Malcolm Ranjith’s prohibition of Christmas Trees in Churches
Posted on December 26th, 2015


What is curious about Malcolm Ranjith’s notice prohibiting Christmas trees inside Churches is the clause that says certain customs are connected to Sinhala & Tamils. Let us remind Malcolm Ranjith that every Sinhalese and every Tamil including his own family are Christian/Catholic because Sinhala Buddhists and Tamil Hindus were FORCIBLY CONVERTED by the 3 colonial rulers that invaded and occupied Sri Lanka.

However if Malcolm Ranjith wishes to separate customs we have to immediately remind him to remove the name DAHAM PASAL from the Sunday Christian schools that have hijacked Sinhalese Buddhist words and customs in a crafty scheme to slowly penetrate into deep Sinhala Buddhist areas and give the impression that there is no difference in Buddhism or Christianity in a bigger global game to Evangelize Asia.


The ignorant Tamil Hindus in both India and Sri Lanka have fallen lock stock and barrel for these Christian ploys and it appears the flow of Christian Missionary NGOs flooding the country after yahapalana nonsense took over are now laying the grounds for that steady take over.

If our people are not alert what these scoundrels could not do over 2600 years looks to be happening because of our own ignorance.



2 Responses to “Malcolm Ranjith’s prohibition of Christmas Trees in Churches”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    MR (not Mahinda Rajapaksha), is the most powerful man in Sri Lanka. He is even more powerful than the most
    powerful politician, pol pot ponil.

    Actually, this MR is the boss of pol pot ponil. Now even maru sira
    is his fan after running to see paap vahanse with MR.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    It is true SL is CONTROLLED by the VATICAN since 2009.

    1. Reconciliation is a sacrament of Christians to seek FORGIVENESS for sins done to god and man. SL has been doing this shittt since 2009.

    2. REGULARLY MR, GR, BR, RW or MS visited the Vatican.

    3. Malcolm Ranjith DICTATES what SL leaders should do. When he said investigate war crimes, GOSL does that. When he said that judiciary is NOT free GOSL does that. When he says SCRAP traditional SL customs, GOSL does that.

    4. Ruwani Cooray, niece of Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has not passed the foreign service examination nor been recruited to the foreign service through any accepted procedure. However she has been appointed as the second secretary to the Sri Lanka Embassy in France in 2014 by the last govt.

    5. Another BISHOP Oswald Gomis was appointed the Chancellor of the University of Colombo in 2008.

    So stop blaming this govt. and last govt. WHATEVER govt. they are controlled by the CHURCH.

    Meanwhile the MAHANAYAKAS take orders from the govt. as opposed to the church that gives orders.

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