All Enemies of Mahinda But One Have Fallen
Posted on February 1st, 2017

Dilrook Kannangara

The UNP-Sirisena regime is an orphan now! All its parents are gone, dead or kaput except one who is on his last legs dragging his wretched country down with him. So where is Samantha Power – the most vicious regime change agent – and her accomplice Biswal? Gone! How about Cameron, Obama and Pillai? Gone to the political rubbish bin! Hillary Clinton and Jayaram Jayalalitha are also gone with the wind. Ban Ki Moon will be gone very soon. Only Modi survives at the expense of his country. UNP regime is feeling vulnerable as any orphan would feel.

This is not the first time the global regimen of local support went extinct just before their local ally’s political exit. It happened to Mahinda as well. Some key international allies of Mahinda went down before him – Kaddafi, Chavez, Manmohan and Ahmadinejad are some.

This is a trend that is to be expected. Yamapalanaya government had it written all over it. Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) which is an indication of trust foreign business persons have placed in Lanka started to drop rapidly. By 2016, it has fallen to an 11 year low. Corruption and corruption index are up. In fact, corruption index of 2016 (the latest) places Lanka in its second worst in history. Surely, corruption has worsened since 2010.

All these are clarion calls foretelling the death of the Yamapalanaya government. Knowing it is on its last legs, the Yamapalanaya government clings on to any straw it can grab. Even astrologers are hunted down in its desperate quest for security. Wimal Weerawansa – the harshest critic of the Yamapalanaya regime – has been jailed and others are stalked with the intent of silencing them. Jokers and bodybuilders in the ranks of the regime have turned into street thugs threatening violence against hapless female public sector employees. Steroids are only for the body below the neck. There are no steroids for the brain. These muscle men are trying to jump from the sinking ship to save their souls.

However, this is where caution must be exercised. The real opposition (not Tiger Nominated Agents – the fake opposition) must not rush in where angels dire to tread. The regime taxes people to death and this will worsen with time. VAT was increased, broadened and new taxes were introduced to earn more for luxury vehicles of ministers and MPs, repay foreign debt and waste on reconciliation. All these expenses are going up and up through 2017 and 2018 to 2019.

We repaid $1.8 billion in foreign debt in 2016 and it will go up to $2.4 billion in 2017. That is a $600 million increase (or 91 billion rupees, if exchange rate remains). In other words, each family will be taxed at least 17,500 rupees more in 2017. It worsens in 2018 to $3 billion which means each family will have to fork out 33,500 rupees more. By the 2019 presidential election year, it will be $4 billion (or 62,500 rupees a family more than 2016). Mind you, this is assuming the exchange rate will remain same which is unlikely. If the exchange rate depreciates as it did from 2014 to 2016 under Yamapalanaya regime, in 2019 each family will be taxed 77,000 rupees more than 2016!

Therefore, it is best for the Opposition to hold its horses until 2019. All parties must ensure there is no place for violence (protests that may turn violent due to anyone’s fault – doesn’t matter whose fault it is all protests that can turn violent must not be held, no revolutions, no riots) in this civilised society. Faced with an unsurmountable balance of payment crisis in 1981 and 1982, the then government resorted to the 1983 riot which fixed the balance of payment problem thanks to remittances from the Tamil Diaspora to their war affected families which uplifted the nation’s foreign reserves despite war and collapsing tourism industry. Modi is the only friend of the Yamapalanaya government, himself in the blame for the 2001 Gujarat riots! Such dastardly acts must not be allowed in Lanka although it is part of the monthly calendar in India.

Postponing elections is good for the real opposition, as the lid on the simmering pot will remain shut for longer building up more pressure. The Joint Opposition must shed feudal shackles of dynastic politics in order to make the most of it. Out of sheer desperation, the Yamapalanaya regime will punish the former ruling dynasty as hard as it can both to shut out the Opposition and to gain cheap popularity. Yamapalanaya leaders fear for their lives from the former ruling dynasty and they are determined to desensitise or neutralise the former powerful clan before leaving power.

If the Opposition places all its eggs in the former ruling dynasty, it will be in the loss at the 2019 election. A new dynasty must be picked for the 2019 presidential election and to lead the Opposition for the 2020 general election.

19 Responses to “All Enemies of Mahinda But One Have Fallen”

  1. Kumari Says:

    Sooner the better. I am hopeful that our Pinbima will be saved once more.

    We don’t have to bet only on Mahinda. There is lot of young blood in the Real Opposition. What ever said and done, the electorate need separate signed agreements with each of the political parties. The document need to be strong enough to stand in a court of law.

  2. Christie Says:

    Indian imperialists are going to be weak with Trump and Brexit etc. If the Middle East do the same Indian Empire is going to be weaker. We should do the same by not patronizing Indian Colonial parasites and their businesses.

