Who said ‘There was Genocide in Canada” in todays Lankaweb 7.30.2023.
Posted on July 30th, 2023

Dr Sudath Gunasekara Secretary of former Prime MInister Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranayaka

To The Canadian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka Eric Walsh

Yes Mr. High Commissioner, the whole world knows that there was large-scale genocide done by your ancestors of Europe during the period 1400 -1850, not only in Canada but all over the world in continents like NA, SA, and Australia where your ancestors have annihilated the natives and concord those lands in the process of those dark Western colonial invasions in world history and also committed large scale genocide in Islands like Sri Lanka and other Asian countries like India but failed to annihilate the natives completely due to their bravery and deeper civilizations.

However, I am thankful to you for honestly admitting the fact that your ancestors had committed genocide long before you try to preach to us not od repeat what your ancestors did. Also for your information, I must tell you that we Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka had never committed genocide as you know it in known history, besides reconquering others’ land like your ancestors. It is true that our Kings have chased out all invaders from South India from the 2nd Century BC  upto 12th century Ad and all your barbaric colonial ancestors from 1505-1948 in defense of our motherland following the first duty of a ruler as laid down by Kautilya, that is Raksha. Of course, in the process, many people have died. But that is not genocide. Even in recent history, many have died when the LTTE Tamil terrorists waged a war against the democratically elected government in the country. But that is also not genocide as you people interpret and see it for political convenience at home in your own countries..   

Could you please read the following article in the Lankaweb before you try to advise us?

Also please remember that Sri Lanka is not Canada. We are two different countries with entirely two different Histories and two different cultures which are poles apart from yours.

Also, we shall be thankful to you people if you confine your duties to your jobs as Ambassadors representing your countries only in terms of the Geneva Convention without unnecessarily trying to meddle with our domestic affairs at least in the future. Also please remember that our civilizations are much older than yours. Hope you know that your Canadian dominion was founded only on July 1, 1867, whereas ours goes back at least to the 6th Century BC. As such I don’t think I need further elaborations, apart from saying the following article will be an eye opener not only to you but to all others with similar attitudes, including particularly to those like the Ambassadors of the USA, UK, and India to correct and control their mistakes both in their arrogant actions and their words at least in future.

Please note that I am addressing this note to you as a vocal diplomat on behalf of the entire Diplomatic community, as a duty-bound citizen of Mother Lanka as there is no politician who has the guts to say so. unfortunately.

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