Canada complaints at the UN in Geneva on Srl Lanka army’s sexual violence
Posted on July 6th, 2014

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

12 July 2014

Hon. John Baird, MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Canada

Hon. Deepak Obhrai, MP, Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Canada

Hon. Lynne Yelich, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Canada  

cc. Permanent Representative for Sri Lanka to the UNHRC in Geneva.  

Dear John, and Deepak and Lynne:

I have just come across the NEWS 1st We Report, You Decide item of June 23, 2014 which said Manish Gunasekera requests Canada to refrain from making irresponsible unsubstantiated claims” This rejection was when exercising the ‘Right of Reply” during the General Debate under Agenda Item 4 by Canada at the UN in Geneva.   And how right she was as Canada is losing it, wanting to go after Sri Lanka relentlessly forgetting who the hell we Canadians are to start with.   For one thing for sure, we are certainly not lily-white, but perhaps somewhere among the fifty-shades of grey.   Not good, Canada!

Manisha had said: Sri Lanka strongly rejects this claim which is not substantiated by verifiable data or evidence. Sri Lanka has a well established zero tolerance policy on sexual and gender-based violence against women and continues to take action against reported cases of violence against women. The involvement of security forces personnel of the total accused stands at 5.6% in the conflict period and 3.3% in the post conflict period.” WOW Man! That put’s Canada with her recorded sexual violence within our armed forces camps into a new frame of shame, does it not John and Deepak and Lynne? You know what I am getting at, don’t you?

That comment on Sri Lanka by the Conservative Government at  the UNHRC deliberations has stymied me, has shocked me, has flummoxed me and got my goat. Why you may ask! And here’s why John and Deepak and Lynne. Canada is losing it in a big way when bludgeoning Sri Lanka at every international forum unfairly. Canada has now arrived at the boundary of stupidity among the anti-Sri Lanka international political-animators.

John and Deepak and Lynne, stretch out your hands and grab a copy of Maclean’s of May 16, 2014, and read Noemi Mercier and Alec Castonguay’s article Our Military’s Disgrace – An investigation uncovers the sexual violence plaguing our soldiers and a military hierarchy with its own justice system and its own rules.

We are told and I am sure you all know it too that every day, five individuals in the Canadian military community become victims of sexual assault. We are also told that the Military Police have received 134 to 201 complaints of sexual assaults every year since year 2000.   That is an average of 178 per year. Phew…! Who said that Canada is squeaky clean and thus have a moral right to go after Sri Lanka at an International forum on sexual violence in its armed forces! What a load of hogwash!

You see John and Deepak and Lynne that we are not lily-white after all, and yet we have the gall and temerity to complain about Sri Lanka’s alleged military rapes at the UN in Geneva. Not kosher is it now?   Stop looking stupid going after Sri Lanka relentlessly.   Slow down Canada…take a deep breath and slow down Canada, as you have already lost your ‘We are Holier than Thou’ persona of morality and the Lester Pearsonian dignity and Canada is getting embarrassed with our stubborn self-righteousness.

Surely to God, Canada that put young Momim Khawaja behind bars for life for his phone communication with British Islamists for plotting a bomb attack, should give Sri Lanka effusive recognition for defeating terrorism by eliminating the Tamil Tigers who had perfected the art of suicide bombing with a suicide pack and detonated 388 suicide human bombs and assassinated two heads of state, one from India and the other from Sri Lanka, and now Canada’s fingers are pointing at the Tamil Tiger terrorists slayers as a bunch of war criminals. Shish…what an insane world we live in!

I can only summarize in cricketing terms how our Team Canada is losing it to Sri Lanka Government’s Humanitarian Team who whipped and eliminated militarily the most ruthless terrorists in the world, the Tamil Tigers, on 19 May 2009, and gave back the most treasured human right, the right-to-life to its 22 million peoples which had been hijacked by the Tamil Tigers for 27 bloodying years.   This text book classic example of restoring human rights has not been acknowledged by Canada up to this moment.   That’s a damn shame!

Canada batting against Sri Lanka on Human Rights Grounds

1 Capt. Stephen Harper         ‘run out’                               ….  0

(Prime Minister has run out of ideas to nail Sri Lanka to the wall and garner Tamil votes   in the Greater Toronto Area at the next federal election in 2015. One of the most embarrassing moments in Canada’s foreign policy was when Prime Minister Harper attempted to act as Commonwealth’s 53 nations Pied Piper to move the CHOGM Summit from Colombo to elsewhere and failed miserably and Canada stood isolated.)

