Election of Professionals with High Standards to our National Parliament.
Posted on August 5th, 2015

Tudor Wijenayake Chartered Civil Engineer and Former General Manager, State Engineering Corporation

For a long time, we have lamented at the quality of our parliamentarians and their lack of professional standards and ethics. Eng. Geethanjana Gunawardena is anHonorary Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka. He has been a Member of Parliament for over 15 years, having first entered as an MP in 1989. During his years as an MP, he has held the positions of Deputy Speaker & Chairman of Committees, Deputy Foreign Minister, Deputy Finance Minister, Deputy Housing Minister & Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation and served in and headed many parliamentary consultative & select committees including those on transport, plantation industries, technology & research and finance. He has always strived to carry out his duties diligently and with dedication with the best interests of the country in mind. He contributed through his engineering knowledge and experience to incumbent governments and contributed through constructive criticism whilst in the opposition. As a member of parliament, he worked hard towards the development of the country and to uplift living standards of the people. During his career he has been involved in proposing solutions to the long-standing waste problem in Colombo, suggesting proposals for electrification of the railway and improvement of the Kelani Valley railway line, promoting & facilitating the establishment of primary care units in base hospitals, actively getting involved in the incorporation of the Society of Structural Engineers Sri Lanka, and being involved and supporting the enactment of the Construction Industry Development Act.

geethanjanaBeing an engineer, he has been comfortable working with other professionals, para professionals, government officers, and private sector officers and has supported their organizations as well as individuals. In turn, they found him well-briefed on matters that were discussed and that he understood clearly the issues that were raised. Those who had interactions with him will remember his friendly and approachable character and that he was always willing to lend an ear and provide solutions to any issues within his capacity. As a senior MP, he was also able to facilitate with relevant persons with regard to issues that were outside his direct sphere of responsibility. Throughout his political career he has maintained an unblemished record and a professional work ethic and discharged his duties and responsibilities with honesty and integrity. We can be assured that he will stay this way in the future too. His commitment & dedication to the professional community of this country should undoubtedly be rewarded.

Therefore it is our earnest and humble request to you to cast one of your preferential votes for his number 12 under the Bulath Kolaya (Betel Leaf) so that he can continue to serve the people of Sri Lanka and the professional community.

Yours Sincerely

Tudor Wijenayake
Chartered Civil Engineer and Former General Manager, State Engineering Corporation

Ananda Nihal Singaravelu
Senior Attorney-at-Law

Vinod Munasinghe
Former Secretary, Association of Public Service Engineers

Dr. Sumedha Panagoda, MBBS (Ceylon), MD
Former Medical Superintendent of Avissawella Base Hospital,
Former Regional Director of Health Colombo District, Western Province

2 Responses to “Election of Professionals with High Standards to our National Parliament.”

  1. aloy Says:

    Dear Tudor,
    ” He has been a Member of Parliament for over 15 years, having first entered as an MP in 1989.”

    Reading the list of assignments as deputies during the above period I get the impression that he cannot progress beyond that. Was his honesty the reason?. Let us know whether he had any hand in face lifting BIA. Couple of days ago I came through it and I was impressed. If he had any hand he will certainly get my vote.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    Nation’s priority is electing UPFA to bring Mahinda Rajapakse as the next Executive Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. All other considerations though of high importance are secondary and tertiary. Motherland Sri Lanka is in danger of dismemberment and balkanisation in the hands of Eelamists, Jihadists, United Christian Party aka UNP and JVP. Within these considerations and constraints all patriotic masses must exercise their franchise without fail to bring back Mahinda Rajapakse to power.

    We need educated professionals but not all of the so called ‘educated’ in Sri Lanka are not patriots. Mainly a majority of those educated at Royal and St Thomas’s have proven to be ‘cosmopolitan’ traitors to motherland who has little identity with their motherland. Not only them a majority of those who received education at Ananda, Nalanda, Visaka and other Royal Thomian, St Bridgets mimicking so called Buddhist schools too fall into the same category!

    Our nation is in danger! Let us get our priorities straight. Let us devote all our energies and strategies to bring in the maximum number of seats for the UPFA. All patriotic Sinhala Buddhists need to go and do their duty by the motherland by voting for UPFA and making good selections by their Manape vote.

    I wish all the very best to Eng Geethanjana Gunawardana! We need good practical engineers at the Parliament not theoretical pundits who have little practical experience!

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