Observations on FM Minister Mangala Samaraweera’s comments on ‘separation’ and ‘federation’ in Sri Lanka
Posted on October 11th, 2016

 Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario .  Canada

11 October 2016

Hon. Mangala Samarawera, MP
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Government of Sri Lanka
Colombo 1,
Sri Lanka

Dear Minister Mangala Samaraweera:

I was absolutely excited when I came across the report by Hassina Leelarathna,in Lankaweb, reproduced from Sri Lanka Express under the title FM Managala Samaraweera in L.A. says no separation but leaves door open to federalism.” And I was hoping that this report would be the one that I was searching for to retool my faith in the Yahapalanaya Government when I lost it for many reasons within the first 50-days of you all being elected.  That was a crying shame.

  1. So the Yahapalanayoes, promoted yourselves as the white knights of Sri Lanka’s ‘Good Governance’ painting a grim picture of the former regime as a bunch of good-for-nothing-pariahs as frauds and crooks plundering public funds, and that nepotism was one of their pillars of government and their weakness was to appoint their relations and cronies to high-paying jobs at home and abroad to line their pockets with their ill-found dough.  We are lily-white, we are clean as a sarong washed with an extra dose of love Comfort washing powder, hanging between two bamboo stakes to dry under a hot sun”, you all insinuated. Ha! What lies!!
  1. My trust and faith in you all came crashing down like a ton of Kelaniya-kilned bricks when the President showed his middle finger at the voters and then placing his thumb of his right palm on his nose and  then wiggled the other four fingers telling the voters, Na-nana-naa-na; Na-nana-naa-na, I fooled you didn’t I, but  this is what my Good Governance” is all about.  I not only gave a place in my government to those you had rejected by your democratic vote, but also gave some of them Cabinet posts.”

Wow! Minister, that set the tone of what to expect from the Yahapalanayoes, and so far my Crystal Ball readings about you all have not betrayed me.  Phew!  I could croak!!

‘Nepotism’ by the Rajapaksa regime was the bug-bear that made you all crank up Sri Lanka’s cultural vindictive, witch-hunting politics, and thumped and bludgeoned the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa at every public event.  You, yourself have been pretty good at that too, Mr. Minister.   But then, you did not go after your leader, President Maithripala Sirisena when he appointed his younger brother, as the Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom.  I couldn’t care whether Kumarasinghe Sirisena was the most brilliant candidate to head that institution, but according to my lexicon, it is Nepotism’ underlined in red.  And that too happened within the 100 day programme. So show me the difference between the Rajapaksa’s and the Yahapalanayoes.  Nothing much, isn’t it?

Well…well…well….Minister, President Maithripala Sirisena arrived at the  winners circle of the political arena after winning the elections with a roll-call of magul-bera, promising to end family rule and eradicate nepotism, and 12 months later what do we have? Yahapalanayoes husbands and wives in top government posts, like holding positions as Secretaries of Ministries under President Sirisena’s government, not just one or two but a gaggle of them.  And State media appointments and as diplomats, as well.  You know what Minister Samaraweera, if it were a competition between former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the present President Mathiripala Sirisena as to – ‘Anything you could do I could do better’, in appointing relatives and cronies to high positions in their Governments, tally the numbers and you will find that President Sirisena would have won hands down.   And there you are and I will bet my last dollar on it. You will find this remarkable achievement by the Yahapalanayoe’s ‘Good Governance,’  amazing yet disingenuous stuff, I say.  Don’t you?

Coming back to the report by Hassina Leelarathna,  you had said Unitary constitution” and Federalism” are just terms being thrown around.  Don’t go by what’s on social media”.

But here is the problem that I have with those words.  I don’t think that the Yahapalanayoes understand and realize that both those words are active words and culminates with a desired ending.  ‘Unitary Constitution’ marks unity or uniformity, and the word Federalism” means a polity  in which several states form a Unity but remains independent.  So lets be serious Minister.  Let’s not fool around with these words unless you express a specific desired meaning without Mangaling and confusing the minds of the ordinary people.

But, then, the headline of the report says FM Mangala Samaraweera in L.A. says no separation but leaves door open to federalism.”