2 Vice. Capt. John Baird     caught out at ‘silly point’        … 0

(Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, being silly with his pit-bull persona trying to knock Sri Lanka for a six at every international forum and fails in his international embarrassing vaudeville act)

3. Deepak Obhrai               ‘stumped’ out at the wicket       … 0

(Canada’s Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs was stumped out trying to act like a High School bully by laying a wreath against a request by a Sri Lankan official at Elephant Pass during his visit to CHOGM, in memory of the members of the minority community (Tamils) who lost their lives during the Eelam Wars and not in memory of the majority community (Sinhalese members) who also died fighting, and telling the world that Elephant Pass was a neutral spot to lay the wreath. Deepak’s truth was dismissed as the fact was that Elephant Pass was the battle ground where three major battles were fought by the Tamil Tigers whipping the Government forces. As reported in the media Deepak returned to Canada and briefed the Tamil community in Toronto as what he achieved and did not brief the Sinhalese community.   There was a voter motive in this deliberate act.)

4   Jason Kenney             caught out at ‘long leg’                     … 0

(Former Canadian Minister for Citizenship & Immigration and Multiculturalism tried to hook Sri Lankans into the Canadian We are Holier than Thou” mind-set about human rights violations by going to Colombo pretending that he has come over as the son of the preacher-man….but got caught out at long leg, long ways from Ottawawhen Sri Lanka found out that Canada was under the black-cloud as a human rights violator of the First Nation peoples. The Idle No More campaign by the First Nation peoples were demonstrating in Ottawa seeking their rights on the very same day, at the same hour when Jason was preaching the basics of human rights to the Sri Lankan Government. And that was an embarrassing and a dumb performance by a Canadian Minister.)

5 Shelley Whiting                 caught out at 1st slip                       … 0

(The Canadian High Commissioner in Colombo whose slip got entangled in knots when she tried to defend Minister Deepak Obhrai why he had to use land transport with a photographer, and the wreath in tow to Colombo via Elephant Pass and not use a flight from Jaffna. That was a feeble try and I pity her to have been put in that position.   It was a well planned trip for a photo opportunity of Deepak laying the wreath to gain Brownie points from the Tamil community in the Greater Toronto Area. Who did she think she was trying to convince with that silly fairy tale!)

6   Lynne Yelich                       caught out at 2nd slip                     … 0                                                        (The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs got her slip caught up badly trying to unravel a hoax that a Tamil parliamentarian was under house arrest in the North of Sri Lanka when she was not. A good publicity stunt by the parliamentarian to tarnish the good image of Sri Lanka saying that the Sri Lankan Government officials were following her shadow from the time the plane carrying her landed at Colombo’s International Airport, wherever she went.)

7   Lawrence Cannon             clean bowled                                     … 0

(The former Minister of Foreign Affairs was bowled for his pathetic Press Release when the Tamil Tigers were eliminated on 19 May 2009. He had difficulty to acknowledge this amazing feat when every other country patted the back of Sri Lanka and said Marvelous, well done chaps, we got lots to learn from you how to get rid of international terrorists single handed.” His Press Release was the first indication that Conservative’s Canada was not a friend of Sri Lanka for eliminating the Tamil Tigers, who were friends of the separatist Tamil Diaspora of the Greater Toronto Area whom the Conservatives depends on to vote them in to parliament. The Conservative government obviously did not want to antagonize the Tamil community, who would within 24 hours notice have 20,000 Tamils descend on Parliament Hill under a red sky of Tamil Tiger flags).

8   Andrew Bennett                 caught out at Long Off                   … 0

(The Canadian Ambassador for Religious Freedom has been long off being too quick to pick on Sri Lanka’s religious riots in Beruwela and Aluthgama. In his enthusiasm to promote Canada as ‘We are Holier than Thou’, he was long off from reality and honesty as anti-Islamic sentiments in Sri Lanka were much weaker compared to what Canada had experienced with 246 incidents, 531 incidents in France and 6276 incidents in the UK. And the majority Buddhist Sri Lankans were much more tolerant not having gone after the Tamil-Hindus and Christians after the Tamil Tigers assassinated 120 Buddhists devotees meditating under the Bodhi tree in Anuradhapura; the shooting and chopping of 33 Buddhist monks travelling in a bus at Aranthalawa; and the bombing the façade of the 18th century holiest Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka, the Temple of the relic of   Buddha’ Tooth in Kandy.)

9   Patrick Brown                          caught at cover                          … 0                                                                                                                                                                        (The (Conservative MP for Barrie a ferocious critic of the present Sri Lankan regime for eliminating the Tamil Tigers and travelled in tandem around town with the Tamil NDP MP and the coordinator of AI to show the Channel 4 videos to the sparsely attended audiences to cover up and give credence to the Tamil MP’s circus act.)

So we now have 9 anti-Sri Lanka politico-Canadians going down for an embarrassing 0 runs. Lack of honesty and an arrogant ‘We are Holier than Thou’ bully attitude did not help the Canadians much.

