Man’s Inhumanity at its best in Kandy against a set of Unsuspecting Community Dogs
Posted on December 2nd, 2017

Champa Fernando Secretary,Kandy Association for Community Protection through Animal Welfare (KACPAW)

To complement the National Dog Sterilization Programme, Animal Welfare Organizations like KACPAW (Kandy Association for Community Protection through Animal Welfare), together with state institutions like the Municipal Councils carry out mass sterilization of dogs using their own money and get these animals mass vaccinated against rabies as well.

As an example, KACPAW funded dog and cat sterilizations in the Kandy Municipal Council (KMC) areas from 2015 to 2017 in which 2,238 animals have been sterilized, paying Rs 2.238 million to the vets for the surgeries.

So, Animal Welfare organizations DO NOT expect these sterilized and vaccinated dogs to be sedated and removed in the night and dumped in rubbish dumps to die.

But, that is exactly what  happened on the 2nd of December night – 6 very friendly sterilized and vaccinated community dogs at the KMC site at Katukelle were sedated while they came wagging their tails and dumped at Thekkawatta Rubbish Dump in the icy cold and wet weather. It is anyone’s guess if they would survive!!

Reason for removal of these dogs: The President is to open a new building at this venue on 3/12!! What an inauspicious start!! I hope there would be no Buddhist Monks chanting Pirith at the event extolling the need to be compassionate to all living beings!!

Let the President also come out from the artificial bubble officials around him love to create and tell the officials to stop such inhumane and senseless acts against animals.

The least the Commissioner of the KMC could have done was to have contacted KACPAW, who in July 2017 took under its temporary care 80 dogs till the Perahera was over, and asked us to keep these much loved community dogs, just 6, safe till the Presidential function is over.

But no, the first bloody minded instinct of certain officials is to sedate and dump them in some No-Man’s land.

Sedated Dogs

Personally I believe the opening ceremony of the building is tarnished with cruelty to animals, when humane options were available had the KMC contacted KACPAW.

We sure do stand as a nation cursed as a result of the mindless and senseless cruelty we subject our animals, whether it be dogs or elephants or any other animal.

The daily chant of Let all living beings be well” rings hollow across this country, despite the loud bellowing of it each day.

We may be one of the most uncivilized nations in the world going by the way we treat our animals! Each day we hear of a new atrocity against some animal.

Champa Fernando

Secretary, KACPAW

3 Responses to “Man’s Inhumanity at its best in Kandy against a set of Unsuspecting Community Dogs”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    The famous saying is ***DOGS ARE MAN’S BEST FRIEND***

    Another saying, ***THE MORE I COME TO LEARN ABOUT PEOPLE AND BASTARDS *** the more I love Dogs.

  2. Nimal Says:

    There much and many more problems in the town of Kandy.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    A country becomes civilised when animals are treated with kindness.
    Ideally, the Municipality ought to take action. Stray dogs should be taken in, neutered and cleaned up and given away as pets, also neutered anyway so that numbers dwindle away naturally.

    Same with the People.
    A country can be called civilised and progressive when the ordinary citizens are treated with pragmatic kindness.
    It is the poorer people who multiply most when food supplies are plentiful.

    Best and kindest thing to do is to offer safe and FREE birth control material to ANY adult who wants it. There ought to be easy access to such free material.
    Or else internal strife will continue through sheer numbers with the Man : Land ratio going topsy turvy.
    Who will gain from internal strife in Lanka ? Certianly not the citizens of Lanka !!

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