Diannah Paramour standing outside Australian Parliament House to showcase LTTE crimes
Posted on May 29th, 2015

Shenali Waduge

This is the Australian lady who has come to defend Sri Lanka. She is posing outside the Parliament House of Tasmania with all sorts of LTTE memorabilia and to passers by she is explaining the crimes of the LTTE.

Has even the Sri Lankan embassies ever done this type of act of their own will without having to be sent orders from the SL Govt?

What a brave lady and she is getting threats and calls from LTTE diaspora overseas as well.

We must all applaud her for the stand she has taken in the absence of our own people not coming forward to defend our nation except for the same patriots who have been doing so much of national work over the years on their own efforts.

Is there any way we can think of honouring her for the effort she is taking – she is printing posters, preparing banners, sending letters and photocopies to MPs and editors all over Australia… such an effort deserves some gesture from us.





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  1. Dr.K Says:

    It’s great to see at least one western person has realized the real picture of murderous LTTE terrorists and how those terrorists act to genocide Sinhalese from this planet.

    By now, most of the Sinhalese fear to come forward and tell the world about the damages done by the LTTE terrorists. Instead, those fearful Sinhalese justify all what has done by Tamil terrorists and feed them, support them and tell the world there has been an injustice to Tamils in north and gain support from blind westerns and extremist NGOs for their existence.

    We Sinhalese have to protect Diannah from Diaspora murders and support her to open eyes of blind westerns.

  2. Sri Rohana Says:

    A lady with a balanced vision! She is an example of truly a peace loving, an anti terrorist. LTTE was the organization that killed brutally innocent civilians and many democratic parliamentarians in day light. She has a right to protest against that brutality and terrorism. FBI too categorised LTTE as a terrorist organisation. As a peace loving Austrlian citizen she has a right to protect her country as well as Sri Lanka a member of commonwealth nation from supporters of such a brutal terrorist’s organization.
    She is totally correct and how FBI identified tamil racist LTTE

    As terrorist groups go, it has quite a résumé:
     Perfected the use of suicide bombers;
     Invented the suicide belt;
     Pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks;
     Murdered some 4,000 people in the past two years alone; and
     Assassinated two world leaders—the only terrorist organization to do so.
    No, it’s not al Qaeda or Hezbollah or even HAMAS. The group is called the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) or the Tamil Tigers for short.
    Needless to say, the Tamil Tigers are among the most dangerous and deadly extremists in the world. For more than three decades, the group has launched a campaign of violence and bloodshed in Sri Lanka, the island republic off the southern coast of India.

    If someone can commemorate and justified a brutal terrorist acts means tamil terrorist members are planning another wave of terrorism. Terrorist supporter’s mentality is for terrorism and their brain washed heads are full with racism and pro-terrorism even in Australia.
    Has to stop terrorism now itself! No matter it is ISIS or LTTE, terrorism is terrorism. In this way Dina Paramour is doing a great work to expose tamil racist terrorism and their Goebbelsian propaganda machine against peace loving world.

  3. ranjit Says:

    We salute this brave lady and I pray to almighty asking him to protect her from bad elements out there who might harm her. We have to stand with her and show our support as Sri Lankans to encourage her brave stand against the most ruthless terror organization in the world.

    LTTE terrorism is not over yet.They are still out there waiting for a chance to strike back at innocents in this country. They might harm our President MR and his brothers if we are not careful and be alert. Current Govt was put in place by westerners and Indians thinking that they can pressure the rulers to give in to their demands. Once Ranil almost gave half of the country to LTTE terrorists but luckily his Govt was toppled and a new Govt came to power and they were able to destroy all the killers and their organization within four years time in office.

    Like this brave lady I hope more of our own will join her and provide valuable LTTE material to show the world of their atrocities. Those murderers must be exposed without fear to save the world.

  4. Sarath W Says:

    Dear Shenali, How can we thank this brave and honest lady for standing up t5o these evil terrorist? Do you pass these messages sent by the peace loving Sri Lankans.
    Also I like to know if our brave president Rajapaksa is aware of the support he receive from the Lanka Web readers and the contributions made by patriotic regular authors like you. Please keep up with your most informative articles.

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    All patriotic Sri Lankans and World Citizens who abhor terrorism should salute the valiant efforts of this courageous lady. It is most unfortunate there aren’t more to support her. The countries who encourage terrorism due to false sympathies will have their day with destiny. Those forget history are condemned to relive it.

    In fact it is false sympathy for little understood conflicts in far away places that fuels the conflagration. It is the world that misinterpret pure and simple terrorism with freedom fighters who breed and encourage terrorism around the world. The sad part is terrorists are supported by average families who live among the victims of terrorism.

    When we witnessed 9/11 in 2001, for once we innocently thought that the world will unite to eradicate world wide terrorism. However that was not to be. Worlds most powerful made use of this unfortunate atrocity to further their imperialist ambitions. This is the tragedy of the free world.

    Terrorism is branded as such because it manifests itself outside normally accepted civilised norms. It targets and terrorises innocent civilians. They must be eradicated like smallpox and all spawning grounds destroyed.

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    All power to this brave lady!

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