The ethnic Sinhala identity is as important as our national Sri Lankan identity
Posted on June 6th, 2024

Senaka Weeraratna

Why is the Sinhala identity being downgraded in Sri Lanka? In contrast, the ethnic identity of the Ethnic Majority in every other country is being upgraded and made into a subject of great pride and admiration of the entire nation. For example, the Tamils of Tamilnadu are Indian Citizens. But the State Govt. of Tamilnadu continues to promote the  Tamil identity as a historical identity worthy of preservation and upliftment.

Then why is a different process, a reverse process taking place somewhat surreptitiously in Sri Lanka?

Sinhala is becoming a ‘ Thanam Vacanaya’ ( forbidden word). It is happening 

  • stealthily in every area of the public domain. Wikipedia is replacing ‘ Sinhala’ with ‘ Sri Lankan’ .
  • All the English-language newspapers in Sri Lanka now delete the ‘ Sinhala’ nomenclature replacing it with the ‘ Sri Lankan ‘ term. 
  • It is almost impossible to refer to a great person as a Sinhala in an Obituary ( Appreciation). It is replaced with ‘ Sri Lankan’. This is all done under the false pretext that everything that is an attribute of the Sinhala race is divisive and harmful.  Sinhala is identified as more or less a villain by those who are hostile to this country.   It has gone so far that we see instances where the Sinhala New Year is now called by some the ‘ Sri Lankan New Year’. 

A content analysis of leading Newspapers will reveal this truth.

  • Sinhala is the language of a great Civilization – the unique Buddhist Civilization of Sri Lanka.

Built by our ancestors i.e., the Sinhalese by and large. In the pre-colonial era, there was only one Religion of the Sinhalese – Buddhism.  

Today Sinhala people are scared of being called a ‘ Chauvinist, Racist, Extremist, and whatnot’. 

So therefore they surrender and allow themselves to be manipulated easily.

Nobody is against the other communities. They have a place in the sun. Rightly so.

But this cannot be accomplished by downgrading the ‘ Sinhala’ identity.

Do not throw the Baby with the Bathwater. This is a warning not to get rid of something good or valuable along with something bad.

Being proud of a Sinhala identity does no harm to the national Sri Lankan identity. Both can go together. 

Senaka Weeraratna

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