And then the Sri Lanka Express quoted you as saying A federal state is not a separate state.  I assure you Sri Lanka will remain a united, undivided country. 

If this is indeed the case, why on earth are you giving hope to the Federalists when the President and Prime Minister says quite emphatically repeating like a mantra that there will be no ‘federalism’ and no ‘separation’.  On October 7, as reported in Business Standard, said Sri Lanka Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe today dismissed as irrelevant a call by the chief minster, of the Tamil-majority northern province for a federal solution.”

If you, as Foreign Minister of the country go on preaching to the ordinary masses that a ‘federal state;’ is not a ‘separate state’, you are being simplistic and not telling the absolute truth.    What is indeed your problem not to tell the masses, Yes, although a federal state is not a separate state, it indeed is the stepping stone to becoming a ‘Separate State.  And I am being somewhat cautious with the northern Tamils as they live by the tenet ‘little now, more later.”

Minister, it is time that you study the classic example of the French federal Province of Quebec in Canada.  It will tell you how wrong you are and will make you aware of the possibilities of a metamorphosis in ‘federalism’.

The official campaign for separation of Quebec from the rest of Canada, since its founding federation in 1867, started on October 2, 1995. The Referendum was launched solely by the Provincial Parti Quebecois government of Jacques Parizeau.  And by the time the campaign approached October 30th, the day of the Referendum, all of Canada of 32 million peoples was on pins.  And on the day of the Referendum vote, all members of Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s Liberal Government were peeing in their pants. It was touch and go.  The official results for the ‘Yes” vote was 49.4% and the No” vote not to separate from Canada was 50.58%.  It was the largest voters turn out in the history of Quebec (93.52%).

Do you know what, Minister?  That Referendum did not close the chapter and gates of the separatist French Quebecois, they are still clamouring to separate, as our Northern Tamil community does, wanting to have their own, mono-ethnic, racist, Tamil state  Eelam since the 1930s.

I well appreciate your position now that you have cornered yourself  on behalf of the Yahapalanaya Government and decided to co-sponsor the 2015 Resolution of the UNHRC, thus accommodating the wishes of the main sponsors.  You are now skating on thin ice and I do not see any wiggle room for you to get onto thicker ice to skate comfortably for a sustained survival as a winner in a bullying geo-political arena. And you have placed the noose around Sri Lanka’s neck, and she is not comfortable as she feels it tightening on her slowly every time you open your mouth at an international palaver.

But here is an interesting ‘Geo-political’ incident that happened in October 1995, about Quebec’s Referendum to separate from Canada.   French President Jacques Chirac, while answering a call from a viewer in Montreal on CNN’s Larry King Live, declared that, if the Yes” side were successful, the fact that the referendum had succeeded would be recognized by France.

Minister Samaraweera, I am sure you are cognizant that the Tamil people of the Northern and Eastern Provinces who are clamouring for their mono-ethnic, racist Tamil separate state, Eelam, have 77 million of their uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces and other relatives living just 18 salt water-miles way from our northern shore.

These were the Indira Gandhi’s Indians who took thousands of our barefooted Tamil ‘separatist’ youth  to train them at 32 military camps at Chakrata, North of Dehra dun for commando and army combat, and instructing them how to make bombs, jungle warfare, weapons training at military camps in Kumbakonam,  Meenambakkam, Parangamali, Sengalpattu, etc. and sent them back after graduating as terrorists  in army fatigues, jackboots, cradling Kalashnikovs like babies in their arms  and with festoons of live bullets around  their necks to destabilize Sri Lanka.

These are the same Indians who mounted on the evening of 4 June 1987, Operation Poomalai, involving five An-32s of the Paratroop Training School in Agra, escorted by five Mirage 2000s of the No.7 Squadron  flying screaming violating Sri Lanka’s sovereign airspace to drop 25 tons of ‘parippu’ relief for 800,000 Tamils in the Jaffna peninsula   A token but effective bullying to scare the hell out of President J.R.Jayewardena who was shaking like an autumn leaf in the wind under his pants.   The end result was the signing of the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord and their Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi boasting in Madras I got more than what was expected from Sri Lanka for the Tamils.” 

And it was the same Indians who voted for the Resolution at the UNHCR to tighten the noose around Sri Lanka’s neck.