    I am sure USA will tighten H1-B visas that will affect Indian IT businesses in USA and home. Their share prices are down.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    I agree with Kumari: Sooner the Yamapalanaya is OUSTED the Better it will be for our Motherland.

    Can’t depend on the debt repayments and tax-increases and Dilrook predicts by 2019 to cause an economic decline that changes the political environment against this government to help us, because more short-term sales of asset sales to foreigners by a desperate Yamapalanaya can improve the cost-of-living in the short-term, at the exoense of long term health of the country. In the long-term the nation will be much worse off, like a man who sold his inherited property and lives high on the hog for a short while until he has nothing left to sell and becomes homeless!

    Furthermore, this is our motherland we are talking about and not some company we want to take over. We can’t wait until it is run into the ground. If the economic ship heading for the reefs can be turned around starting now with the RESTORATION of a sensible Patritic Government in 2017, and avoid the economic decline Dilrook predicts, so much the better!

  4. Dilrook Says:

    @Kumari and Ananda

    The mess is far too great for anyone to overcome in one or two years right in time to face the next national election. It takes at least 5 years of consistency to overcome this. But the next presidential election is due in 2019 and parliamentary election by 2020.

    I strongly advise not to do it soon. What will happen is Ranil will be elected president in 2019 if Mahinda or someone else takes over before that.

    Heavy taxes have made the government extremely unpopular. It will get worsened in 2017 by at least 17,500 rupees per family then gradually increases to 77,000 rupees per family by 2019. Incumbent government will be unimaginably unpopular. Mahinda or whoever comes to power will be unable to change this as foreign debt must be repaid. The mess is far too great for anyone to overcome in one or two years. Besides the constitution prevents another national election until 2019.

    I think UNP will deliberately relinquish power by 2018 just to let Mahinda or someone else take power for 1 year so that they too will become extremely unpopular giving it a fighting chance in 2019. Otherwise UNP has no chance in 2019.

    A similar sentiment was stated by Gomin recently. The party at the helm by next national election will be the loser.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    By 2019 there will NOT be anything left.

    Don’t bring the SAME politicians. Help a MILITARY + SANGHA takeover.

    “Do the same thing but hoping for a different outcome is INSANITY” – Albert Einstein.

  6. Charles Says:

    Dilrook, It is far too long to stay until 2020 for a change. By then what will remain of Sri Lanka that was before the 8th January,2015. We cannot expect a “chandrika act” from this gutless President. He shams to show that he is ready to check mate the “ayahapalanaya” of Ranil, but in reality he supports Wickramasinghe. He knows he is nothing without Ranil. So they go on with their caravan come rain come sunshine.

    Unless the Buddhist monks (or perhaps his family) could put some “matter” into Maithripala Sirisena’s head, Sri Lanka is doomed.

  7. Christie Says:

    What I see is different.

    The current government of the Indian Empire is doing what it is directed to do by India as they have done since 1956 except for few years here and there. The recipe is simple:

    Keep the Sinhalese poor.

    Make them fight among themselves: political and religious differences.

    Destroy any Sinhala businesses.

    Another Indian regime next. It may be a worse. Most of the country under Indian Colonial Parasites and Sinhalese under a Socialist regime.

    The only hope is a weak India and powerful Pakistan and China.

  8. SenaD Says:


    “All parties must ensure there is no place for violence (protests that may turn violent due to anyone’s fault – doesn’t matter whose fault it is all protests that can turn violent must not be held, no revolutions, no riots) in this civilised society.”

    Agent provocateurs will be used to precipitate the opposit. Do you remember the deaths at Katunayake FTZ and Rathupaswala? Genuine issues could be exploited to trigger the sparks.

  9. RohanJay Says:

    The Yahapalana regime would have wished to come to power in early 2009 instead of early 2015. Looks like President Sirisena is the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time, and must be cursing at his ill times fortune. Also it shows the Sri Lankan electorate were living far from reality in the world and took the peacetime gains of Mahinda Rajapasksha for granted and were not really clued up on events beyond Sri Lanka’s shores.

  10. Dilrook Says:

    That is correct SenaD. That is why even peaceful protests that can turn violent must be avoided. Sadly this is the dictatorship Sri Lanka is today. At most times perseverance pays off.


    There is nothing Mahinda or anyone can do to save Sri Lanka from the economic mess it is in within 2 years. It takes time. For the next few years Sri Lankans will have to make many economic sacrifices. Whatever government will be extremely unpopular. For the next few years the focus should be to avoid long term damage and minimise short term damage. Unfortunately, there are no hasty solutions. Mahinda lost in 2015 due to his haste. He couldn’t wait for another 2 years. If he does it again, he and his party will regret it at the next election as well.

    Ranil’s haste ruined his chances in 2005. Had his UNP not toppled the government in 2001, he could have cruised to victory at the 2005 presidential election.

