Posted on January 13th, 2015


Before joining the MS  alliance, the Great Cricketer Arjuna Ranatunga said on public stage that he has an agreement with Chandrika  that corrupt MPs and Ministers in UPFA government will not be taken into the new regime.   In fact he has told Chandrika if corrupt MPs and Ministers are taken into the new regime, he will be the first to resign from the MS government.

Similarly, Patali Champka said before the election that Karuna Ammam should be arrested  and should not be allowed to leave the country.

This is a challenge for Arjuna and Patali  . Now it is time  for them and others who uttered similar slogans before the election ” TO PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS”.

On the other hand, the former President will have sigh of relief that the goose who destroyed him are no more with him.  As promised by the former President before the election, those who left him at this stage should never be accommodated.  

Most of the former Ministers and MPs are joining the new government, for their own advantage.  Most of them have their children studying overseas requiring vast amount of funds each month.  Others have enjoyed the luxury of more than 5 vehicles at the government expense.   They also had other businesses, condominiums in Singapaore, Malayasia.   Some have large estates in Australia, New Zealand.  Yet they are unhappy without power and perks which they will somehow obtain from the new government.

 Regardless of the number of MPs left for the former President, he need build a new team.   It is advisable to keep his sons away from politics as they have contributed to the defeat.  Bringing Salman Khan became very unpopular, together with night car racing.  The concept of NIL BALAKAYA is good,  but Namal should not have been involved in it.  We understand that he has become “big-headed” not listening to Senior Cabinet Ministers as well.

Former President’s policies are far superior and should build a new leadership team at the  grass root level to assist. 

The political turmoil will begin in Sri Lanka, with the possibility of  JVP, Sarath Fonseka leading a new alliance. Sajith Premadasa will not be a happy man  for too long to hold the Ministerial post of Housing and Samurdhi when new comers have been given more senior responsibilities.  Whilst Chandrika is attempting to fill the pack with defectors of UPFA,  RW will come under increasing pressure to mend rules to satisfy Chandrika. 

The Constitutional changes to be enacted  will definitely feature a new Executive Role for Chandrika.     Interesting periods are ahead, the best course of action for the former President will be to eliminate any remaining culprits in the party and re-organise the party structure.

A  classic political lesson can be obtained from Indonesia.  Former President Suharto  picked up a leading supporter of Megawati, known as Sutardi, to defeat Megawati’s leadership at the annual convention of the PDI (Partai Demokratik Indonesia).

Megawati then formed a new political party under her leadership known as PDI(P) (Partai Domokratik Indonesia- Perjuangan “meaning “Struggle”.  Subsequent years she became the President for a short period.  Even with new new party struggling to get into power, party hierarchy was established to ensure grater coordination in all provinces.  For the most recently concluded election she picked up the Governor of Jakarta Joko Widodo, who is now Indonesia’s President under the party flag of PDI(P) of Megawati Sukarnoputhri.


  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Namal and Basil did the trick for Sirisena. Most of the senior UPFA cabinet ministers were not in talking terms with them. Everyone knows that Namal imported a fleet of cars for his friends by abolishing import tax for three months.
    Then, when the whole opposition is accusing Mahinda government for corruption and Nepotism Mahinda just kept quiet.
    That is not the way a party leader should behave when someone is accusing him.
    Even when Mangala accused him for trying to plot a coup and declare election results null and void, Mahinda not even bothered to deny it immediately.
    It is nothing more than a pathetic arrogance

  2. Cerberus Says:

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. All the politicians are corrupt as we well know.

  3. Christie Says:

    What I see in the island is the fighting among the Sinhalese. Though they are the majority they have a minority complex. This is the same in most of the Indian colonies like Guyana and Fiji. We have to realize the Indians in the island are the minority but they are the most privileged and they have all the money.

  4. Lorenzo Says:



    Now they all have escaped leaving only MR to face the music.

    MR has NO future. Give up party leadership to My3 before CBK takes it.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    “It is nothing more than a pathetic arrogance”


    Pride goes before a fall.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    “Reports are emerging that President Maithripala Sirisena’s son Daham has been spotted at Racecourse Colombo with at least 40 members of the presidential security division.” – CT

    Here we go again!

  7. AnuD Says:

    When MR, MR brothers and son were sharing most of the budget, when MR, MR brothers and son were heading most of the govt institutions what else to talk.

    did President fund, humongous budget for the president, president’s travel expenses, President’ and family’s maintenance and entertainment budget are all those negligible ?

    President was very attracted to criminals and to thieves. But, he is clean.

  8. AnuD Says:

    It looks like sinhalas are fighting Sinhalas because, the govt did not allow fair election coverage and because of that most rural people voted Mahinda Rajapakses. govt media was completely for MR.

    The amazing is SLBC has written songs and played those already when MS says that he is not a king and he is the servant of people. How can we stop that.

  9. Marco Says:

    Here the Editorial of the Island from yesterday (Tuesday)
    A good analysis.