Do I trust these Indians, Minister?  Na!, not even if  they come to me in a Halloween Costume as a Greek in a colourful Foustanella with a tray of gold  with gifts of Indian sweets- Agra petha, Gulab Jaman, Imarti, Besan laddu, Gajar ka halwa, honey Murukku and a cup of good Darjeeling tea.  But I would hesitate to open the small gold threaded trinket box in case it has a gold plated live bullet that may go off later.

And this is why you Yahapalanayoes surprise me, by stripping the army and their camps in the north making Sri Lanka’s north vulnerable making its sovereign real estate insecure to let our enemies in sheep’s skin clothing enter as they have no need to play the game of knock…know..who is there..”..  Our enemy  can walk in with  claymore-bombs, guns and bullets as  the Northern door to Sri Lanka is wide open as the Security Guard has been dismissed by the foolish ‘Good Governance’ Yahapalanayoes.

All this is because you, Yahapalanayoes bowed down to western countries pressure at the UNHRC, which they had absolutely no business calling Sri Lanka, a sovereign state, which had only recently emerged after a 30 year-haemorrhaging Tamil Tiger terrorist war, challenging its territorial integrity and to proceed in reducing the numbers of our security forces from the North of the island and return the land acquired for security reasons.  It is a pity that Sri Lanka’s second name was not Israel or India, as the UNHRC wouldn’t  have dared try those shenanigans as it would have been snubbed big time.

And as a final comment let me impress upon you that ‘ethno-federalism’ or ‘linguistic-federalism’ has no place in Sri Lanka.  There has to be an understanding of a critical analysis, and a rational understanding of the local specific issues facing the island, including the understanding of the future implications because of the size of the island which is under the shadow of our neighbouring giant that house 77 million Tamils, the kith and kin and brethren of our Northern Tamils, the geo-political implications and the national security due to the island’s position in the Indian Ocean along the silk route.

You Yahapalanayoes should not create a situation that would break up the country apart and not having a clue of what it was going to do and look like after the bifurcation.  That would be a disaster and a good reason for our next generation and the next to say POX to all you Yahapalanayoes of the Sirisena-Wickremasinghe government.


Asoka Weerasinghe

Ottawa, Canada

5 Responses to “Observations on FM Minister Mangala Samaraweera’s comments on ‘separation’ and ‘federation’ in Sri Lanka”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    HERE is the RESULT of Avamangala Samaraweera’s DISLOYALTY to our people.

    Yamapalana GoSL claims refuted by the TNA: WE DO NOT AGREE, No Primacy for Buddhism in Sri Lanka says the TNA!

    Who is telling the TRUTH?

    BOTH the Yamapalanaya and the TNA Separatistyys are DIGGING THEIR OWN GRAVES!
    Tamil party leader dismisses PM’s claim that all parties agree to give Buddhism foremost place in new constitution
    Tue, Oct 11, 2016, 09:15 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 11, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Opposition and main Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Monday rejected the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s a claim that the party has agreed to give Buddhism the foremost place in the new constitution.

    TNA’s spokesman and Jaffna District Parliamentarian M.A Sumanthiran stressed that his party stands for a secular constitution in the multi-religious country and giving one religion a priority is contrary to basic norms.

    “The Tamil National Alliance stands for a secular constitution. In a constitution that gives equality pride of place and assures equal protection of law for everyone – irrespective of race, cast, religion, gender, age etc – a provision which gives one religion the foremost place would be incompatible and contrary to basic norms and we would oppose it,� MP Sumanthiran told Ceylon News in an exclusive interview on Monday.

    Speaking at an event Prime Minister Wickremesinghe emphasized that all political parties and leaders of all religious faiths have no issue in giving priority to protect Buddhism in the country and have declared their consent to the provisions given by the Constitution to protect Buddhism.

    “All Parties in Parliament today, including the Tamil National Alliance, have agreed to keep the articles protecting Buddhism unchanged in the Sri Lanka Constitution,” the Prime Minister said.

    MP Sumanthiran said that the Steering Committee appointed by the Constitutional Assembly has kept for itself certain important issues to discuss and one of those was religion.

