Fundamental Rights violation: JVP with 543,944 has only 6 seats while ITAK with 515,963 has 16 seats
Posted on August 19th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

This is to raise a very important issue. In looking at results of the 2015 Parliamentary election results there is a very clear discrepancy at play. How is it that an ITAK has secured 16 seats (14 + 2 bonus seats) while the JVP contesting all island has secured just 6 seats (4 + 2 bonus)?

ITAK is an ethnic party vying for a separate state as envisaged repeatedly through its manifestos since 2001, 2004, 2010 and once again in 2015. ITAK links with LTTE have never been investigated. ITAK’s constitution itself is currently being questioned as not been federal but confederal though it poses as the Federal Party in the English translation of its party.

Nevertheless, it is a mockery on the election system were allocation of seats discriminate the votes received and this is best seen in the current election results highlighted below.

It is suggested that this be taken up at the highest levels as it is a violation of the equality in franchise where disproportionate number of seats is being allocated to a party which has less votes as can be seen in the below All Island results.

Why should ITAK which has 27981 votes less than the JVP get 16 seats while JVP has only 6 seats. This does not make logical sense at all to the voters and makes a mockery of the electoral system. It is wrong by the political party contesting as well as by the voters casting their vote.



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  1. Christie Says:

    Shenali the issue is Indian colonial parasites have won the election. Indian Empire has won the second innings. Please read the Indian media.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    JVP contested in all 22 District TNA contest in 5 District !

  3. chandrasena Pandithage Says:

    Dear, Shenali D Waduge, Thank you very much for your fighting spirit. The above given informations force us to investigate on the general election result.
    At the presidential election Mr. Maithripala Sirisena received 6.2 million votes and he was supported by UNP, JVP, ITAK and SLMC
    When we go through this election the total of the above mentioned parties votes as follows.
    5,098,927+ 543,944 + 515,963 + 44,193 = 6,203,027. This figure justify Mr. Maithripala Sirisena’s received votes.
    When we look in to Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s received votes at presidential election. It was 5.7 million and now it’s redused up to 4.7 million. Now the question is What’s really happened to the 1 million voters? Where are they? We are the voters and we need a clear justification for the above mentioned questions, from the Election commissioner and the leaders of UPFA.

    When we go through the issued election results there are lot of issues to discuss . Now it’s too early open the discussion and wait till others open their mouths.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    August 19th, 2015 at 1:34 am

    Most Sinhalese Buddhists voted for the destruction of Buddhism, Sinhalese race and Sri Lanka. If they have an iota of love for Sri Lanka, Buddhism or Sinhalese race they can not vote for a party whose agenda is to destroy Buddhism from
    Sri Lanka and make it a catholic country on the orders of the church and the west.

    That job has been made easy by leading figures like puppet maru sira, malwatte kapuwa, asgiriye kapuwa, dhrothithaya sobithaya, dhrohitaya ratanya, ambare damilaya, one eyed bandit queen cbk, etc. etc. list is endless. They just don’t care. Only thing they care about is about getting rewarded by the UNPatriotic party (UNP).

    There are two other factors we shouldn’t forget.
    1 It is very fishy on the election day macko’s computer system crashing (dept of elections). It smells fishy.
    Who knows if they manipulated a few marginal seats?

    2 MR’s time he didn’t publish census data which showed enormous incrase of mussie xxxx population thinking it will
    upset the Sinhalese. Now it is clear they have bred like xxxx to tilt the results in every electorate. This is a major
    factor in the MR’s falling short.

    Unpatriotic party (UNP) = Sri Lanka Multiplying Community (SLMC)
    Crafty mussies didn’t contest elections in most areas and gave it to traitor chief pol pot ponil. Now traitor chief will
    give mussie kingdom in the east. Traitor low lives! Who is going to save Sri Lanka, when you have traitors of this calibre?
    Make things easier for the pol pot and mussie xxx, a lot Sinhalese sided with the traitors.

  5. Naram Says:

    I saw that Rosy Senanayake of the UNP is listed topping the list among losers despite 65320, which is a tad more than lowest successful of the UPFA team. Not that I miss the misguided sayings of the one time Miss World, but to show the quirks of the system.

  6. chandrasena Pandithage Says:

    What do you think on the followings?

    Districs Presidential Election 2015 General Election 2015 August 7th. Percentage of increases
    (Reject Votes ) (Reject Votes)
    1. Colombo 15,334 43,372 280%
    2. Gampaha 14,647 56,246 400%
    3. Kalutara 8,381 21,366 250%
    4. Mahanuwara 10,993 37,065 330%
    5. Matale 3,653 21,537 600%
    6. Nuwara Eliya 7,329 32,788 450%
    7. Galle 6,516 15,107 230%
    8. Matara 4,611 12,692 280%
    9. Hambanthota 3,351 10,056 300%
    10.Jaffna 10,038 25,496 255%
    11 Vanni 3,416 17,155 400%
    12.Batticaloa 2,580 13,538 540%
    13.Digamadulla 2,625 18,423 700%
    14.Trinco 1,805 10,,542 570%
    15Kurunagala 9,285 46,036 500%
    16.Puttalum 4,300 23,124 530%
    17.Anuradapura 4,032 28,462 700%
    18.Polonnaruwa 1,648 8,654 550%
    19,Badulla 7,250 24,167 300%
    20.Monaragala 3,449 9,291 250%
    21Rathnapura 7,656 23,026 300%
    22.Kegalle 6,515 18,980 280%

    Dear friends, tell us what can you think of these rejected votes increases ? Can you believe this? The logic is when polls are going up the rejections should go up. In this case the polls are going down and the rejections go up and up 280% to 700% rejections. Thi is an inside game

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Shenali …. Thanks for investigating and revealing these voting discrepancies.

    Chandrasena Pandithage …. Thank you for looking at this. I myself have not verified the data you presented, but those increases in the number of REJECTED VOTES are TRULY ASTOUNDING!

    Already, the Elections Commissioner and the so called foreign “Election Monitoring Agencies” and even the IGP are singing Hosannas and whitewashing the Election Results as PERFECT!

    This is in addition to the ILLEGAL Election Day INTERVENTIONS by the highest official in the land … the IL Presidente’!!

    I think if all of this is TRUE, it SMELLS TO HIGH HEAVEN, and the UPFA should demand an INVESTIGATION and FILE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS cases at the SUPREME COURT on ALL of these issues!

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