recorded before that Project Syndicate is a US CIA outfit. At least one Syndicate article per week in the Wijeya Group media network appears to be a requirement by the US embassy’s news supply section. Yoon Young-kwan turns out to be ‘a former minister of foreign affairs’ of US-occupied Korea, where he is a’ Professor Emeritus of International Relations at Seoul National University’.

     What is hilarious is that this article appears at the end of a week that saw some of the most important events in recent world history, signaled in February, when China publicly exposed US hegemony, launched a ‘global security initiative’, and offered a peace plan for Ukraine.

     On March 10 China mediated an agreement between Saudi Arabia & Iran. On March 15 Moscow invited Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who then went to the UAE for talks. Iran & Iraq signed a security cooperation agreement to stop CIA-sponsored terror against Iran. King Salman of Saudi Arabia invited the Iran President to visit Riyadh. After at least 30 years of US-sponsored mass murder (20 years ago it illegally invaded Iraq) – China, ‘by peaceful means, changed the balance… within just one month’ (MoA}.

     China’s President Xi went to Moscow to meet Russia’s President Putin. An article by Putin was published in the People’s Daily, while Russian media published a signed article by Xi. In the Ukraine, the US has openly come out against a ceasefire and peace talks, and is actively sabotaging the Chinese peace plan in Europe, and the Saudi-Iranian deal, while creating anarchy in Afghanistan.

     On the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq (March 20) and 12th anniversary of the invasion of Libya (March 19), the US has their puppy dogs at the International Criminal Court (who the US will not submit to, and even vows to attack if they dare name a US war criminal) declare Russian President a ‘war criminal’.

     So what ‘Asia’ then is this slavish US-Korean diplomat referring to, and what ‘clout’? The US media and education system promotes within its borders a funny definition of ‘Asia’ and ‘Asian’, which usually refers to East Asia aka the ‘Orient’. Such ignorance is reflected by this ‘former minister of foreign affairs’ who no doubt spends too much time in the USA or their Anglosphere. He reduces over 500 years of colonial invasion, claiming, ‘Since the dawn of international politics, smaller states have faced the formidable challenge of navigating great-power rivalries.’ At the same time, his country is not navigating anything but occupied by US troops, just as Japan and Taiwan are. Clout indeed. (ee Sovereignty, How China lost its clout on Asia)

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