Champaka visits his former Ministry a News item: Isn’t this the biggest joke of the week?
Posted on November 3rd, 2018

Sudath Gunasekara


Isn’t this the biggest joke of the week?. How can a sacked Minister or a Minister of the former Government unless he is reappointed by the president claim to be a Minister and enter the Ministry room accompanied by a gang of acolytes and declare he is still Minister unless that man is mad. A sane person will never do that.

Why can’ the Government declare all ministries out of bound for All former ex-Ministers and take simple precautionary measures such as locking the rooms and instructing the security not to allow these intruders to enter the premises. Mad hatters like Champaka and Rajita may be either aspiring to be the leaders of the UNP after Ranil, displacing Sajit or expecting to be the next UNP Presidential candidates not realizing that there is hardly any UNP left as a national Party in this country thanks to Ranil. It is a real tragedy that there isn’t a single man or woman in the UNP hierarchy who has the brain to understand this simple truth.

I can still remember how Champaka destroyed the Helaurumaya form the beginning

I remember this same man declaring authoritatively that Helaurumaya can win 20 seats, according to an Islandwide survey he conducted at the 2005 elections, at it first meeting at Omega Hotel Wellawatta.  I told the gathering that I would be the happiest if that could happen but that will be impossible given the strength of the established major political parties. I bluntly said to delete 2 so that finally he will be left with the real result. I felt extremely sorry for the plight of my friends SL Gunasekara, Tilak Karunaratna and others present like Prof Indraratna, HNS Karunatilak, Prof Maddumabandara and SW Walpita who were present and I walked out of that meeting as I realized there is no point in trying to start a national moment with such mad people of the like of Champaka

As I walked out Parangama a retired Army officer pleaded me to stay behind. I told him they will not win a single seat at the forthcoming election. The most they might get is one seat on the basis of the total polled by the party and that has to be given to SL or Tilak. Further I also told that it is Tilka’s money, SL’S banner but Champika will be the driver who will drive the vehicle as I see and he will plunge it down the precipice to disaster.  Also I told him as a first step Champika will pull out one who gets in to Parliament by his tie or collar and replace him with self. That is how I assessed him the first day I saw him.

The election was held. As I rightly predicted they did not win a single seat. But thanks to the manapa system invented by JR they got one seat. After my first prediction came true Paranagama my friend rang me up and told me what I had told him has come true and he wanted me to tell him as to how I predicted it so accurately as if I had said it with Divyagnanaya I said it is not supernatural sight but only simple common sense. I told him to wait for the second prediction and then speak to me again so that I will tell him how I predicted it.

After Champika and his click pulled out SL Gunsekara from Parliament after pulling old Professor Indrapala by his collar again Paranagama asked me the same question. I only asked him to go home and read Munidasa Kumaratungas Hathpana, if he has not read it, and find out how the prediction of the small Samanera having seen the Kirihamy the fool bathing at the village well came true.

I have never seen this man before. I saw him for the first time at the Omega Hotel that day. But that was the first impression I got of him on that day which I believe is even valid today

He destroyed the HELAURUMAYA, the child of Arisen Ahubudu. Now he will do the same thing where ever he goes. As far as UNP is concerned there is nothing left for him to do as Ranil has completed the job? Now those faithful who still blindly hang on have only to perform the final rituals (Pansakula).  Those who have an atom of brain will have only one option to do. That is to forget their diehard UNP affiliations and join the patriotic forces even at this last moment with Mahinda Rajapaksa, if they wish at least to remain in politics.

As for the UNP it has no future at all again as a national party unless it is headed by a new leader replacing Ranil and his royal gang.

6 Responses to “Champaka visits his former Ministry a News item: Isn’t this the biggest joke of the week?”

  1. jay-ran Says:


  2. jay-ran Says:


  3. Randeniyage Says:

    This is another man who dreams to rule like a king.
    How can he say Judiciary is below the parliament ? If so, he is siding with MR who removed CJ using a kangaroo court.
    We cannot allow parliamentary thieves to destroy this country anymore.
    We have to put every effort to empower and respect the equal high position we hold together with the proper honest set of MPs and the judiciary.
    We should stop taking sides with thieves of our preference. ALL ARE THIEVES.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    I still cannot understand the thinking of the New Administration in allowing this mad man to enter the Ministry when for all purposes and intents there is a change of government. Are they starting their governance by abdicating their responsibilities to the people?

  5. aloy Says:

    There was a serious allegation against this minister to the effect that he got his officials to send one of his closest aids to Angoda and gave him electric shock. This should be investigated. Those stood by him in the pictures published must be like him too. He was trying very hard to construct a sewage treatment plant in a marshy land close to Heenetikumbura, Battaramulla and the villagers were up in arms. There was talk that he was going to bulldoze it through just like what he did in Puttlam in the garbage disposal project. This clearly shows that this ex- minister is not a people friendly person. No political party should take him in. His plan for the useless LRT also should be scrapped and a MRT on the same corridor should be implemented. I know Gota also was toing with the same project before they were ousted. We need not waste lot of money on white elephants and be indebted to countries like Japan anymore. We must build what is needed and could serve us in the long run.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    I agree with Aloy about the Allegation of Sexual Predation/Kidnapping/Torture and Railroading to Angoda of an aide by Champaka first revealed by Darshana at SL VLOG. That story of Criminal Abuse was published in several newspapers and then disappeared from view. It may have been HUSHED UP by paying hush money to the victim. IF TRUE, this is a serious CRIME which should be prosecuted.

    Champaka’s PERFORMANCE in Office as the Minister of Megalopolis Development is a BIG FAT ZERO! His MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT was to draw Yellow lines demarcating bus lanes on a major road. That does not sound like much of an accomplishment for a Minister distinguished primarily by his love of publicity and his totally unwarranted Megalomaniacal view of himself. He was also one of gang of 3 rats (with Ratanaya and Rajithaya) who deserted MR and joined the Yamapalanaya in 2015 to usher in the DISASTER of the last3 1/2 years of PREDATORY MISRULE!

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