Posted on November 4th, 2013

By. Dr. Nishan Wijesinha (Specialist Consultant) MIS Services, St. Anthony-â„¢s Road, Colombo

Reminiscing the ‚ memories foretold of my great grand father Mudaliya Louis Corneille Wijesinha, who was and the first national scholar to translate the world famous Mahavansa from Pali to English; was a close associate to D.M. Rajapakse who was a State Councillor for Hambantota in the 1930s; and Danister Serasinghe, a reputed lawyer of the imperial era; from the Beliatta constituency.

It was one of their visions that Hambantota could be made the commercial hub of sea and air transportation and the hydropower giant to aid all of then Ceylon by extending the gallant Lunugamwehera tank from the point of south to connect with Tissa wewa. by expanding the Lunugamwehera tank from the point of its south to connect with Tissa Wewa; and the Yoda Wewa. The latter being still to be implemented will be the sole solution for the Islands shortage of Electricity.

These ideologies were upheld by the Rajapakse family and were carried on to Mahinda Rajapakse who took over as the SlFP candidate for Beliatta constituency and was then elected to Parliament in 1970 as the youngest Member of Parliament at the age of twenty four. He now-â„¢ as the Executive President of the entirety of the Republic has bravely upheld the development to the nation through these visionary aristocracies of the past.


3 Responses to “A STORY UNTOLD”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Unlike your great grand father, you are not so great. Your few short writings are confusing, sometimes funny ( when you want to sell a particular bamboo to kill snakes !).
    What king of specialist consultant are you ?

  2. mjaya Says:

    Hmmm… Looks like you are looking for a job in the government sector this time.

    What Pres. MR did so far is great. He won the war, he went forward with the Hambantota Harbor etc.

    1. He hasn’t done anything to abolish the 13th Amendment
    2. He is now pushing for a casino in Colombo

    Hope he will realize his wrong decisions before it is too late!

  3. Nanda Says:

    May be this “specialist consultant” must be consulted on how to tackle Tamil snakes !

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