  11. AnuD Says:

    Before the election people wanted to correct the wrong things to constitution by JRJ to be corrected. It is Ranil who, insteead, screamed about a new constitution. Now, we know that is what GTF wanted.

    People asked for making the system correct. So that, drug lords, rapists, criminals can not get into the parliament, Some guide lines for politician discipline was asked. Nothing that sort of has benn done. All neglected.

    Now, wait until the dilimitation report become the law.

    See how many Tamil politicians are in the north even though most of the Tamils live in the South. They are overly represented. Compare the voted JVP got and what TNA got. TNA has more representation. When the Delimitation reports comes, Tamils have more seats in Wanni.

    Why do we need this many politicians. Because Maids in the midele east send money ?

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    Don’t agree with Dilrook about the timing of a Yamapalanaya ouster.

    I don’t share his certainty either that the Yamapalanaya will be economically much worse off later, that Sri Lanka can afford to delay ousting the Yamapalana Govt, or that a new govt (led by Mahinda) would be unable to prevent further asset sales and turn the ship around before the elections in late 2019.

    Usually, economic crises such as now present opportunites for ouster, but greater the crisis harder it would be to contain it.

    Remember that one UNP Yamapalana Minister had threatened to bankrupt the country by the end of the current term of govt to ensure that the next govt would definitely fail! Perhaps it was a moment of unintended indiscretion, but it could also be the plan if the Yamapslanaya TRAITORS! Given the nature of all anti-national strategues being attempted now by the Yamapalana crew, I would not put it past them to sink the ship for the next century!

  13. Christie Says:

    Hi folks we all are controlled by the Indian Empire and Indian Colonial Parasites.

    Mahinda stood up to them and was kicked out by India with Parasites block vote.

    Remember It was India who installed Mahinda in 2005 with Parasites abstaining from voting.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Charles & Ananda and others who think that sooner that the Yahap govt goes, the better.

    What has Yahap achieved in two years ?
    Their ‘Crash & Sell’ program is NO GOOD for the country.

  15. Dilrook Says:

    If UNP is astute (which is not the case), it should resign from the government saying it cannot work with Sirisena and allow Mahinda to form a government by next year. Given the multiple economic crises we are in (thanks to all governments since 2009) no government will be able to improve the situation in just 2 years. Many sacrifices must be made to overcome this. If UNP can offload this to Mahinda, it can prove to the people that Mahinda camp failed at the 2019 presidential election and put all blame on him. The time bomb they leave behind will explode just in time for the election. UNP can win the presidential election and go on to win more than two thirds at the general election that follows. President Sirisena appoints ministry secretaries, central bank governor and chief justice not to mention other ministers. It will be impossible for Mahinda to work with them.

    It was haste that ruined Mahinda in 2015. He sacrificed 2 years for 8 years. Had he won he would have stayed for another eight (6+2) years. However, he was defeated. I predicted his defeat in 2013 based on growing discontent.

    In 2001, UNP toppled the government, assumed a broke government and lost in 2004. Had the UNP allowed the regime to continue, it could have very easily won the presidential election and parliamentary election in 2005.

    Haste makes waste.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Certain things MUST be done, whoever is in power. Or else there will be no future peace in Lanka.

    Things to be done :

    [a] All Ports of Lanka (sea & air) must be for PEACEFUL PURPOSES ONLY.

    [b] Deport all illegal migrants. No more illegal migrants to Sri Lanka. Reports say that about a quarter of a million illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu alone are there in Lanka. Also can Lanka afford to take in Refugees when the local people do not have enough for their need ? Also, the illegal migrants are used for divisive purposes by vairous leaders.
    The Kandyan Peasants deprived of their land during Colonial times, have yet to be compensated.

    [c] Remove the ILLEGAL 13-A which is the most divisive piece of legislation.

    More suggestions on How to make Lanka Peacful, and comments welcome.

  17. Ananda-USA Says:


    Your point regarding the large number of illegal immigrants now resident in Sri Lanka is of the utmost importance.

    I too have written many times at LankaWeb about the massive influx of Indian Tamils into Sri Lanka during the last 30 years when the Sri Lankan government lost control of the Northern and Eastern coasts of Sri Lanka.

    The EVIDENCE for this EXISTS in the national census and in the emigration data compiled by the immigration-emigration depertment.

    It is reported that at least 1.5 million Tamils left Sri Lanka legally or illegally as refugees or as immigrants. Yet, the difference in the Tamil population currently resident in Sri Lanka between the most recent census and the previous census about 30 years ago, shows that the Tamil population has in fact INCREASED, and has NOT DECREASED!