    The SLFP which has spun into a tailspin following its crushing defeat at the recently-concluded presidential poll is in the same predicament as Michael, the child, in The Caucasian Chalk Circle. Caught up in a fiercely fought battle for supremacy between two factions led by ex-Presidents Chandrika Kumaratunga and Mahinda Rajapaksa it is being pulled violently. Unlike in Brecht’s play neither party is ready to give in.

    In the on-going Battle of the Blues, both factions are going to be losers; they are destroying their own party. It is intra-party tussles that kept the SLFP in the political wilderness for 17 long years from 1977 to 1994. The UNP having shown signs of recovery thanks to the recent electoral windfall, the SLFP is sure to suffer an ignominious defeat at the next general election unless it sorts out its problems fast.

    President Maithripala Sirisena will be flying with one wing if he does not have control over the SLFP. Although we have a presidential system, the executive president is reduced to a figurehead in all but name if he or she loses power in Parliament and the prime minister becomes the head of state to all intents and purposes as we saw in the 2001-2004 period, when President Kumaratunga was without control over the legislature.

    President Sirisena is in a dilemma. He has cobbled together an alliance consisting of politicians with ministerial ambitions. He cannot accommodate all of them in his Cabinet which he has promised to limit to 25 members. It is being argued in some quarters that the President can dissolve Parliament unless UPFA MPs cooperate, but in so doing he will run the risk of precipitating another crisis. The UNP and the SLFP may honeymoon as a unity government for a couple of months, but the announcement of a general election will compel them to part company and compete with each other. In such an eventuality, the President and the Prime Minister will embark on a voyage into the unknown. President Sirisena cannot go for a parliamentary election without first consolidating his power in the SLFP either direct or through former President Kumaratunga. Now that he has contested and won on the NDF ticket, whether he can lead the SLFP is a moot point.

    The best option available to the new President seems to be allowing the present Parliament to continue with the support of a sufficient number of MPs mustered for the proposed unity government. But, if Rajapaksa manages to retain the leadership of the SLFP he can enter Parliament via the National List. This is what Kumaratunga is also said to be contemplating. The presence of either of these two leaders known for their political prowess, in Parliament, may upset the UNP which has just begun to savour power after a lapse of ten years. For, neither of them will want to remain ordinary MPs. It’s not to lick one’s fingers that one harvests honey from a beehive as they say in this country.

    Former President Rajapaksa has been badly beaten at his own game. He ruined the UNP by engineering crossovers and now he is hoist with his own petard. Another group of his MPs has joined forces with those who are all out to oust him from the SLFP. Descartes famously said, “I think therefore I am–– cogito ergo sum.” But, the not-so-philosophical proposition our politicians are guided by seems to be ‘I jump therefore I am’!

    Even some those who stooped so low as to lick President Rajapaksa’s sandals in public at his final presidential campaign rally last week and heaped abuse on the Maithri-Ranil duo to their heart’s content have deserted him. At least now, the two main parties should get together and bring in anti-crossover legislation. At this rate, no government will be stable with MPs with deep pockets and shallow minds enjoying the freedom of the wild ass to jump hither and thither.

  10. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Latest News
    MR or Chandrika will not be able to enter parliament as nominated MPs as their names are not in the original list. Nimal Siripala De Silva will act as the leader of the opposition until May General Elections.
    UPFA will support President Sirisena to implement 100 day program.

  11. Nanda Says:

    Corruption and Nepotism are not the only issues. “Terror” created among common man that I should not open mouth in public is another main issue. When people have enough money and they get work done though government institutions easily and there is good transport system to get to work and comeback , “Terror” does not matter that much.

  12. Christie Says:

    “Arjuna Ranatunga said on public stage that he has an agreement with Chandrika that corrupt MPs and Ministers ”

    Chandrika says when Mervin came to stay at her place she had only Rs. 30 in her bank book. She has done well after that, no corruption involved.

  13. Dilrook Says:

    Mahinda has an excellent opportunity to ride back to power. However, he must focus (position as they say in marketing) on the voters (segments as they say in marketing) that matter. If Toyota (not Lexus) tries to cater to buyers of BMW and Tata, it will end up losing all 3 segments. Similarly, Mahinda has lost Tamils and Muslims and should not focus on them. It is impossible to win them back in such a short time and trying to win them back will lose him more Sinhala votes. As such his only path to success is to take up Sinhala interests.

    He should demand and promise to abrogate 13A calling it a white elephant. He should condemn TNA attempts to divide the country and file action against it for conniving with banned foreign terrorist fronts during the election. His team must include top nationalists who can stir patriotism in people against the TNA and SLMC. UNHRC will once again take anti-Sri Lanka action in March. Maximum political mileage must be sought.

    If violent acts break out from TNA and SLMC separatist action, that will be a boon to Mahinda’s team.

    For the general election, the Common Opposition will fragment into TNA, SLMC and CWC. Jaffna seats have reduced which means TNA will try to win a seat or two from Colombo which is doable.

    As a result UNP’s focus will be on Sinhalese. JVP too will be vying for the Sinhala vote. In this context, it is not difficult to deny UNP a controlling stake in parliament.

