Genocide in ‘Dasht – e – Leili’ – John Kerry Attempts to Cork the Stench in Afghanistan
Posted on May 5th, 2015

By Sarojini Dutt

Visiting Sri Lanka on a short ‘washroom’ visit was US Secretary of State, John Kerry; in attendance, amidst his 200 strong security personnel was the regular Sri Lankan nanny brigade for US functionaries.

Although the humidity in Colombo would have been decisively more comfortable than the heat back in Baltimore Kerry arrived in the country at a time when there is a growing anger on the Sri Lankan Streets against the continuing interference by the US in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka. This follows Sri Lanka’s controversial Presidential election of January 2015, globally acknowledged as having been choreographed by the US.

Responding to the anger on the streets Kerry was defensive when he complained, We did not interfere in the Sri Lankan election.”

Kerry may have shown signs of jetlag but he had not lost his guile when he dishonestly suggested that following the January 2015 Presidential election, the Tamils and Sinhalese are discovering each other and are now only beginning to talk to each other.

Political analysts say that the election model used in Sri Lanka was the notorious Kerry model first used in Afghanistan in September 2014. The model was replicated in Sri Lanka by the US to jostle China out of the island and the region.

When a recalcitrant Karzai refused to give ‘immunity–from–prosecution’ to US soldiers involved in war crimes in Afghanistan, it took all the guile Kerry could muster, to manoeuvre into power in September 2014 an Afghan government that would look benignly on US war crimes in that country.

Considering that the US forces were committed to pull out of Afghanistan at the end of 2014, the cover up of US war crimes in Afghanistan is considered a feather in the cap for Kerry.

Barely a day into office, Ashraf Ghani the new Afghan President signed the dubious ‘Bilateral Security Agreement’ with the US, guaranteeing amongst other things ‘immunity –from – prosecution’ to US war criminals.

It is ironic that the US, which leads the predatory pack that homes in on its geo-political prey on a frequency of ‘war crime’ expediency, is not a signatory to the Rome Statute that established the International Criminal Court, widely criticized for its partiality; the US perhaps is one of the few countries, if not the only one that, as in this instance, signed in on an International Treaty and subsequently came unstuck on its pledge. The US does not recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC.

It has been a cause of concern to the world community at large that the US, with its unending military interventions globally and with an alleged sordid record of a global trail of war crimes, has been subverting the Rome Statute by signing ‘Bilateral Immunity Agreements’ with over 100 countries; the signatories to the Agreements, include those who are signatories to the Rome Statute. The Agreement provides US combatants ‘immunity –from – prosecution’; if any country vacillated signing the ‘Bilateral Immunity Agreement’, financial and military posturing against those countries would follow.

As quoted by CICC, an International NGO, John Bolton, a former US Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, thumbing his nose at the international community said, Our ultimate goal is to conclude ‘Bilateral Immunity Agreements’ with every country in the world, regardless of whether they have signed or ratified the ICC, regardless of whether they intend to do so in the future.”

The military of the world are all equal before the law and could be prosecuted for war crimes. Sorry, that is not to include the US military. The rule of law does not apply to the US; they are above the law, more equal than the rest of the world!

In 2002 the US passed ‘The American Service Members Protection Act’ scoffingly referred to as ‘The Hague Invasion Act’ which authorizes the US to invade the Court in Hague to rescue US soldiers!

It was in that same year that Kumaranatunge and Wickramasinghe, who have no qualms in putting the Sri Lankan military to the sword were elated when they signed a ‘Bilateral Immunity Agreement’ with the US; the duo pledged to protect US war criminals from investigation, prosecution, incarceration and extradition.

There is a plethora of US and European funded NGOs that litter Sri Lanka, financially well endowed and in whose ranks are embedded many high profile professionals of today and yesteryear who are very visible and vocal proponents on issues such as the ‘Rule of Law’. If they have made any sounds against this guaranteed protection for US war criminals it appears to have gone unseen and unheard.

It was in November 2001 in Afghanistan when nearly 3000 Taliban militia unable to match the firepower of the invading US forces during the siege of Kunduz negotiated surrender.

Given an assurance that they would be allowed to go back to their families the Taliban militia surrendered their weapons, before being transported to the Sheberghan prison.

Some 3000 Prisoners of War were herded and packed like sardines, into sealed containers which were then loaded onto trucks for a desert journey that was to last 4 days. There was no ventilation, no water and no facility for the prisoners to ease themselves.

A half an hour into the journey, the POWs were gasping for breath and shouting for air. Eye witnesses say that to create ventilation holes, soldiers fired directly into the truck killing many POWs.

