Sri Lanka struggles to qualify For The World Cup Where oh where has the glitter gone and what has happened to Sri Lanka Cricket?.
Posted on March 28th, 2023

Top Spin By Sunny

Each day is a struggle for the players and a  heartache for the adoring fans who continue to hope for a sudden surge that will stabilize the ship and sustain the momentum needed to correct all ills  in a team floundering in a sea of uncertainty who once basked in the sunshine of the accomplishments of a supreme team feared by opponents that demolished opponents!

Some say it is mismanagement by the Administration, poor leadership, lack of proper guidance, internal corruption by the Administration of SLCA and a combination of factors that has compromised the team’s integrity and credibility  so much so that they now have to put up  a serious fight to retain their place in the next World Cup something unheard of in years gone by and to add insult to injury, just recently lost out sadly to maintain their status in the World Test Rankings which could have in all probabilities have been prevented through performance and application alone.

Certainly it is not for the lack of talent as the team has many talented young players and more emerging for future consideration but the essential key perhaps is discipline and dedication towards the game as Dhanushka Gunetilleka’s  (a fine cricketer within his right) recent indiscipline proved and the relinquishing of the captaincy by Dimuth Karunaratne who appears to have quit in disgust and frustration despite being an excellent leader and skilled performer which bears much testimony among other factors that tell the sad tale of Sri Lanka Cricket where perhaps a concerted effort needs to be made by all the cricketing peers like Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardena, Muttiah Muralidaran, Aravinda de Silva and the rest of the giants who made the team a true contending force and restore at least a semblance of past glory for the sake of dignity and posterity by getting involved tangibly with viable contributions beyond lip service towards the restoration of a Cricketing Nation  that once held her head proud.rather than become the laughing stock of the cricketing world which is more than likely to transpire unless preventive measures are applied post haste!

The present Administrative set up which has done little or nothing towards correcting Sri Lanka’s cricketing woes certainly needs re-evaluation,re shuffling or even replacement with new visionaries of a strong cricketing and intellectual background whose intentions are not motivated by personal gain or the strengthening of their personal assets and there are many such personalities available for perusal if one searched diligently and gave their 100% towards the cause as otherwise Sri Lanka Cricket could end up being a mere statistic of past history.

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