Usurping Authority
Posted on April 14th, 2024

Palitha Mapatuna

It is noted that a person, who describes himself as Kleppe Ariyamagga, has taken upon himself the task of ‘rectifying’ some alleged errors which, according to him (and some others like him) are found in the long accepted history of Sri Lanka, especially in its Buddhist history.

Now, the fundamental question is whether this (presumptuous) person has a legal status, through delegation of authority by the government of Sri Lanka, to represent the country concerning matters of its history.

If this person has no such authority, it seems that his conduct amounts to usurping the authority of the government, basically a form of misappropriation.

Quite contrary to being authorised to represent the country, it is said that this person has kept away from the country due to some questionable activities of his (e.g. see YouTube channel, ‘Karma’ of 31/03/‘24).


Per the internet, evidence of the theatrics of this person (and his partners) on ‘rectifying’ the aforesaid alleged errors may be viewed in videos of a set up called ‘Ariyakammattana:’, head office of which seems to be in Norway.

Palitha Mapatuna

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