  14. Nanda Says:

    I am sorry some of your “should”s and “musts” will not happen actually.

    1.He should demand and promise to abrogate 13A calling it a white elephant. – not going to happen. Just think. Why even Champika is not that bold and Mahinda need to shed a lot of his desires to reach such a mental strength.
    This is because India has brainwashed all our politicians and threatened with invasion. We need to build up a very strong special forces unit first before go against this treat and Fonseka wanted to do this but he was removed by selfish and greedy Rajapakses.

    2.His team must include top nationalists who can stir patriotism in people against the TNA and SLMC. UNHRC will once again take anti-Sri Lanka action in March. Maximum political mileage must be sought. – not going to happen. BBS are cowards and JVP and JHU will never join him again.

  15. Nanda Says:

    Mahinda cannot comeback because the new government will expose their bad deals to public. I always preferred Mahinda but he went along a wrong path destroying the country culturally. his womanising sons and greedy criminal brothers and friends like Mervyn Duminda have done irreversible damage.
    His last opportunity was when JHU and Sobhta thero threatened him. But unfortunately most short sited Mahinda loving patriot including most those of Lankaweb started throwing Mud at these real patriotic forces. Our names were banned in Lankaweb. There was not enough evidence for him to see at that time and he was determined to win and continue his merry way to steal Sri Lanka

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    MR to scrap 13 amendment?

    I fear for my little finger!! MR will NEVER SCRAP 13.

    MR is now history. He cannot come back. Now MR is a burden to the SLFP too.

    Best thing is ALL SLFPers should rally behind My3 and beg him to become the SLFP president. Then SLFP will be the govt. Get My3 to appoint SUSIL PREMJAYANTH as PM.

    MR was like the TITANIC.


    That is past. Lets focus on the future. BTW you (Nanda) were not banned for telling the truth. You were banned for abusive comments! :))

    (No offence just telling the truth. But abusive comments are the NATURAL outcome of abusive governance. NO sane person could put up with MR’s abuse.)

  17. ranjit Says:

    MDP you are damn correct for saying that MR should keep his children away from politics. This business from father to son should be stopped in politics because they are not mature enough one thing and when they have the power they misuse it without thinking of their father or anyone. If any youngster belongs to the Govt elite do any wrongdoing they must be punished immediately as per the laws of the country.They must be treated as other criminals and send to jail if they are guilty.

    How about MY3 ‘s son, what about his crimes.Have everyone forgotten or is he different than Namal? What about the Dollars and Euros found in his girl friends home? Why no one is talking about it now? What about our famous son Lestor James Pieris photo gimmick done by Champika? Why everyone is silent about all these crimes by Yahapalanaya team.

    I hope and pray MR has learned a good lesson by this time. Still most of the top guys in the previous Govt are with him only few dust has left him from his party. He must have a clean agenda this time to offer to the people of my Motherland. He should serve all alike same like before whether they give their vote or not. He is not a man to take revenge. He has so many good qualities in him. He respect others even his enemies. No any other leader who was defeated got public response like what he got after the defeat. People still loves him. No one can forget what he did to the country so easily. Peace became reality because of this great man not because of anybody. Today Pope was here because of this man and this new Govt didn’t have any decency to invite him for the occasion damn shame. To have a beautiful Lanka we must have a discipline lot like before not ugly rats who run amok.

  18. NAK Says:

    Dispite Lorenzo’s wishes MR is still very much in control of the SLFP and hopefully much wiser.
    If Sri Lanka is to be a peaceful land 13A has to go and only way to achieve this is by a new constitution put to the populace for vote. Only MR can achieve such a feat and all those who love this country should gather around him, if not for anything,just for this.

    13A is not only a financial burden but a perennial threat to the unity of this country.

    The other most important thing that needs to be done is to prohibit racial and religious political parties.
    A new constitution can easily achieve this.

    In reality, There are no real intra racial or religious discontent among the populace except for the political intersts of certain bankrupt political parties ans interest external parties.

    MR is the one to achieve this and he deserves another oppotunity .


    Lorenzo, Your right. Racecourse complex was cleared for President Srisena’s son and his friends. Narmal Rajapkse’s (MR’s son) are good friends. They were there till early morning hours. Mr. Dissanayake few corrections. Solomon Khan came by himself and was invited by Jacqueline Fernandez. He donated so many thousand CATARACT LENZES to the poor. There is an organization he created in Sri Lanka. 13th A cannot be scraped because INDIA will not have a strong hold if that is not there. If the constitution is changed to a parliamentary system then, Sri Lanka will have a new government every few months. Ranil, Chandrica and Champica will love it, because they can make big money every time the government changed. Then, the average Sri Lankan will be talking politics and not the country’s infrastructure. A good example is: YAL DAVI, train from Point Pedro to MATARA. Anti MR people in MATARA has said that they will not allow TAMILS to come to MATARA. TAMILS in North have said that they want to remove the railway track and use the steel to build housing for tea estate TAMILS, which apparently is very popular with TAMIL NADU TAMILS. Karunanidhi has said that do any thing to stop this train service functioning.

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