    Sumanthiran, who is a member of the Steering Committee, said so far only three issues have been discussed. One is the electoral reforms, the other is executive and the third is power-sharing arrangements. “The issue of religion in Constitution is yet to be discussed.”

    “And it’s wrong to say that all political parties, including the TNA have given their consent to making Buddhism the foremost religion since we have not even begun discussions on it in the Steering Committee,” the TNA spokesman said.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    The TNA has denied the Yamapalana PM’s statement on the PRIMACY of Buddhism.

    HELL NO, WE DO NOT AGREE the TNA says!

    So, WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH …… the GoSL PM or the TNA??

    Is the PM bull shitting the Sinhala Buddhists??

    ‘No issue in giving priority to protect Buddhism’, Sri Lankan PM emphasizes
    Mon, Oct 10, 2016, 11:50 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 10, Colombo: Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe emphasized that all political parties and leaders of all religious faiths have no issue in giving priority to protect Buddhism in the country and have declared their consent to the provisions given by the Constitution to protect Buddhism.

    “We do not have a problem with regard to giving priority when protecting Buddhism. All Parties in Parliament today, including the Tamil National Alliance, have agreed to keep the articles protecting Buddhism unchanged in the Sri Lanka Constitution,” the Prime Minister said speaking at an event.

    Speaking at a religious program held at the Sedawatte Veheragoda Viharaya in Kolonnawa, the Premier said not only have the political parties expressed their willingness to protect Buddhism, the Catholic Cardinal as well as the Muslim Imams and Hindu Swamis have also accepted the article in the Constitution.

    “Some are experts at protecting Buddhism through their words, but are equally adept at destroying the religion through their actions. As a State, the President, myself and all of us, protect Buddhism, not through words, but through our actions,” he said.

    The Prime Minister therefore said individuals need not create unnecessary issues over the future of Buddhism under the proposed new constitution.

    “Same as protecting Buddhism, it is our duty as citizens of Sri Lanka, to build a Nation where we accept and respect the different religions and cultures as well,” the Premier pointed out.

    The Prime Minister highlighted that the international Vesak festival will be held in Sri Lanka next year. The government has also planned to hold a Theravada Buddhist Summit in 2018.

    Addressing the gathering Minister of Justice and Buddha Sasana Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe said that the government is committed to improve Buddhist religious places island wide.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    What is DAWNING is the CONSOLIDATION of India’s HEGEMONY over Sri Lanka, with the aiding and abetting of SRi Lankan TRAITORS!

    It is RUMORED that the ETCA agreement will NOT BE PUT TO A REFERENDUM, or even VOTED ON in Parliament, but will be ONLY A CABINET decision, and will be presented as a FAIT-ACCOMPLI for Sri Lankan citizens to swallow,

    The Yamapalana GoSL is DIGGING its own GRAVE by acting in this way SUBJUGATING sovereign Sri Lanka to its nemesis India that is the SOURCE of all our NATIONAL problems, including a 30-year war against terrorism!

    And our PM is signing HOSANNAS arguing for Sri Lanka to be a PART of the $400 billion South Indian Economy.

    GOD HELP US, this FOOL sees only the POTS of Money, not out independence to choose to live as we Sri Lankans want in our own Motherland! Bah!

    New dawn for India-Sri Lanka relations
    Tue, Oct 11, 2016, 11:54 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 11 (NIE) Historically, relations between India and Sri Lanka have been fraught with controversies and even high tension at times. There has always been an atavistic fear in Sri Lanka of being dominated by India, the Big Brother just 30 nautical miles away from the island�s northern tip.

    The fear became acute with the brazen Indian political and military intervention to settle the Tamil question in the island nation in the 1980s.But now, due to the evolution of new thinking in the corridors of power in New Delhi and the change of regime in Colombo brought about by the Presidential and parliamentary elections of 2015, the two countries appear to have broken away from the past and are moving towards mutual understanding.

    Having learnt lessons from recent history, the two countries now recognize the legitimacy of each other’s concerns and are addressing them in a spirit of give and take to ensure that both operate within their respective comfort zones. The change was evident even in the body language of Indian and Sri Lankan leaders during the visit of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to New Delhi in the first week of October. Several issues were resolved amicably. One of the outstanding features of the detente is India agreeing to fast track negotiations on the Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) and sign the pact by the end of this year.

