Enola Gay 
Posted on March 10th, 2015

Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge


A gigantic bird came through the sky

Like a condor on a prowl

Its hungry eyes projected to the city center

When the target was locked

It dropped the little boy and flew away

Smoke and fire absorbed over seventy thousand lives

The massive red fireball

Depicted the annihilation written in Hindu Mythology

Nothing left nothing survived but only the smoke and dust

With a mass devastation

The Human Civilization entered in to a new Atomic Age


2 Responses to “Enola Gay ”

  1. mario_perera Says:

    With a mass devastation
    The Human Civilization entered in to a new Atomic Age – Dr.R M J

    How on earth can we call such a demoniacal act of mass devastation a stage of ‘human civilization’???

    The words ‘human degradation’ would be the appropriate terms.

    Mario Perera

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    What the US did to Japan was a massive Crime against Humanity for using such a device.
    The US also carpet bombed Tokyo killing far more than either Nuke. the US did the same to Germany especially in Dresden
    but that DID NOT herald the nuclear age.

    Louis and Ethel Rosenberg did. they stole this technology from the US and sold it to the USSR in the early 1950’s. they got the death penalty for this. What this Jewish couple did was to herald the nuclear age.

    It set the US and the USSR in a race to build as many nuclear and hydrogen bombs as possible
    the USSR then gave that technology to China around 1956
    the USSR gave that technology to India in the 60’s. India detonated her first nuclear device in 1974
    that compelled Pakistan to demand the same technology, china obliged and set a new cold war in the sub continent of both India and Pakistan building more and more nukes.
    Pakistan’s nuclear father “khan” set up a nuclear bazaar selling this technology to Iran and North Korea.
    now we have Netyanyahu complaining of the rise of a nuclear Iran with the eminent possibility of the Arab states getting this technology as well.
    all because a Jewish couple named Rosenberg sold this to the USSR during the height of the cold war

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