Schools Are Secretly Trying to ‘Gender Transition’ Kids, and It Must Be Stopped
Posted on April 26th, 2023

Shenali Waduge

Transgenders are people diagnosed as gender dysphoria”. Without treating those showing signs of transgender qualities, all children are being encouraged to wonder if they are a boy or girl. In a world where adults are also confused – how can anyone expect a child of 3 to decide if she wants to be a girl or boy and thereafter put the child on puberty blockers & hormone treatment even without the parents consent? Some girls never liked playing with dolls but they never questioned being a girl. Some boys never liked playing football but that didn’t make them less of a boy. However, with all these questions and bizarre thinking drilled into the minds of young minds, no wonder they are going to be as confused as those asking the questions. Is this the state that those promoting these new ideology filled with new pronouns & definitions are aspiring to do?

Below are excerpts from an article titled Yes, Schools Are Secretly Trying to ‘Gender Transition’ Kids, and It Must Be Stopped” – it highlights on video the story of a mother who lost her daughter to the transgender movement & an educational system that took her daughter away & put her on hormone treatment which eventually resulted in her suicide.

Yes, Schools Are Secretly Trying to ‘Gender Transition’ Kids, and It Must Be Stopped

  • California began paying for gender transitions” for minors who are not in their parents’ custody(decriminalizing LGBTQ means these new trends” will be implemented in Sri Lanka & sex-change” operations will be paid for by the tax payers adding to the already debt-ridden Sri Lankan society who have to foot the bill for all the mistakes by governments)
  • School officials told social services that Abigail’s daughter would be better off out of the house.” Yaeli was put into foster care, and despite Abigail’s persistent attempts to get mental health treatment for her daughter, the system stonewalled her.(this will become another new business venture where foreign-run centres may open & remove children from their homes & children will be given puberty-blockers & hormone treatments)
  • Gender transition is a perilous path.  Stephen Levinedescribes childhood transitions as experimental … with highly unpredictable effects on mental and physical health, suicidality, and life expectancy.” (the dangers of experimenting with the natural is going to be the start of more problems for Sri Lanka which already had enough and more problems to deal with)
  • Why would a school adopt a policy that so blatantly undermines the role of parents? LGBT activist groups likeGender Spectrum and Equality Federationhave aggressively pushed legislatures in states like Virginia to adopt them. And school districts have become emboldened to deceive parents. (we are looking at a new scenario especially when anything foreign is happily embraced in Sri Lanka without public debate or looking at the repercussions)
  • In May 2016, the Department of Education issued aDear Colleague Letter on the 1972 Title IX Education Amendments that directed schools to use pronouns and names that align with a student’s gender identity. Footnote 3 of the letter linked to the department’s Examples of Policies and Emerging Practices for Supporting Transgender Students.” (notice how UN/WB funding is being sent to Sri Lanka’s Education system to introduce gender equality” lessons – this is going to be the start of our problem – if we do not stop it now itself. No funding should make mental patients out of our children, deny parents their right to decide the future of their child)
  • The examples included faculty and staff asking older” transgender identifying students what amount of information they wanted to disclose to parents. There is no definition of older” in the guidance, and some transgender advocacy groups say that a3-year-old can know they are trapped in the wrong body.”
  • The policy has resulted in parents across the country being left without a clue as to what is happening with their children on a day-to-day basis.
  • Since schools across the country may face loss of funding if they don’t comply with the reinterpretation of sex” under Title IX, parents can expect even more schools to adopt gender support plans. The foreseeable result is that schools will socially transition more students without their parents’ knowledge, much less their consent. (reading this & listening to the sad story of Yaeli’s mother should make Sri Lankan parents worry about the future of their child(children)
  • Parentsand teachers are going to court to protect children from a radical ideology that can destroy their minds and bodies.
  • Lawmakers can, and should, also put parents back in the driver’s seat. They can require schools to notify parents if their child is struggling with their gender identity and prohibit schools from engaging in unauthorized treatment of a student’s mental health.(unfortunately some lawyers makers put profit first)

The story of Yaeli who was made to feel she was a boy at 13 years, removed from her home, given hormone treatment, suffered mental anxiety & committed suicide in 2019 at the age of 19years.

While in foster care and on cross-sex hormones, Yaeli’s mental health further declined. In 2019, she committed suicide at only 19 years old.

A girl of 13 she was using social media & started getting depressed.

She claimed she was not a girl & started going out with LGBTQ friends

She started telling everyone she was a transgender

The school psychology department said the daughter should move out of home & she left home at 16years.

The mother had to go to courts to visit her own daughter

She changed her name to Andrew & began hormone treatment

In 2019 the mother received a call from the coroners office.

She had committed suicide on the railway tracks at 19 years.

The system is taking our children away. This is all political.  There are many parents & moms struggling. They are not allowing us to be with our kids.

I don’t want any parent to go through this – as this pain will never go away.

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