    India had not originated the idea of an ETCA and did not want to rush into it, having had a bitter experience with trying to sign a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with Sri Lanka in 2008. CEPA would have promoted Indian investment in Sri Lanka and helped the latter avoid the debt crisis it has been in. But fuelled by entrenched fears of Indian domination, the Mahinda Rajapaksa government had cancelled the deal at the last moment, much to India’s chagrin. But, unlike the Rajapaksa regime, the incumbent Maithripala Sirisena-Ranil Wickremesinghe government wants to build Sri Lanka economically through close links with India, especially the four South Indian states, which, together with Sri Lanka, have a combined $500 billion economy, as Wickremesinghe keeps saying. By touting close relations with South India, including Tamil Nadu, Prime Minister Wickemesinghe is signaling that Sri Lankans, at least in the top echelons, have begun to shed their fear of Tamil Nadu, which is suspected of inspiring Tamil separatism in north Sri Lanka. Although India was disappointed with the cancellation of the coal-fired 500 MW power project in Sampur, it has been asked to set up an LNGfired plant there.

    However, when ETCA was proposed by Wickremesinghe in 2015, India was cautious. Indian Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in Colombo only recently, that India wants to negotiate ETCA “in detail” consulting all stakeholders “on both sides” and that there could be no time frame for concluding the talks. But Sri Lanka wanted ETCA fast and Wickremesihghe has now got Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to agree to sign it by year end. Since the mood in New Delhi is to accommodate Sri Lanka, Modi gave in, leaving it to Wickremesinghe to mitigate opposition to the pact from the protectionist lobbies in Sri Lanka. But India also got what it wanted from Sri Lanka. India will now build roads from Jaffna to Mannar; Mannar to Colombo; and from Mannar to Trincomalee. Wickremesinghe gave in to this as he is aware that the Indians can build roads at one fourth the cost quoted by the Chinese.

    India will also build an oil refinery in Trincomalee to produce 100,000 barrels of petroleum per day, and go into a joint venture with Colombo to refurbish and use 84 giant oil tanks in Trincomalee. Two Indian firms will build a container terminal in Colombo harbour.If ETCA is signed, Indian investments will flow into Sri Lanka to make the island’s production facilities part of the Indian and international value chain. In the process, Sri Lanka will lessen its humongous debt burden of $65 billion, $48 billion of which is owed to China alone. It will also improve its relations with China which wants to invest in Sri Lanka partnering private and international firms rather than give loans to the government.

    Despite several visits to China, Sri Lankan leaders have not able to convert the debt into equity in loss making state-owned projects which were built with expensive Chinese loans. In fact, China would like to partner with Indian firms in its $ 1.4 billion Colombo Financial City project. In strategic terms, Wickremesinghe has assured India that unlike Rajapaksa, he will not allow China to build harbours to contain India militarily and that there will be no secret visits by Chinese nuclear submarines. China itself has said that its “String of Pearls” project of harbours are purely commercial projects. But it’s not going to be smooth sailing all the way.

    Nationalistic and protectionist lobbies, headed by former President Rajapaksa are still strong and have the support of media. The fear of Indian domination runs deep in the Sri Lankan psyche, although a section of leaders and the intelligentsia want close ties with India. As to what might happen if Rajapaksa comes back to power is anybody’s guess. Therefore, India should be prepared for upsets. It should not venture into very expensive investments or sweeping asymmetrical commitments. Nirmala Sitharaman has hinted that India’s approach will be hard headed. But in its part, India must attend to Sri Lanka’s practical difficulties in trading with India. Non-recognition of Sri Lankan standards, apathy of Indian officials, and unreasonable restrictions to the entry of Sri Lankan goods, are areas in the existing Free Trade Agreement which need urgent attention. Above all, optics is very important: India must see that its footprint in Sri Lanka is not too large.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor YAMA PALLANS are hell bent on making Sri Lanka a colony of india to please the west, minorities and
    the diasporats. Traitor YAMA PALLANS are headed by traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande
    Wadakaya pol pot ponil wickrama Sinhala killer. He is a murderous, treacherous lunatic. But the catholic run Sri
    Lankan media portray him as MR CLEAN. Now the murderous lunatic is really mad (with advancing years and the
    sins Batalande Wadakaya has committed) it isn’t surprising. One day mad dog says
    Sri Lanka going to be sweden. Next day mad dog says Sri Lanka going to have bay of bengal economy.

