What if Eelam is declared in Sri Lanka – who will really rule that Eelam?
Posted on May 24th, 2023

Shenali D Waduge

There are several aspects to this issue that need to be understood. Firstly, is the need to ascertain whether Eelam is a quest originating from Tamils or handed to them to use as a political ploy, if so do these external elements continue to control that project. Secondly, are other external players also involved in piggybacking on the same project for their objectives. Thirdly, can the Eelamists in reality hold sovereign control over the terrain they seek, having been heavily dependent on external players for support. Fourthly, has the Eelamists weighed these odds but continue the project not to control the aspired Eelam but agreeing to carry out the project of the external players. So the question to be answered is are the Eelamists seeking Eelam as a project of their own/for their own or are they being outsourced to demand an Eelam to be ruled eventually by non-Eelamists.  

To answer the first, it is important to realize that the term Dravidian was coined not by any South Indian but the British missionaries in 1838. It was part of the Church divide and rule policy. It was a movement controlled by the Church and later handed to converted Hindus. Bishop Robert Caldwell is the architect of the term Dravida Naadu. Dravida Nadu for Dravians was launched in 1939 & a map released in 1940. Eventually Dravida Nadu was dropped & We Tamil Movement” for a separate state in Tamil Nadu commenced. Exactly 100 years after the Dravidian term was coined the Justice Party in India sought a separate Tamil state in 1968.

A Malaysian Christian imported the same separatism to Sri Lanka & spearheaded the Church agenda. This clearly shows that all of the slogans and claims by Tamil politicians vis a vis separatism was spoonfed to them by the Church. Therefore, naturally we need to ask, whether the current demands continue to be spoonfed by the same sources and is their goal the same? To answer this both Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka must acknowledge the heavy presence of Church-funded organizations/individuals and movements who are the mouthpieces of the current eelam” demand & ensure the project goes as planned.

The all-important unanswered question is was LTTE outsourced this Church project or did the Church take over it at some point in time? However, the historical background from the Dravidian movement proves that the Church was heavily involved in every separatist” demand whether in India or Sri Lanka. They either directly promoted it or indirectly fanned it.

The Church is a subsidiary of the Western neo-colonial agenda – which means the Eelam project is part of the Western geopolitical agenda and does not seek to fulfil any Tamil aspirations except use it to forward their plan.

Rev. Jegath Gaspar Raj the Catholic priest is accused of secularizing Hindu folklore.

The other external player is India.

India’s involvement came having trained Tamil militants, though it is anyone’s guess as to why India did so, but the manner India forced the Indo-Lanka Accord & 13a with clauses advantageous to India & not Tamils, revealed a second player into the scene riding on the Eelam quest to secure India’s geopolitical goals, on the mantra India’s security concerns” and strengthened by protecting our Tamil brothers & sisters”. Slogans that were of self-interest but secured diplomatic & political pressure over Sri Lanka. Using the slogan, India has exerted and vested control over vast terrains across Sri Lanka and currently influences every sphere of industry & polity. The removal of the former Eastern governor & the appointment of an inexperienced pro-Indian estate Tamil who rushed to the Indian High Commissioner immediately after appointment signals the control India now exerts. With India placing its agents in key spots while also exerting influence over economy, industry, culture & even education, we now see an influx of Hindu radicals claiming Buddhist heritage sites in the North & commencing a bogus Ramayana Trail/placing siva lingams & Ram Centres across the country as another means of vesting control over the terrain. It is only a matter of time that the demand for implementation of 13a in ful,l will re-emerge having placed their people in positions that would declare defacto Eelam” under Indian control.

How many follow India’s foreign policy objectives vis a vis Chanakya/Kautilya and now the Arkhand Bharath/Hindustan (Greater India encompassing Sri Lanka) promoted by RSS yogi tipped to succeed present Indian PM.

How this will gel with the West-Church agenda is yet to be seen. Both both parties are using the QUAD partnership to penetrate into Sri Lanka’s every nook & corner & secure control for themselves. This agenda does not intend to fulfil any Tamil aspirations too.

Let us presume that the West & India genuinely wish to give Tamils their Eelam? Do Tamils think that they will stop their interventions & incursions & allow Eelam lobbyists to rule in peace? Have Tamils not taken stock of the magnitude of interferences and interventions that the GoSL has to put up with? Does the Eelam Government” think they can run a sovereign state without similar interferences? If they too are confronted with the same or worse interventions, how are they to deal with them? Have the Eelam Politicians” thought about this scenario? Can they really rule an Eelam without falling prey to the same pressures that GoSL faces?

The 4th scenario, we guess, is an outcome of the realization of the 3rdscenario by the Eelam lobbyists, who are all living in foreign climes and promoting Eelam while happily domiciled on western shores. Given that the original separatist project was orchestrated by the West, passed pillows over the decades to various movements & players, it is natural that a project fostered over 170 years was eliminated by Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces in just 3 years. It was a major blow not only to their overall plan but to their psyche too. This should explain the revenge coming in the form of UN Resolutions & Western sanctions & bizarre allegations like genocide”. Only those who know the background to this story understands the rationale behind these attacks.

The eelam lobbyists can decide to adopt 2 options. Eelam lobbyists know too well that the West/India can take action against them instantly so the counter measure is to adopt a you scratch our backs, we will scratch yours” approach. All the above players take turns or together screw Sri Lanka. The Eelam lobbysts are thus functioning in an outsourced role on behalf of West/India while also gaining grounds for themselves. In the meanwhile, the Eelam lobbyists have been smart enough to infiltrate the upper echelons of their countries & holding key decision making positions while the West/India are making inroads into Sri Lanka. This is what is taking place post-2009. If you notice, its now a competition between all 3 players.

The terrain is now reducing. This makes the stakes higher. However, Sri Lanka’s Parliament & police advisors are clueless about any of these manoeverings & little bothered so long as they can siphon Sri Lanka daydreaming to be in power thereafter.

Or wlll the Nationalists win back all that has been taken & rule over entire Sri Lanka without hindrance?

Shenali D Waduge

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