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The victory of Late Mr SWRD Bandaranaike in 1956  was a hallmark of Sri Lankan politics.   Moving away from the United National Party which had been an obedient servant of the puppets of England, SWRD pioneered a new visionary path for Ceylon ( Sri Lanka).  It was no easy task for a man with Oxford Education and high class family back-ground to generate public support for his thoughts at that time.

He turned to Mr Philip Gunawardene, a reformed Marxist and leader of LSSP and few patriotic leaders who were equally keen in setting a political agenda based on the local needs.  The UNP did not change the direction of the government strategy,  even 8 years after the Independence. Before Mr Bandaranaike came into power, Ceylon was still a de-facto British Colony run by Black Ceylonese.  They were faithful guardians of the British Empire, the wishes of the general public were constantly ignored.

A similar scenario is now developing in Sri Lanka almost after 56 years.  The UNP puppets are at the helm, unfortunately with the help of the current leadership of SLFP.    Their main demand at the moment is to increase the number of Cabinet Portfolios so that some of the corrupt old guards of the SLFP can be bought over to join a National Government.

On the other side of the coin, the River has continued to flow downwards.  First at Nugegoda and then yesterday in Kandy, the public participation was unimaginable.  At these  meetings, there was no Mahinda Rajapakse in attendance.  At these meetings, there was no Gotabaya Rajapakse.  At these meetings there were no Film Stars, Teledrama Actors or Actresses and obviously there was no Salman Khan.   Yet  neither Nugegoda  nor Kandy  had ever witnessed  a gathering of this proportion.  Mr Maithreepala Sirisena had his first campaign meeting as the Common Candidate at the same venue in Kandy in December last year, but yesterday’s crowd was at least 4 times greater.

These events were organised by the son of Mr Philip Gunawardene ( Dinesh Gunawardene), Wimal Weerawana, Vasudeva Nanayakkara and Udaya Gammanpila.   The government leaders are in total disarray being unable to comprehend as to how the above team of 4 people continuously manage to draw massive crowds for the meetings.

To market Mr Mahinda Rajapakse, you don’t need Salmal Kahn or other Celebrities.  “Mahinda Rajapakse” brand name  is a marketable quality product, its attraction  extend to a wider audience.  It is just like Coca Cola.  Kentucky Fried Chicken market its products with Coca Cola.  Domino Pizza market its products with Coca Cola.  Subway market its products with Coca Cola.  Oceana Cruise deals promote its tours with Coca Cola.

Coca Cola is not going after  Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza, Subway or Oceana.  They need Coca Cola.

“Mahinda Rajapakse” taste like Coca Cola. It is a prestige to hold “Mahinda Rajapakse”.    Mahinda Rajapakse need not  go begging after SLFP.  The SLFP will eventually surrender to ” MAHINDA RAJAPAKSE”.

5 Responses to ““A RIVER DOES NOT FLOW BACKWARDS” – SWRD BANDARANAIKE, Former Leader and Prime Minister of MAHAJANA EKSATH PERAMUNA  Government”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



    IT IS MY BELIEF THAT SLFP, is now a Durian. It stinks to high heaven, with a Motley Crowd of Murderers, vis-à-vis Batalanda, JVP, TNA Terrorists Proxy. MR is now known as the **Nugegoda Man**. He does not need the SLFP to swing back to limelight. The FFF is doing it for him, without the SLFP TAG. They have proved that the term SLFP was never intended to be used at these meetings, NUGEGODA AND KANDY. Mahinda Rajapaksa can go it with a new name, as there is a tremendous magnetic pull towards him. Name or no name, it is MAHINDA. JUST**””MAHINDA**””

    MAHINDA CAN COME AS AN***INDEPENDANT*** IN THE HUSTINGS. Later create a suitable name of his choice.

    Sad to hear that Ranil is running “”loose motion”” and Maithreepala is in a terrible state of “” anxiety neurosis.”” The next meeting will make Ranil pass intermittent bouts of stinky flatus, and Maithreepala, into insane fury.

    Nevertheless, they will be reluctant to witness a live cast of the Political Metamorphosis.

  2. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Mahinda is not SWRD or his family, Mahinda is man who stood up to Indian imperialists and their terrorist arm trained, funded, managed, financed and branded Tamil Tigers by India. That is why as mentioned by Wimal Weerswansa at the Kandy Rally Indians hate its colony. Indians including Tamils are the Indian colonial parasites in the island. I have written about SWRD the first Governor of Indian Empire in the island. Mahinda was not a sucker of Indian Empire. Now India got Sirisena, Chandrika and Ranil. I am not sure who is the Governor and the Coolie of the two. Ranil is the Kankani managing everything for the Indian Empire. Jai Hind.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    “A river does not flow backwards”
    Beware of what you say and beware that what you state is not based on that saying for it just maybe proved wrong. by doing so your argument then fall apart. Yes one river does flow backwards. the famous Mekong River that created Angkor in Cambodia which was the largest pre industrial city I quote:

    The Tonlé sap is unusual for two reasons: its flow changes direction twice a year, and the portion that forms the lake expands and shrinks dramatically with the seasons. From November to May, Cambodia’s dry season, the Tonlé sap drains into the Mekong River at Phnom Penh. However, when the year’s heavy rains begin in June, the Tonlé sap backs up to form an enormous lake.

    the lake is so large it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

  4. ranjit Says:

    MDPD every word you said was true. Mahinda is already a brand name which never fades,It’s going to be there for ever in our hearts. People are slowly come to know the motives behind these UNP traitors who are working day and night with the collaboration of the western spies and the Indians to break our motherland for their liking & benefits.

    Be aware of the MY3,Ranil/Chandrika’s evil plans and keep your eyes and ears open because if we allow them to do as they pleased we Sinhalese will not have a place to call home. All the current leaders in the SLFP too are the tools of the west and UNP and they will do any dirty work to keep their positions by fooling the public with their fairy tale stories same like Ranil and the clan. Don’t believe others but just think for yourself what will happen to us if we allow these Jarapalana guys to go on like this and allow every Dick & Harry in the west to come and poke their fingers in our business and meddling in our affairs. America & India is running the show not us Sinhalese. Most cabinet members are Christians and they treat Buddhists as gangsters and trouble makers. We have to rally against these traitors to save our homeland before the Tamils & Muslims take over the country we love very much.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is the Euro elections and other foreign elections driving the illegal new govt insane ? They got to prepare for something, what it is we are yet to know. But placating Tamkl Nadu leaders Tamil Dalit fishermen (mostly Catholic, I think) is on the cards for Prez Sirisena to have removed the Northern Navy cordon. What does this all add up to, huh ??

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