    This INCREASE CANNOT be accounted for through the natural in tease due to the rate at which births exceed deaths. Therefore, we must conclude that, during the war years, Prabhakaran executed a policy if EXPORTING Sri Lankan Tamils as FAKE REFUGEES to Western Countries, while he MORE THAN REPLACED that exodus with Indian Tamils from Tamil Nadu.

    By doing so, he created a reliable tax-base of Sri Lankan Tamils in the Diaspora (he could not depend on exportonh Indian Tamils for this) while he acquired a CAPTIVE Tamil population to serve as cannon fodder and to populate and occupy the vacated land. The fact that these Tamils from Tamil Nadu were totally BEHOLDEN to Prabhakaran for their continued presence in Sri Lanka may explain why they stuck with him to the end serving as a 300,000 strong human shield in Mullivaikkal!

    Briefly, a massive influx of Indian Tamils, as many as 1.5 million, took place during the war years, as deliberate policy of the LTTE. The LTTE destroyed all government LAND and BIRTH/DEATHS records so verbal claims of citizenship cannot be verified easily. The illegal immigrants vouch for each other’s claim of long term residency in Sri Lanka.

    The TNA and other Tamil Nationalists pursuing the LTTE program, know this, and that is why they DEMAND LAND and POLICE powers, to prevent the discovery of this HUGE SCAM of human smuggling on a massive scale. They want a FEDERAL SYSTEM to prevent the REVERSAL of this MASSIVE INFLUX of Indian Tamils and their DEPORTATION back to India.

    India has a VESTED INTEREST in this as well, because they don’r want this large a number of people to be returned to India. Besides, these 1.5 million Indians constitute a LETHAL 5th Column for India to use to control Sri Lanka.

    With the higher level Indians who will FLOOD INTO Sri Lanja to provide “services” under the ETCA agreement, they will bring in the MANAGERS and ADMINISTRATORS to manage this Indian Tamil population and complete the CONQUEST by STEALTH of Sri Lanka.

    The islandwide Ambulance service installed recently in Sri Lanka by India is ONE ARM of this CONQUEST. An ambulance service can transport people in secret with only a few restrictions/inspectiond by the security forces or the public all across the island. It us a perfect cover for setting up a cladestine occupation force. This ambulance service MUST BE TAKEN OVER by the government and placed in PATRIOTIC HANDS once a PATRIOTIC government is RESTORED!

    The ILLEGAL Indian Tamils in Sri Lanka must also be DEPORTED as soon as a PATRIOTIC government is RESTORED!

    Another source of ILLEGAL ALIENS entering Sri Lanka is the Maldives Islands. The Maldivian getting free residency in Sri Lanka are usually strict Wahhabi Muslims. In thd Maldives, formerly a part of Sri Lanja under Sinhala kings, non-Muslims perticularly Buddhists, are NOT WELCOME! All historical evidence of the Sinhala Buddhist civilization in the Maldives is systematically being ERASED!

    Maldivian have a right to discriminate against Buddhists in their own country, but why do we Buddhists allow these people fanatically opposed to Buddhism into Sri Lanka?

    Makes no sense at all! That is the same commonsense question that Donal Trump is asking in thd USA when he moves to STOP people not well disposed towards American citizens from entering the USA. Donald Trump will also soon move to DEPORT as many of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS residing in the USA as LAWBREAKERS not entitled to live in the USA.

    Sri Lanka should do the same and DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS bar none!

  18. Fran Diaz Says:


    All you say here is true. We agree with you. Thank you.

    It is hard to believe that not so long ago that the Maldives were Buddhists islands !
    Sri Lanka can ‘go under’ to Taml Nadu (INDIA) and even to Islam, if the govt (any govt) is not careful.


    A few more relevant thoughts :

    ** Another very important aspect is STATE HELD LAND.
    State held LAND is owned by the Citizens of Lanka.
    This fact holds the country together.
    This fact is true all over the world.
    It is possible for countries with vast acres to sell land, but NOT for small countries such as Lanka.

    Proper Laws have to be passed just how State Held Land is to be used.
    State held Land must NOT be Sold or given out on long leases to foreigners.
    Careful distribution to/use of State held Land must be ONLY for true born citizens of Lanka. That too in small parcels only.
    Vast swathes of govt held land must not be touched in order to preserve Environmental factors and preservation of wild life.

    ** Co-operatives will work well for the culture and economy in Lanka.

    ** Sri Lanka’s identity and INDEPENDENCE is being erroded slowly but surely.
    The 4th of Feb is Independence Day – is Lanka an Independent country ?
    Sri Lanka is squashed and subjugated by the day by a few disloyal local leaders following foreign dictats. Some leaders appear lost and keep mum.
    The Yahap govt is too weak, and RW led UNP not trusted due to RW/CBK past record in politics.

    Lanka needs a strong and loyal government.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:


    ** Re Private Enterprise : Small is Beautiful (Schumacher) may be the way to go for Lanka.

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