Use CHOGM To Direct The Focus On Tiger Diaspora
Posted on November 14th, 2013

Dr. Chula NA Rajapakse MNZM Spokesperson,,United Sri Lanka Ass., Lower Hutt, NZ

The Editor

Lanka Web.
Dear Editor,

The CHOGM offers an excellent opportunity to focus the spot light on the Tiger Diaspora who are the ones at the bottom of the international media woes for Sri Lanka currently.

They are the ones once again terrorizing Sri Lanka, this time with the pen through internationally orchestrated ‚ misinformation. To do this they are now ‚ using powerful ‚ allies acquired through the use of their ill gotten war chest of billions. At this time it is most notably the Amnesty International, whoreceived $$50,000 grant in Canada in Jan 2012.

Such a focus ‚ ‚ could be made by raising relevant issues as pointed out below, at :

1.The Conference table it self .

2. At press conferences both of thePresident , Minister of Foreign Affairs and other Sri Lankan officials as well as relevant visiting heads of state and ministers most particularly PM David Cameron and Foreign Secretary Hague of Britain.

3. These could be raised also ‚ in the ‚ TV & News Papers too.

The questions to be asked would be as follows:

1. The Tiger Diaspora funded tiger‚ ‚  terrorism that deprived 20 million Sri Lankan-â„¢s of the most basic human right of all, the right to life, for three decades till their defeat in may 2009,

Despite this , how is it that this ‚ Tiger Diaspora, can still continue operate freely in some countries particularly in the UK, un fettered and unquestioned, directing the misinformation campaign that is once again terrorizing Sri Lanka and threatening their peace.

2.This Diaspora now renamed World‚  &‚  British Tamil forum respectively, and the Trans National Government of Tamil Elam, even celebrate their anniversary annually in the premises of the Parliament in London. In March this year over 40 MP-â„¢s from both sides of parliament headed by foreign secretary and shadow foreign secretary attended these.

Do ‚ the British Authorities have no qualms about ‚ permitting and supporting these festivities, when the Diaspora has the blood of the‚  100,00 victims of tiger ‚ terror on their hands and have culpability to the threat of a similar fate to the rest of the 20 million Sri Lankans .

3. Now that this is being pointed out, will the British Authorities make amends by curtailing their activities and instituting‚  ‚ investigation into the role of these individuals in funding and sustaining three decades of terror in Sri Lanka.

4.The President of Sri Lanka representing 20 million Sri Lankan-â„¢ was deprived of his basic human right of speech in the UK on two occasions . First in ‚ 2010 when he was invited to address the Oxford Union and then in 2012 when he was invited to address ‚ a business ‚ forum, by having both these meetings cancelled owing to agitations from the Tiger Diaspora.‚  How is it that Britania that once ruled the waves could not ensure the basic human right of speech to the visiting President of a sovereign state,in the face of agitation from a Diaspora best known for funding terror in that state?

5.Even as recently as September 2013, the film – Madras Cafƒ©-, a Tamil Nadu made film exposing the role of the Tamil Tigers in the assassination of‚  the‚ late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghadhi, had to be withdrawn from screening due to fear of protests and agitation by the Tiger Diaspora. Has Britain surrendered decisions on freedom of speech and‚ ‚  freedom‚  of screening , especially on matters pertaining to Sri Lanka, to the Tiger Diaspora.

‚ 5. With the above track record on ensuring freedom of expression ,or the lack of it, what moral authority does Britain have to question and lecture to Sri Lanka on similar matters as their leaders are planning to do, on their visit to attend CHOGM.

6.Are the British leaders prepared to acknowledge these shortfalls and give assurances to correct these on their return , particularly in relation to bringing to book Tiger Diaspora for‚  having‚  funded three decades of terror in Sri Lanka .

‚ Dr. Chula NA Rajapakse MNZM

Spokesperson,,United Sri Lanka Ass.,

Lower Hutt, NZ

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