JVP thinking big – Reply to the Island editorial comments
Posted on March 22nd, 2015

Jayantha Liyanage,  General Secretary, Sinhala Jathika Peramuna (SJP),

I refer to the editorial comments that appeared in the Island Newspaper dated 07.03.2015.

The editorial comments states But, thankfully, he stressed that the JVP no longer believed in armed struggles. People, especially those with young sons and daughters, must have been relieved to hear that the JVP would not use T-56s in its T-20 (or 2020) struggle. It is always good for democracy when an ultra radical outfit opts for a democratic struggle to achieve its objectives.”

That was exactly what people said when the JVP entered democratic politics and contested the Presidential election in 1982 in which the JVP’s architect and the leader himself was a candidate. Everybody thought that the JVP has given up violent means to achieve state power.

But the then public was mistaken badly and only just six years later when the political conditions were right to initiate another armed struggle to achieve power through a different form of terror different from 1971 method in which the JVP, then Che Guevara was an army in uniforms. During 1988 – 1989 period it was armed but without uniforms.

Therefore, the public has clear empirical knowledge that it did not renounced violent means i.e. the revolutionary methods to achieve power but marked time until the political conditions were right for another revolution.

JVP is a Marxist political party and according to its method to achieve power is only through armed struggle or uprising and none of the pioneers of communist revolutions in various countries, Lenin, Fidel Castro Mao followed or recommended power through parliamentary elections. Therefore, if one believes that the JVP has entered democratic means to capture state power then he or she is sadly mistaken.

To the JVP achieving state power through a parliamentary election would amount to a thief earning money from a job. To a thief, the real value of money comes through stealing because to him it is a challenge and then only that money has any value. It is in his in born nature to steal.

Similarly if the JVP achieve state power through a parliamentary election then it would not have its sentimental value like the sentiments that they have about their 1971 revolution, which they remember with such reverence. They will transform a parliamentary election win into a revolution at the last minute and create a one party state with proletariat dictatorship.

Therefore what we see JVP’s democratic means is only a big pretends and its aim to achieve state power through a revolution remains in its pristine form in their PETTAGAMA at its Pelawatte Party HQ.

The sad thing is that there are no politicians in any of the political parties who is willing to challenge the JVP for a debate and to expose their political objectives to the public and even more sad thing is that the popular TV channels do not willing to give any chance to anybody else other than those politicians from registered political parties to appear and to expose the real political nature of this ‘Yamapalla’ outfit now wearing a ‘sil reddha’.

Jayantha Liyanage,

General Secretary, Sinhala Jathika Peramuna (SJP),

10 Responses to “JVP thinking big – Reply to the Island editorial comments”

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: JVP is another Indian sponsored outfit that killed non Indian of the island. They may come in to power by hook or crook and again they will kill non Indians and they themselves the non Indian members will get killed. JVP will govern the non Indian populated and controlled areas for the Indian imperialists. Jai Hind

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    JVP fellows are crying from their top of the voice saying MR has looted money and destroyed the economy. They have forgotten that it was JVP who destroyed our economy and dragged us back to stone age.. Then fat Velu did it.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    While we complain against the STUPIDITY and TREASON of the govt. we should not forget about the GOOD.

    Jihad HACK-HIM, LTTE KARUNA and ENDIAN THONDA are nobodies in My3 govt. They were given JUNK ministries only. They are NO LONGER kingmakers.

    Under MR these people had BIG ministries. Remember?

    Current SEWAGE MINISTER Jihad Hack-him was MR’s justice minister!!

    This is ONE good thing of a national govt. It makes Jihad and LTTE minnows useless junk where they belong.

    I hear that HACK-HIM is very disappointed but nothing he can do.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Lorenzo what happing in Jaffna
    CBK, RW, MS sitting together with Mrs V Maheswaran UNP MP behind site Mavai Senathirajah (ITAK) & CM Vikki with MS , front seat Suresh Premachandran (EPRLF) sitting between DD & Chanthirakumar EPDP MP.

    Thalaya Suththuthu (My head is spinning) !!!

    Velu where are you ,sorry…. MR where are ???

  5. Independent Says:

    It is the JVP who are exposing various rackets run by government regardless of the racketeers position.
    They are exposing new corruption deals by UNP relentlessly. People must be thankful to them.

  6. Wickrama Says:

    Another double talk from the Portugese LTTE supporter !!

  7. Nimal Says:

    Well Sir!
    JVP’s dedication to good governance is admirable and they are no way agents of India or anybody.We must not go back in history but judge them for what they are now.One incident impressed me and I having a colonial type mind set I was impressed.
    In 2004 when the tsunami happened, which was the day after the Christmas day in London,I was woken up by an idiot from SL where he told me that there was a tsunami and we could buy land cheap near the beach because the government will put restrictions on anyone building homes close to the sea in our ammage darmadeepaya.Never heard of the word tsunami but when I switched on the TV it was clear.
    I couldn’t wait for next day to open up for business and rush down to our HC to find out if they have an emergency plan where our expatriates could be of some help by contributing. People, in short, found me going there a nuisance realizing that they were there to serve themselves but not the ammage darmadeepaya.
    As desperate measure I drove down to the only Sinhalese restaurant hoping they might know any scheme to help our country and to my delight found some young talking and making some sort of an emergency relief for the people in the island. I was surprised that these lads are from the JVP and I was more than happy to pitch in.Therefore I have my respects for them and wish they would positively contribute to the country.

  8. Nimal Says:

    Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, feeling exhausted as it is 3.40AM and still working.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    Wickrama- well said at last you replced USA-Ananda

  10. Independent Says:

    I agree what people should look at is the substance, not who did what when but what is happening right now.
    I can see a real evil force against sny good honest government. If there is any likely hood of catching and punishing thieves, this group will sling mud at them, publish that they are LTTE supporters or agents of CIA or RAW.
    Who cares ? whoever they are, if they are pointing out corruption of Prime Minister or illegal deals of Prime minister’s son or anything like that, one must thank them and frame the culprit somehow regardless of PM’s history.

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