    Traitor minorities, west, india and the diasporats are over the moon since mad dog is gone really mad and
    they know he is Sri Lanka destroying, Sinhalese-destroying, Buddhism destroying top form. Meanwhile Sinhala
    modayas don’t have a clue about the murderous mad dog’s actions and are over the moon listening to pol pot wickrama Sinhalakiller’s fairy stories!

    This is what the christian west, japan, india and the minorities wanted. Get rid of the Chinese who would’ve
    safeguarded Sri Lanka for good and put an end to these traitors’ separatist agenda. But Sinhala modayas are
    easily fooled of course. So fell for the YAMA PALLANS’ tom pachas and destroyed Sri Lanka. It is no wonder Sinhalaya being famous for modayas. They are not just modayas, they’ve become dhrohiyas as well.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Indeed, Sri Lanka, especially its Sinhala Buddhist majority community, is DESPERATELY IN NEED of a NEW Patriotic Party to REPRESENT & PROTECT us!

    Let President Mahinda Rajapaksa take note of our APPEALS! Should he decide to lead the Patriots towards that goal and FORM A NEW PART, he should take note of OUR DEMANDS, listed below:

    The Constitution of the NEW PARTY should adopt the following goals as SACRED:

    1. Unwavering LOYALTY to the MAJORITY of the people of Sri Lanka and NO OTHER local or foreign entities

    2. Unwavering comittment to PRESERVING Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and its Buddhist heritage

    3. REPEALING the 13th Amendment, DISSOLVING the Provincial Councils, and REPLACING the PCs with a system of District Administrations governed by DISTRICT Governors APPOINTED, NOT ELECTED LOCALLY, by the ELECTED National Government. This is an ESSENTIAL and NON-NEGOTIABLE demand.

    4. ENDING all NEGOTIATIONS to implement the ETCA with India, to protect our ECONOMY, our WORKERS and our distinct CULTURE!

    5. PREVENTING the Cultural and Economic ASSIMILATION of Sri Lanka by India, including ending the Ramayana Religious Circuit, the installation of Indian Hindu Navallar Statues within Sri Lanka, and REJECTING the Hanuman Bridge proposal,

    6. Expelling all Foreign NGO Fifth Columns, of whatever origin, interfering in local politics of Sri Lanka and sowing dissension and dissatisfaction, and removing the MULTIPLE EMBASSIES of foreign countries proliferating within Sri Lanka to pursue their political agendas inimical to Sri Lanka,

    7. Prohibiting foreign Religious Organizations and Missionaries, of whatever origin, from sowing dissatisfaction by bribing, proselytzing and converting the people of Sri Lanka to Christianity and Islam, especially in their MOST INTOLERANT forms,

    8. IMPOSING strict controls on LEGAL IMMIGRATION into the country, under whatever PRETEXT, and STRENGTHENING and ENFORCING strict laws to stem the FLOOD of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS into the country.

    9. BANNING all sales of LAND and other REAL ESTATE in Sri Lanka to foreigners, to prevent Sri Lankan citizens being converted into a nation of landless renters in their own Motherland. Real estate should ONLY be LEASED for FINITE PERIODS OF TIME from Sri Lankan citizens and the government, not owned outright by foreigners.

    10. Committing to an INTENSIVE PROGRAM of Education and Skills Development, cand investing in State Of The Art technologies, manufacturing facilities with the necessary capital equipment, with the ULTIMATE GOAL of ENABLING our citizens to remain in and contribute to Sri Lanka’s growth. Enable our citizens to live as comfortably and securely in their own Motherland instead of abandoning their Motherland to poorer people imported into Sri Lanka to replace them.

    There should be NO OTHER GOAL that is more important in the Party’s Agenda than RETAINING our people within Sri Lanka as secure, prosperous and proud citizens endowed with INALIENABLE RIGHTS, if we are to PERMANENTLY PRESERVE Sri Lanka as the home of its native Sinhala people.

    All other GOALS 1 through 9 above serve this ONE PRIMARY GOAL!

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