Prophetic Advice of Bodu Bala Sena Leader on Islamic Terrorism Ignored
Posted on April 23rd, 2019

Dilrook Kannangara

What happened on April 21, 2019 was no accident. It was going to happen based on what happens around the world and in Sri Lanka. Explosives were unearthed, Buddhist shrines were vandalized, hate material were found and even intelligence reports indicated of an impending Islamic terrorist attack. The parliament was told that at least 35 Muslims from Sri Lanka had travelled to Syria to join the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group. Peaceful Syrian Shia government reported recently that at least 36 to 50 ISIS terrorists from Sri Lanka were in Syria. Unfortunately, not all of them died in war. These should have opened the eyes of the incompetent government to the impending doom.

This happened on the exact day of the massacre of Karbala by Wahhabis led by Abdul-Aziz Bin Muhammad in 1802.

Islamic terrorism in Sri Lanka was foretold by the BBS leader Venerable Galabodaaththe Gnanasara Thero. However, instead of taking heed, the government arrested him and condemned to prison. Most Sri Lankans including yours truly were skeptical. Sadly, it costed the lives of over 290 persons, mostly Christians; initiated the destruction of Sri Lanka’s economy due to the collapse of the tourism industry at a desperate time when the nation needs foreign currency to repay loans and attracted worldwide attention. At least 44 foreigners were killed. Even if Sri Lanka fails to take action, their host nations will take action against Islamic terrorists in Sri Lanka. Some terrorist suspects were Indian and Pakistani. However, they have found willing accomplices in Sri Lanka.

Islamic terrorism in Sri Lanka born a few years ago silently attained adulthood with a loud bang on April 21, 2019.

The Easter Sunday Islamic terrorist attack is the worse civilian killing on a day in Sri Lanka’s history. It is also one of the worst terrorist attacks outside Muslim countries.

However, the series of attacks seem testing the waters. Islamic terrorists picked the smallest creed of the country (just 7% of the population) only to test the waters. Subsequent finding of 87 detonators from a Colombo bus stand indicates the full horror of their motives. Until and unless Islamic terrorists in the island are exterminated mercilessly, no one is safe. It must be done resolutely and quickly.

An Indian intelligence agency had warned Sri Lanka police of an impending Islamic terrorist attack on Easter Sunday. The police head publicized it on April 11. However, no action was taken possibly to save the twisted reconciliation model Sri Lanka follows that has weakened the island nation’s security. If the BBS leader was not silenced, he could have taken up the matter on April 11 itself forcing authorities to act.

Sri Lankan government plays word games with the dastardly Islamic terrorist act by not calling it as such. However, world media have reported it already. People must know the nature of this creature. That is to their own safety and for public-military co-operation which is essential to defeat terrorism. The government is stuck for words and action. The least this government must do now is to hold presidential and parliamentary elections soon so that a responsible government can take over and save the lives of innocent people from Satanic Cults.

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