Some steps on How to prevent cheating at elections
Posted on August 28th, 2015

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Some steps on How to prevent cheating at elections

  1. Use security paper or paper with water mark for printing ballot papers.
  2. Use pencils or permanent ink to mark ballot papers. Some inks fade over time. Tests must be done to ensure permanent ink.
  3. All the voters should have valid I.D. cards with biometric data like in India.
  4. Counting at local level must be done manually with reps from all parties present.
  5. The ballot boxes must be transported by buses with observers from each party plus Police escort.
  6. The ballot boxes must be sealed properly with wax or some other means.
  7. The tally of ballot boxes and the final votes tally must be done in the presence of observers from all parties.  This must be done manually.
  8. All the tallies should be done manually.  Computers must not be used for counting at any stage.
  9. The elections commissioner must draw up a clear procedure for the election so that it is transparent at each stage, and published early in all media.
  10. The instructions to the voters must be very clear.
  11. Please see the Youtube video below to understand the dangers of computer voting.

4 Responses to “Some steps on How to prevent cheating at elections”

  1. Christie Says:

    There may have been some cheating but the fact of the matter is Sinhala Buddhist votes were divided. A man in yellow robes and his blind followers managed to drive off the Sinhala Christians and Muslims away and the Indian colonial parasite block vote won both.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:


    Why did Pres Sirisena say that National Intelligence Reporters relayed the message to him that the UPFA was winning, and that is why he ‘rocked the election boat’ (my words) by sacking the UPFA & SLFP Gen Secretaries, and he also sent a 5-page letter saying he would never let MR be PM of Lanka. The objective of this excercise was to stop the MR win on its tracks. This 5-page letter was read out by Sirisena for tv programs. All his actions were against the Constitution of Sri Lanka as well as the Election laws plus the Constitution of the SLFP. Were these free and fair elections ? NO !
    Those acts by the President were meant to confuse the Voter and it did. May be a section never voted on hearing Pres Sirisena’s speech on tv. 3 Million did not vote and 517,000 votes were counted as Spoilt Votes. A number of people also spoil their votes when confused and not knowing whom to vote for, as done in the last Gen Election.

    The General Election was highly flawed. It was Undemocratic, unfair and downright nasty politics to say the least.

    The Elections Commissioner ought to take the required action to remedy the situation. Or else we are in a false election and a Fascist state where the Law of Land does not count.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    As things are re the present government of Sri Lanka, it seems that anyone can rule as the Law of the Land does not count ! My ! Lanka must be the envy of all aspiring Fascist Dictators. Hitler himself might wow ! in envy – to break the law of the Land and yet be praised by the world community ….. !!! What a deal.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Number 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are already done.

    Observers from political parties cannot travel with the box. It is NOT practical. The bus should only have election workers.

    Election commissioner’s brother is SUNANDA DESHAPIRIYA. He is heavily involved in ANTI-MR politics. What can say he has NOT influenced?

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