We welcome you Mr. President!
Posted on January 10th, 2015

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai/ Coordinator, Almuslimaath.  Dehiwela

Almuslimaath, The Srilankan Association of Muslim women and Girls welcome you and wish you all the best Mr. President.

Needless to say, just like those who wished you to come to power, we are overwhelmed by your magnificent victory. We feel it is the victory of the voice of the oppressed people, especially the minority, even more pointedly the Muslims. The agony the Muslims had to face in the latter part of  last regime, specifically the Muslim women, needs no repetition. We openly expressed wish for a change and fervently prayed to Allah to bring about safety and peace, and we thank Allah, He did.


The whole nation has put in great hopes of your governance and we sincerely hope you will not fall prey to the vice all the earlier Presidents elects did- breaking the promises. We also wish you will be different from all previous Presidents in being the President of each and every citizen- whether they voted for you or not – for that is what good governance is all about.


We, like the rest of the country  are looking forward for an exciting new era with abated breath for clean, fresh  and peaceful  Srilanka.

We wish you all the best and pray to Allah that He will guide you to be the best president of Srilanka ever.


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Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai/ Coordinator, Almuslimaath.


9 Responses to “We welcome you Mr. President!”

  1. mjaya Says:

    Calling yourselves oppressed? How pathetic!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Tomorrow is when President My3 appoints his ministers.

    Good luck!

    Patriots, have a listen to bring back nostalgic memories of decades gone past!!



    Jayawewa Sri Lanka!

  3. hela puwath Says:

    Loud speakers blaring 5 times a day
    Thousands of Mosques for 9% population
    Eastern SL no go for Sinhelese
    Justice, Trade and Industry for Muslims only
    – Oppressed people!

  4. lokubanda Says:

    Dear Doctor, You said ‘oppressed’? Here in Sri Lanka? Please ask any non-Muslim Sri Lankan who has had the fortune to work for an employer in Saudi Arabia. You will learn a new meaning to the word ‘oppressed’. So sorry I have to point this out to you.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Mareena, go tell that to the French and Australians.

    There is a word for it starting with “T”.

    They are always victims of oppression! Typical justification for terrorism.

    IF you are now oppressed, soon you will be depressed.

  6. Ramanie Says:

    Ah the humbug! Oppressed minorities! Dehiwala now looks more like a suburb of Saudi- with women in burkas, men all dressed as Pakistanis and the centre of the city being No Limit shop and its financier the mega mosque! Dehiwala is the Muslims answer to the Tamils of Wellawatte!

  7. Nanda Says:

    Sinhala people were the Oppressed people. Oppressed by Mahinda. Now they are oppressed by My3 with the terrorist Hackhim appointed shipping minster to ship ganja from Afganistan.

  8. ranjit Says:

    Are you like the same Dentist Rajitha who is a thief later become a traitor? You people have got more than what you deserve in this country and this is how you people say “Thank You” to the man who saved you from hell during the war. Have you forgotten how those blood thirsty suckers massacred your people inside the Mosques? Tambiya Toppiya Harana Paththata kiyala kiyanne kata khanawatada?

    Do you think that you will get half same like Tamils from MY3’s cake. It will be only a dream Doc. As long as we Sinhala Buddhists live in this land no one can dance as they wish. This is our country for all Sri Lankans. This is the only Sinhala nation for us to live and we will not give up so easily.

  9. RohanJay Says:

    “… The agony the Muslims had to face in the latter part of last regime.” LOL! Yeah I would to ask what exactly did Mahinda Rajapaksha did to Muslim Women, except deliver them from the clutches of brutal murderers. To deserve that ungrateful statement. His armed forces under his command. Liberated Muslim Women from LTTE murderers, and this is the thanks he gets. Amazing what a world we live in! The whole world is turning against Muslims because of statements like this, the french are pissed off right now after the events in Paris. After the French did more than any other nation to accommadate them into their country.
    Note: I am only criticising the political-religous muslims. I have no problem with moderate Muslims, majority whom are very fine people. Unfortunately, majority muslims suffer because of the actions, of these big mouth Islamic Politico-Religous Minority. I hope the good sensible Muslims who are out there take back their heritage from their loud mouthed vocal and often violent extreme-religous-politicos.

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