Minneriya park law of the jungle…….. Lipton Circus moved to Minneriya ?
Posted on September 2nd, 2018

Dr Sarath  Obeysekera   

In some part of the world where tourism helps the people living in the area make sure to look after the tourists as the income from them will benefit the area .

In Sri Lanka people are so selfish ,and they do not care about the income generated by tourists to the coffers of the countries’ treasury ,which in turn is spent for the wellbeing of the nation .

Sri Lanka spends enormous amount of money for health care ,transport subsidy ,education etc.In other developed countries none of the above services are free like in our poor country .

Many youngsters who get free education flock near the Lipton Circus few times a week strangling the transport services causing enormous damage to the Sri Lankan Economy .

Even the pada yathra organized on the 5th  may benefit Harry’s liquor business  and paralyse the country .

Now you can see that the decease is spreading to outer areas like MInneriya .There was speculation that members of the local authorities who are politically motivated are also involved in the protest against the Wild Life Officers.

Law of the Jungle is spreading all over the country.

I remember travelling in a jeep with a sub inspector of  police who was serving in Maskeliya many years back ( None other than Lucky Peiris who was in our school ),who took us on a tour in the area.When we  passed by some youths sitting on a culvert doing nothing but looks suspicious , stopped the jeep  and called them to come closer to the jeep .

He told them firmly and with threatening voice to get the hell out of the area .

When I was studying and working in Baku –Azerbaijan of soviet Union ,a young man started walking with me trying to chat  me out .A militsiya ( local equivalent of police) called him by name and told him If something happens to our guest you will lose you head !

This is how the law enforcement should look after the discipline of the country.

People may call it police brutality, but we need such officers in the services.

I am sure Field Marshal in charge of Wild Life and his deputy with muscles should move in enforce law and order in Minneriya .

Likewise Lipton Circus should be banned from any Demo’s organized by politically motivated sections to save the country and meditating police chief should act firmly and use force if needed.

Dr Sarath  Obeysekera

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