Canada’s statement on Sri Lanka’s Presidential election
Posted on January 12th, 2015

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

12 January 2015

Hon. Jason Kenney, MP., PC

Minister of Employment & