Restore the Naval Cordon in the Northern Seas Immediately and End illegal Immigration from Tamil Nadu Immediately
Posted on March 7th, 2015

‘Sri Lankan Patriot’

Since this new Government has come to power, the naval cordon in the Northern seas has been removed. This has created a dangerous precedent and today, Indian fishermen are fishing illegally in Northern Sri Lankan waters using large trawlers and illegal fishing methods which will soon become devoid of any fish to speak of as a result.

What is already very clear is that there are no fish left on the Indian side of the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) due to large trawlers fishing in these waters using illegal fishing methods by Indian fishermen. They intend doing the same on the Sri Lankan side of the IMBL soon. Very soon, as result, there will be no fish left in the Northern seawaters of Sri Lanka. Therefore, the Naval cordon in the Northern seas should be restored immediately and any Indian fishermen who cross the IMBL should be arrested immediately.

Additionally there is the very grave threat of illegal immigration of South Indian Tamils from Tamil Nadu illegally migrating into Sri Lanka, now for quite some time, possibly for three decades or all the time the war was on. My opinion is that Prabhakaran let a large number of illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu settle in the North over the years. It is so easy to obtain forged NI cards, birth certificates that I think the illegal migrants can easily obtain these for a few thousand rupees.

I am not against immigration. However, I am against illegal immigration. I think if Sri Lanka as a whole decides to let immigrants in, this should be carried out legally. We can have a system such as in more advanced countries where skilled migrants are encouraged to settle in Sri Lanka from all over the world. However this type of system should be open to all the world. South Indians from Tamil Nadu have no right whatsoever to settle in Sri Lanka illegally and this should be stopped immediately by restoring the Naval cordon around the Northern waters and strictly enforcing this cordon for as long as necessary.

When looking at the numbers of the 1981 and the 2012 census, in 1981, there were 12.7% Sri Lanka Tamils. However even in the 2012 census there is still 11.3% Sri Lankan Tamils. How is this possible when around 1.2 million Sri Lankan Tamils have left for greener pastures in Western Countries such as Canada, the EU, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and India and the like by claiming asylum? The figure 1 to 1.2 million can be easily checked by adding up estimates in each of these individual countries. This means from the original 12.7%, around 6% should have left which means there should only be 6.7% Sri Lanka Tamils left in Sri Lanka. Assuming that around 0.3% Indian Tamils have from 1981 to 2012 identified themselves as Sri Lankan Tamils (since from around 5.1% in 1981 the Indian Tamil population has reduced to around 4.8% in the 2012 census), this still should mean there should only be 7% Sri Lankan Tamils. Let us assume that some people living in Jaffna and Batticaloa have registered in both Colombo and Jaffna and Batticaloa, effectively being double counted in the 2012 census (which by itself is illegal). Assuming even that a few thousand people has been double counted, this should still mean there should only be a little more than 7% Sri Lankan Tamils in the country. However there are 11.3% Sri Lankan Tamils according to the 2012 census. This can only be explained by illegal immigration from Tamil Nadu. If from 12.7% in 1981, Sri Lankan Tamils are now 11.3%, then only 1.4% of Sri Lankan Tamils should be living in Western Countries and India or around 300,000 people. However we know for a fact that at least 1 to 1.2 million Sri Lankan Tamils have left for greener pastures in Western countries such as Canada, the EU, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and to India claiming asylum. So the numbers simply do not add up. The only explanation is illegal immigration from Tamil Nadu. I am sure during the LTTE times, much illegal immigration from Tamil Nadu happened and was encouraged by Prabhakaran and the LTTE. Only bogus NI cards and birth certificates are needed for this. Can someone, an expert, explain this discrepancy in numbers to the Sri Lankan people immediately?

If this illegal immigration is left unchecked, how is this going to affect the rest of Sri Lankan society? Illegal immigration is a criminal offence and has to be stopped immediately. South Indians from Tamil Nadu have no right whatsoever to settle in Sri Lanka illegally and this should be stopped immediately by restoring the Naval cordon around Northern waters and strictly enforcing this cordon for as long as necessary. The Yakage Palanaya Government should realise that it is a paramount responsibility of any Government to safeguard the borders of its country in the strictest way possible. Therefore, the Sri Lankan Navy should be provided a free hand and given all powers necessary to stop illegal immigration completely especially from Tamil Nadu and India.

I wish that the Government stops once and for all doing things the way India wants and do things which are right for Sri Lanka alone. I wish India is told to lay off Sri Lanka once and for all and told to get lost and stay away.


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  1. ranjit Says:

    We must send this evil UNP traitors home if we need to stop all illegal activities by the Indians and the west if not within one to two years we will not have a country to call home that is for sure. We need to educate the people from grass root the danger we will face if we allow them to go on like this. We as citizens has the power to change anything here so our duty is to see that the country is in safe hands rather than with traitors to the Motherland like Ranil/Chandrika clan. Anybody joining hands with UNP cannot be trusted because this is a party which collaborated with LTTE in the past. How can people have faith in Chandrika/Ranil than the man who saved our country from terrorism? They are sending Forces to the barracks same like during the war time and allowing our enemy India to meddle with our affairs which will not be a good sign in the future. Let’s bring the man who saved us back to start development and to have a peaceful place to live. India is not our friend although some thinks that way. To me India is always our enemy.

  2. Sooriarachi Says:

    Prabakaran with the help of South Indian racist politicians like Vaiko, Seeman, Karunanidi etc obviously allowed South Indian and Estate Indian Tamils to colonise the Northern and Eastern Provinces, whilst chasing away the Muslims and Sinhalese from these areas. I cant understand why the JHU is silent about the plight of Sinhala IDPs.
    Any person who lived in the East and North prior to the escalation of this conflict in 1983, will observe a huge change in the demography of these regions and the very much darker complexion of the majority of the residents. Also, if you talk to some of them about anything from the past, you will find them quite ignorant, indicating many could be recent settlers.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Indeed, the greatest danger Lanka faces/faced is from Tamil Nadu illegal migrants. These are poverty ridden Tamil Dalits and they will do any thakkadi thing to get by once they land in Lanka. They are prone to obey the forces that take care of them, hook or by crook.

    Yes, by all means STOP illegal migration from Tamil Nadu and elsewhere too. What are so many Maldivians doing in Lanka ?
    Maldivians ought to go to other Muslim countries.

    * Next step must be to remove the 13=A.
    * After that remove the Tamil language as a Nation/Official language.
    * Next introduce tea plucking machines and release Tamil women from back breaking tea plucking and move them out of the near slave Brit line rooms.
    * After that allow ONLY National political parties to exist in Lanka.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Let us not forget that illegal migrant Tamil folk are an Ethnic group and that they can take up any religion once in Lanka. Hence Tamil Muslims, Tamil Christian/Catholic and Tamil Buddhists too. I have no quarrel with religions, but we cannot afford to allow illegal migrants cloaking their ethnicity under various religious bodies.

  5. dingiri bandara Says:

    In additions to the naval cordon, We need to reactivate the Task Force Illicit Immigration unit.


    Fran Diaz, good if all suggestions you put work. You must understand that your OBAMA has given a OK to Tamils in Tamil NADU to move in to Northern Province. They have already done so. Also remember INDIAN RAW works the same model as Israeli MOSAD. They are semi-Government. Partly funded by business and Government. Ranil is the KING. He stopped the KANDY Meeting been broad cast to USA. (Ref Infolanka). Dingri Bandara do you know that 18 Tamils from US State Department is working in the Prime Minister’s office rewriting the SL constitution? No more! President elected by the people. Parliament members are not elected. If the Election Commissioner says the applicant is not suitable run for the parliament then he cannot. What Happened after the election cannot be reversed for at lease 10 years. Sorry, but it is TRUE.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:


    Pray tell us where Pres O has ‘given the OK to Tamils in TN to move into NP’ ? It is common knowledge tha USA works with Europe. That is the norm since WW II. The past colonisers of USA, India & Lanka were from Europe. Two world wars came from Europe. Let us do the political math and see who calls the shots here.

    Btw, it was the US that trained the SL Army to get rid of the LTTE, wasn’t it ?

    Pres O is against WW III – of that I am sure.

    As to what you say about Ranil is the KING : That is why I call him Sir Ranil !

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Spare a thought for our good friend Ananda-USA who has some health issues. Hope to see him again.

  9. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    looking at what ISIS is doing I have a hankering of looting some South Indian Hindu temples and sell them on the black market starting with the temple of Rameshwaram.

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    South Indian Hindu temples and sell them on the black market – is not that over imaginasion even poor Sounth Indian fisher man coming to our mother lanka dameging our net in day light We couden’t stop.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    SA Kumar,

    Very soon Tamil Fishermen (probably mostly Catholic ?)will overfish Lanka sea waters too. What will they do after that ?
    Over fishing – that is why there are no fish on the side of the Tamil Nadu seas – it is due to overfishing and bottom trawling for Conch shells that fetch high prices. The sea bed is ruined on that side of the Palk Sts and fish cannot survive or reproduce due to inimical environment of the sea bed.
    The TN govt ought to start inland fisheries as well as provide deep sea fishing trawlers.
    Question: Why don’t religious group/s that the fishermen belong to help/advice these fisher folk and put them on the right track in TN itself without quarrelling with neighbor Lanka ?
    TN fishermen purposely picking fights with Lanka Navy ?

  12. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !!! Please don’t cast aspersions. He is enjoying a holiday in the verdant hills of Sri Lanka. FIT AS A FIDDLE. FYI

  13. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !!! Please don’t cast aspersions. At the moment, he is enjoying a Holiday in the Verdant Hills of Sri Lanka. He is fit as a fiddle. FYI.

    Appears your mind is going at a tangent, giving wrong signals.


    Fran Diaz, thanks for the reply. you and I can do is write, but there are Sri Lankans in USA, supporters of MR but doing nothing. These are millioners and some billionaires they cannot get together and defend the funding for lobbying companies that funds election campaigns for selected senators and congressmen. Majority of them live in California, USA. The dis-information people in Ranil’s secretariat informed Ranil that MR administration tried to Bribe senators and congressman. Ranil called OBAM and Obama ordered FBI to investigate. (REF: Asian Tribune web page). Sad story is that there are no Sri Lankans in USA who can organize a petition, writing articles to major US news media, and writing letters the White House to support the lobbying company. Damage OBAMA did to Sri Lanka is same as the British did when they over ran the KANDIAN Kingdom. I live in state of Florida, in USA and there are only few Sri Lankans here so an 74 year old man trying organize a campaign will be waste of time.

  15. SA Kumar Says:

    Very soon Tamil Fishermen (probably mostly Catholic ?)will overfish Lanka sea waters too- already dameged done.
    Fran Diaz- Not only We lost our Sea to Indian but also lost to NP as well.-First Indian PM is visithing NP on 19th.

    My Sinhala brother you Sinhalese prepare to lose our mother lanka to Western or Amerian or Chinese even to Indian but you won’t share with We-Tamils.

    is that Karma ???

  16. Fran Diaz Says:


    I do not know where you get your information from. Some of the Comments Sections in news sites are full of rubbishy imaginings of various people, mostly from abroad.
    I do not know how well informed you are, but in USA, the Citizens United Law allows unlimited funds be given to politicos for political work. It is not an offense as you appear to make out. USA is a Capitalist country and these are their laws in keeping with that type of system. You say “Obama ordered FBI to investigate …” what rubbish ! I think we had better end this line of discussion as you, I am sorry to say, appear to be too uninformed about the realities in USA.

    Pres Obama has not damaged Lanka. It is Colonisers who have damaged Lanka. Let us close this thread. I have nothing more to say to you.

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