Corrupting of Voters Verdict
Posted on August 24th, 2015

Professor Nishan Wijesinha

I noticed that several personalities who lost their seats at the general elections of SRI LANKA held on 2015 August 17, by the verdict of the voters; their names have been nominated back from the national list. This is what I call ‘ Corrupting of Voters Verdict’; which is detrimental to all democratic principles, of “Just Governance”; and a violation to the rule of law. And when the head of state of a nation is directly responsible for such violations of the law; where will that nation head to?  which was once built under the fear of the rule of law by its former head of state Honorable . Mahinda Rajapakse?

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Lets live in this darkness and blame the darkness (or each other as some would do). Fantastic! And eat some “kavum” preferably with the agents of darkness!!

    At least now do you agree DEMO-CRAZY cannot save SL from the present CRISIS?

    (What democrazy when the top has gone crazy, NO opposition is allowed and elections are rigged!!).

    To establish TRUE DEMOCRACY a guardian gods takeover must happen first. Let them FIX the country first. Put down a true democratic constitution. And hold CLEAN elections. Otherwise WITHER SL!

    Here is a list of ASIA countries ranked HIGHEST 30 in GDP per capita (rich list).

    NONE of the RICHEST Asian countries are democrazies!! Very FEW democrazies in the list!!

    Qatar – richest country in the world
    Singapore (a sham democracy)
    United Arab Emirates
    Hong Kong
    Saudi Arabia
    Taiwan (a democracy)
    Japan (monarchy and sham democracy)
    South Korea (a democracy)
    Israel (a democracy)
    Russia (a sham democracy)
    Malaysia (a sham democracy)
    Kazakhstan (a sham democracy)
    Turkey (a democracy)
    Azerbaijan (a sham democracy)
    Turkmenistan (a sham democracy)
    Jordan (monarchy and sham democracy)

    Down with USA!

  2. ranjit Says:

    From the day one on Jan8th What Sira and Ranil did was all unconstitutional and undemocratic. They broke all the rules in the constitution. They ruled with jungle law which was benefited to them only. NGO’s and the west were deaf and dumb in every occasion. Pity we have such politicians in this country. Both used every trick of the book to defeat the man who saved us from war of terrorism. They insulted and restricted him from every corner. They both fought a dirty game to win the elections with the support of MACKO and his western backed gang. We have to fight these dirty elements to safeguard democracy if not our country will go in to dogs with dirty politicians who do not love this country but power and money. Down with Sira,Ranil,Choura and the western faggots.

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