Police transfers put on hold
Posted on March 22nd, 2015

President Maithripala Sirisena has stopped all Police transfers with effect from today, the presidential media said. He had directed that these transfers would be decided by a special three-member committee comprising the Presidential Secretary, Law and Order Ministry Secretary and the Police chief.

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  1. Nimal Says:

    Well done Sri Lanka,now you are talking.
    We should never transfer people about but in our pitiless,un Buddhist ammage darmadeepaya all the wicked things are happening.
    I can only speak the truth from my personal experiences and not hog was as some doo here.
    My sister was a government teacher, for no reason the usual transfer was done to a school near Miyanganna while her newly married husband was transferred to Anuradhapura area while they took a loan and built a house in Kandy.
    Since they had to maintain three houses they rented their hose bought on a loan to a man,not knowing that this scoundrel had chocked to death child of hardworking family(a professor in the Uni.) were the rest of his gang murdered the family,a gang include a serving cop.The gang was convicted and were sentenced to death while this soundralk was released because he had done some favours to another criminal politician that was remanded for multiple murders and was released over technicality of the law.
    Since his release he had the strength and the audacity to break the law and not paying a single cent in rent and my dear sister is now retired, homeless still paying the loan and paying the loan while the criminal could live there in spite of 14 years court cases against him.
    If the government had never transferred them in the first place they would not suffer like this and the criminal seems to have an advantage of our stupid darmadeeaya with a crap culture and history.
    One has only got to go to a court house where every case is postponed for decades.

    Ths government must stop this nonsense of transferring people and having long winded court cases.My other siste went to middleast to earn money to buy her house and here too when she came back take back her rented house andother court case went on till her death.

  2. Nimal Says:

    Sorry this was submitted without me going through without correcting for grammar.
    Government should have a plan for people who are transferred to various places, given sufficient time to move into the area of choice, perhaps suitable for the entire family, that include children and even parents.
    Then government should act firmly on the thieving courts of law where court cases go on for decades. This an outrage and a disgrace and the thieving politicians have done nothing, instead these thieves go from temple to temple to hood wink the equally gullible people..
    Another problem in the country are the hospitals where the poor can’t afford the extra private nursing care demanded by the polarized heath workers and this is another disgrace.
    The problems are numerous in our darmadeepaya another problem was when father died after serving in the government electrical department(DGEU) for 42 years my late mother never received her husband’s pension until she died after one year.She was more than happy to leave this horrible world.
    thanks to the western colonial generosity in giving me a chance I managed to help so many back home, no thanks to our horrible people in the country that governed us since the suddas left.this is the honest truth. Even now the corrupt system truly put many deliberate obstacles to likes of us to invest honestly, I mean HONESTLY, where I will never giving to crooked ways. Time is tight must end.

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