Why is the Sri Lanka Diaspora worried about the State of Their Country?
Posted on August 1st, 2015

By Concerned Sri Lanka Diaspora

Northern Provincial Government?”

The UN Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka’s reference to Northern Provincial Council as Northern Provincial Government

UN interference in the internal matters in Sri Lanka, Establish and operationalize processes for building peace    through reconciliation and accountability by addressing the critical core grievances of minorities in an inclusive and       consultative manner”

UN proposals- to provide technical support to the Northern Provincial Government to better plan and undertake development programs, generate revenue and reach out to communities, for consultation and feedback. This component is to be implemented by UNDP”.

Foreign Minister’s meetings with pro-LTTE organizations        overseas who funded and supported the LTTE. He ignored        non-LTTE expatriates who have always supported the       country.

Statements from the Foreign Ministry that are ambiguous      with reference to the status of the TNA

  • US Policy-According to a statement made by the US Ambassador designate to Sri Lanka, the United States supports a Federal Structure as a catalyst for national reconciliation
  • TNA’s discriminatory Claim- there is a Sinhalese influx into North Lanka ”.
  • TNA’S Genocide Claim– The Sinhalese majority carried out genocide against the Tamils since 1948
  • Delisting the Terror Organizations and Terrorists-Under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373, Sri Lanka listed 16 entities and 424 individuals of the LTTE overseas network that engaged in terrorist propaganda, fund raising, procurement and shipping of weapons and other terrorist related activities. If they are delisted by the present regime, LTTE network overseas will use their resources to embark on activities for a separate state in Sri Lanka.
  • Several false statements on the US Senate floor by a leading US senator with information given by the Foreign Minister, a couple of them below:

1. For years, impunity for serious crimes has been the norm in Sri Lanka   

  2.”Under the government of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Armed Forces day was “Victory Day”, a divisive, provocative celebration for the Sinhalese majority.”

  1. The return of land in the north and east currently occupied

by the Armed Forces, and the resettlement of Tamils displaced by the war and the provision of basic services, is an urgent necessity.”

  • UNP/ TNA Collaboration-Last but not least, the UNP coalition’s wooing of the TNA

By Concerned Sri Lanka Diaspora

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  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Christie Says:

    මමත් ඩයස්පෝරකයෙක්ද කියල මම දන්නෙ නැහැ, නමුත් මමත් පසුගිය දසක පහතුල බටහිර තමයි වැඩියම ජීවත් උනේ. අපේ රටෙන් සුද්ද ගියාට පස්සෙ අපිට අදත් කෙලින්නේ ඉන්දියාවයි අපරටේම ඉඳන් අපිව හූරාගෙන කන ඉන්දියානු පරපෝසිතයෝත්ය. මුන් අපේ මොල හොඳට හෝදලයි තියෙන්නෙ අපේ මුල් සතුරා බටහිර කියල ඉන්දියානු ජඩයෝ හොඳ උන් කියල. අද ඉන්දියන් ජඩයෝ තමයි බටහිර ඉඳන් සුද්දන්ව අපිට එරෙහිව පාවිච්චි කරන්නෙ. බටහිර ඉන්න සින්හලයිනි විමසිල්ලෙන් වට පිට බලන්න අපිට එරෙහිවන සුද්දන් පස්සෙන් ඉන්නේ ඉන්දියානු ජඩයන්ය.

    I don’t know whether I am also part of the Sinhala Diaspora as I have lived most of my time in the West within the last five decades. It is Indian Imperialists and Indian colonial parasites who are controlling us, suck our wealth and brainwash us. It is the Indian imperialists who brainwash us to believe the West is our primary enemy and Indian suckers are our friend. Dear Sinhalese who live in the West please open your eyes and mind and look around and you will see the Indian parasites and vermin behind the whites who are acting against us.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    What worries me is that Lankans, generally speaking, react too emotionally to problems, blame each other etc. without looking at problems squarely in the face, admitting our own faults and getting down to the practical, no nonsense way of solving socio-economic problems. Or else the price to pay is too heavy. We ought to look at/solve our problems, as an entire country, not so much as how to use the profit motive all the time, and say only private enterprise works and State run enterprises must wind up (Ranil’s formula). That will never work in the long term. If, as a Buddhist country, we want to stop endless uprisings and killings in Lanka, co-op movements ought to spring up all over the country, not so much private enterprise which also ought to co-exist, but not at the cost of co-ops. In USA, at present over 15% of enterprises are co-operatives. Pure Economics also advocates that all essential services to be State run e.g. water, energy, etc. – more so, the poorer the country.
    Please read Dr Gavin Karunaratne’s articles on the Economy in the Lankaweb. He has got it right.

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