The Buddha in Sri Lanka – Remembered Yesterdays
Posted on February 15th, 2016

by Swarna Wickremeratne(Author)

This book provides both an erudite and intimate look at how Buddhism is lived in Sri Lanka. While India is known as the birthplace of Buddhism, Sri Lanka is its other home; Buddhism extends back over twenty-five hundred years on the island and remains at the center of its spiritual traditions and culture.

Throughout the book, author Swarna Wickremeratne incorporates a personal view, sharing stories of herself, her family, friends, and acquaintances as they lived Buddhism both during her Sri Lankan girlhood and during more recent times. This personal view makes the traditions come alive as Wickremeratne details Buddhist beliefs, customs, rituals and ceremonies, and folklore. She also provides a fascinating discussion of the Sangha, the institutional monkhood in Sri Lanka, including its history, codes of conduct, and evolution and resilience over time.

Wickremeratne explores the recent attempts by many monks to reinvent themselves in a society characterized by secularization, globalization, and a tide of aggressive Christian evangelization.

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Format: Paperback

What a fascinating account of life in Sri Lanka, and Buddhist society. Her stories are concise, informative, and very entertaining. It was a great “visit” to Sri Lanka.

Format: Paperback

This is an engaging and insightful book, written with the heart and know how. Highly recommended. Dr.Jasna Svarc

Format: Hardcover

I found this book a fascination collection of the intracies of a beautiful culture that has retained traditional customs in the modern world.

By Dominique Thon on May 9, 2015

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2 Responses to “The Buddha in Sri Lanka – Remembered Yesterdays”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Present YAMAPALLANGE YAMA PAALANAYA working very hard to destroy Buddhism from Sri Lanka.
    To get the job done, they have the best man for the job, Buddhist hater catholic traitor chief pol pot ponil.
    Remember how the catholic-run UNPatriotic party killed Buddhist jvp? They dragged the insurgency on
    for so long and killed over 60,000 Buddhists.

    We all can see how he is getting ready again by imprisoning monks, bringing in new laws to rein in Buddhist monks who always come forward to protect the country and Buddhism as all the Sinhalese deshapaluwan keep quiet whatever bad happened. He make sure to raise his pirith nool-clad right hand when speaking to show hoodwink some Sinhala modayas. His treachery to the country, Buddhism and the Sinhalese are second to none. Killing youth at batalande, signing CFA to give half the country to his catholic buddy
    hitler pira(mala)paharan, sending millennim city intelligent officers to ltte bullet, 5000 billion central bank robbery etc. etc. After all these trecheries, nobody dares to challenge him. So he knows he is above the law in Sri Lanka.

    One might wonder why thambi mudiyanse, lk premadasa, supposed to be Buddhists massacred Buddhists?
    Reason was they were obeying the west’s orders which is to destroy Buddhism in Sri Lanka. That’s why the catholic-run UNPatriotic party was reluctant to take action against the real terrorists.

    Hitler pira(mala)paharan, tamil selvan, soosei, anton balasinyo, kasippu joesph, em manure etc. etc were/are all catholics. So even after catholic tigers killed pilgrims at the Sri Maha Bodhiya, Sri Dalada Maligawa, or killing monks at Aranthalawa UNPatriotic party was reluctant to take drastic action. One has to remember ltte never damaged a single church or hurt a single priest during their 30 years terror campaign. The bonus for the UNPatirotics, ltte killed more than 100,000 Buddhists and got rid of Buddhism in the north and east. Job was half done. This time they want to finish it off. So with the token Buddhist, die-hard catholic pol pot ponil ruling Sri Lanka they are going full steam ahead. Puppet maru sira is no obstacle. Commander of the army is supposed to be the president. But as soon
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    It is always better to plan ahead of course in case.

    More proof what is behind UNPatriotic party’s agenda?
    At the UNHCR all the countries hell bent on punishing MR are staunch catholic. Norway, us, uk, brasil, italy, argentina, macedonia, germany etc. etc. Even archbishop two three of south africa clamouring for MR to be skined
    alive. Reason? MR stopped the catholic tigers carving out a catholic country out of Sri Lanka.

    With the support of a lot of traitor Sinhalese, including malwatte and asgiriye chiefs who are supposed to be the
    guardians of Buddhism in the country, there is no chance Buddhism surviving for too long in the island. It is a very
    very sad plight. Sinhalese themselves have to blamed for the demise of a proud nation and a great religion as they joined the three enemies of Buddhism supporting this Buddhism-destroying UNPatriotic party!

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Please read the last sentence as:
    It is a very very sad plight. Sinhalese themselves have to blamed for the demise of a proud nation and a great religion as they joined the three enemies to support this Buddhism-destroying UNPatriotic party!

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