‘Democracy Now’ which broadcast the premiere of a documentary film by award winning Irish Director Jamie Doran titled ‘Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death’ says, So thirsty were the POWs, they clawed at the skin of their of their fellow prisoners even biting into other prisoners’ bodies as they licked perspiration and even drank blood from open wounds”.

Most of the POWs were dead on arrival and the convoy was directed to the desert of Dasht – e – Leili.

Describing the sensation when the containers were opened an eye witness said, I shall never forget the sensation as long as I live. It was the most revolting and powerful stench you can imagine: a mixture of faeces, urine, blood, vomit and rotting flesh. It was a smell to make you forget all other smells you have experienced in your life”

Of the few who survived the journey many were shot dead and buried with the rest in a mass grave at Dasht – e – Leili. Subsequently many witnesses to the ghastly mass murder were picked up and killed.

When ‘Democracy Now’ in the face of major obstacles by the US Administration aired the Jamie Doran documentary in over 50 European capitals, including the German Parliament and the European Parliament, the public in Europe were aghast and along with ‘Physicians for Human Rights’ called for an immediate International Inquiry.

US are in a state of denial and none of the major US networks has shown the film to the US public. Pulitzer Prize winner Jim Risen in a piece to the New York Times reveals that the Bush Administration had on three occasions blocked an investigation and the Obama Administration having commenced an investigation

suddenly put a cap on it.

In 2002 the one acre mass grave site was discovered. Under UN auspices the site was mapped; a number of bodies were exhumed and it was documented that the deaths were consistent with suffocation.

In 2008 Risen in a front page New York Times story reported that the grave site had been seriously tampered with.

An Afghan who could blow the case wide open is Abdul Rashid Dostrum; he worked with the CIA and the US Special forces that were responsible for operations in the area. Fearing for his safety Dostrum fled to Turkey and returned only in 2009.

Today, Dostrum is the new Vice President thrown up by the aberration of democracy practised in the September 2014 election.

In the Kerry model of Afghan democracy the loser acquired power while the winner shed power, both unconstitutionally. To get the winner to agree to shed his power much money passed hands.

Kerry required this model to be in place to make sure the ‘Immunity from Prosecution’ Agreement held firm with all sides concurring the Agreement..

Dostrum’s mouth had to be sealed and Kerry bought over Dostrum’s silence when he was sworn in as Vice President in the new Afghan government of September 2014. With the new ‘immunity- from – prosecution’ deal signed Kerry believes he has put the cork on the stench in Dasht – e – Leili

3 Responses to “Genocide in ‘Dasht – e – Leili’ – John Kerry Attempts to Cork the Stench in Afghanistan”

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: There is no question US is involved with the last election in the Island. But to put the blame on US and bring in examples from other countries about US actions is a cover up to remove Indian Empire from the last Election. Who ever the writer is and her back ground she is doing her job well to brainwash us to hate everyone else but love Indian Empre the cleanest nonviolent Empire the world ever had. jai Hind

  2. Ben Silva Says:

    Thanks Sarojini, for bringing this to our attention. The West that talk of human rights (to safeguard their own interests) have killed over a million in Iraq etc. and has behaved like a armed invader. The USA has no moral authority to talk about human rights.

  3. Independent Says:

    ISLAMABAD: Military’s top brass accused the Indian intelligence agency RAW on Tuesday of supporting terrorism in Pakistan.

    An ISPR statement on a meeting of the Corps Com­manders held at the General Headquarters said: “The Conference also took serious notice of RAW’s involvement in whipping up terrorism in Pakistan.”

    RAW has quite often been blamed by law-enforcement agencies for being involved in subversive activities in Pakistan, but it’s unusual for a corps commanders’ conference to directly point fingers at the hostile intelligence outfit.
    Surely we too suffer from this. Rather than publishing these activities, MR , with his Bayagulla attitude, hid all findings of our intelligence and shut their mouths. Now he is crying RAW, CIA since he is not the president
    It’s the second time in three weeks that the military leadership has raised the issue of activities of foreign governments and intelligence agencies in Pakistan. Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif had during a visit to Quetta on April 15 warned “foreign governments and intelligence agencies” agai­nst their involvement in the insurgency in Balochis­tan, but on that occasion he did not explicitly name RAW.

    In private conversations military officers say that besides Balochistan, RAW’s footprints have been found in Fata and Karachi. Confessio­nal statements of some criminals they had arrested recently, they said, point towards RAW’s growing activities. To support their claim they also refer to a statement made by Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval almost a year ago about the Indian strategy to weaken Pakistan by promoting terrorism and separatism.

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