Posted on June 11th, 2024

by A. Abdul Aziz.

Two Ahmadis were fatally shot on 8th June 2024 at Saad Ullah Pur, District Mandi Bahauddin. The victims were Ghulam Sarwar, Son of  Bashir Ahmed of 62 years of age and Mr. Rahat Ahmad Bajwa, Son of   Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa of 30 years of age have been fatally shot around noon in two separate attacks. One killer arrested is a student at a local Madrassah, who allegedly has confessed to killing two Ahmadis for reasons of faith. The Anti-Ahmadiyya hate campaign in Pakistan is at an all-time high. As per the law, those who incite hatred and violence against the peaceful Ahmadiyya Community should be brought to justice.

Reports further say, Mr. Ghulam Sarwar was on his way back home after offering the Zuhr (mid-day) prayers at an Ahmadiyya place of worship when the alleged killer opened fire at him near his house where he died on spot. In a span of 20 minutes when Mr. Rahat was returning to his house from catering Centre (Pakwan Centre) he owned which is situated at the local Bus stop, he was also fatally shot by a student from the madrassah in the local village. A killer, who has been arrested by the authorities is allegedly identified as one Syed Ali Raza of 16-17 years of age. He is a student at a local Ahle Sunnat Madrasa. The killer has allegedly confessed to the Police regarding the motivation behind these killings as faith based. Mr. Ghulam Sarwar was 62 years old. He was into farming. He has left behind a widow and 6 Children as mourners. Mr. Rahat Ahmad Bajwa was running a restaurant. He has left behind a widow and 2 young daughters as mourners.

The Spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya Community Pakistan Amir Mahmood while condemning this heinous act of murder has stated that there is an instant need of bringing those responsible to accountability for instilling the narrative of hatred in the youth against Ahmadis. The perpetrators behind this hate campaign are evident. Why is the Government not taking any action against them? He asked.

The Spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya Community has demanded that the Government should put an end to the hate campaign against Ahmadis in Pakistan and bring the perpetrators of the deceased Mr. Ghulam Sarwar and Mr. Rahat Ahmad Bajwa to accountability.

The international community must urge the Pakistani government to safeguard the rights of Ahmadis and ensure justice for the victims. Likewise, Pakistani authorities must recognize the need to curb the culture of hate speech and promote a culture of harmony. The time to act is now; silence and inaction will only perpetuate the cycle of violence and hatred

Source: Human Rights Section of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Foreign Missions Office, United Kingdom.

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