There are two more Conservative Government Canadians to bat against Sri Lanka, and when they come in they too will be bowled out by Sri Lanka’s honest doosras or caught out trying to convince Sri Lankans that We are Holier Than Thou” and Godfathers of human rights on an evangelical mission to cleanse you Sri Lankan human rights sinners. All this is a bunch of baloney hanging in a stall at the Byward Market in Ottawa. And that is how the cookie crumbles John and Deepak and Lynne. And in fact that is indeed the rub.

Remember how the Sri Lankan Government and its soldiers wiped out the Tamil Tigers after a 27 year bloody war on 19 May 2009, and   performed the most precious human rights, by giving back the right- to-life to 22 million of its peoples which had been hijacked by the Tamil Tigers. This was a classic text book example of restoring human rights. So you Conservatives ignored it, as you were unable to stomach that amazing act of honouring human rights by a puny island nation by wiping out the most ruthless terrorists in the world, single handed.

Remember how the Sri Lankan Government and its soldiers rescued and liberated 295,873 Tamil refugees from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers who were used as a human shield for 30 months, and you Canadian Godfathers of Human Rights, perhaps were suffering from laryngitis, as we didn’t hear from you all even a pip-squeak of a protest of human rights violations by the Tamil Tigers. This was another magical and courageous classic text book example of restoring human rights in the Tamil community by the Sri Lankan government. And mind you, the mainly Sinhalese-Sri Lankans prepared a million meals a day to feed these Tamil refugees a hearty breakfast, lunch and a dinner every day while they lived in welfare camps, not letting them starve to death. Not a word of acknowledgement of praise from you Conservatives. It’s tough to vote for you Conservatives in 2015 federal elections with that kind of a vindictive performance on my people in Sri Lanka. All for the sake of a Tamil vote in the Greater Toronto Area.

If all these strange nonsensical shenanigans by the Conservative Government are to see that there is a regime change in Sri Lanka … just hold it right there.

Let’s not rain on Sri Lanka’s progress of reconciliation and the much earned peace having risen from the ashes of a 27 year war which was aided and abetted surreptitiously by Canada. The west ‘s self-appointed world’s human rights police believe that they are doing good to correct what is wrong with other nations under a ‘human rights’ slogan by raining down on them lies, bombs and bullets. Look at today’s Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Afghanistan and Iraq after the US and its allies, the world’s human rights police decided to poke their fingers into the internal affairs of these countries. They are in total disarray now having fooled their peoples by the west’s world human rights police with ‘liberation’ slogans. What a bunch of fools!

‘Regime change’ is wrong and the bottom line is, we Canadians cannot dictate how Sri Lankans should lead their moral lives by crushing their socio-religious cultures and lifestyles that have prevailed for over 2,600 years.   Let’s get this simple fact drilled into our Canadian-politico heads. If Canada is dreaming of another Arab Spring in Sri Lanka, who knows, we might end up with an anti-Canada Summer Wild-Elephant Jamboree.

And remember that 54 per cent of the population of Tamils live in the south in harmony with other ethnic communities, and inter-marrying too, and 40 per cent of the population of the capital Colombo are Tamils and they are happy living like Port-aux-Basque’s hugging-clams at low tide. Other than a handful of social activist trouble-makers funded by foreign governments, just to do that, you don’t hear any sounds of griping from the rest of the Tamils. And remember that almost all the 250,000 Tamils who entered Canada as convention refugees all hop on planes to visit friends and relatives and to holiday in Sri Lanka no sooner they get their Canadian passports.   There must be something enormously good, magnetic and hypnotic about Sri Lanka that they keep returning to the island that they ran away from because Canada was told that they were discriminated and persecuted by the majority Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.   I don’t think the attraction is just a plate of sumptuous rice with spicy curries and masala vadeys. There must be something more than that!

I am not that stupid to buy it, would you?


Asoka Weerasinghe

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  1. AnuD Says:

    Read these; This is at present.

  2. AnuD Says:

    Gang rape;

    The RCMP has been blasted by a human rights organization for failing to protect Indigenous women in northern British Columbia, including the victims of the “Highway of Tears” where dozens have been murdered or gone missing.

    The report also claims Mounties have sexually assaulted Aboriginal women.

    Human Rights Watch issued an 89-page report filled with details and first-hand accounts from women who allege they’ve been raped by Mounties, victims of excessive force and other abusive treatment.

    “I feel so dirty…they threatened that if I told anybody they would take me out to the mountains and kill me, and make it look like an accident,” according to one woman who told Human Rights Watch that in July 2012 four police officers took her to a remote location and raped her.

    She said it wasn’t the first time. That police officers had raped her before and threatened to kill her if she said anything.

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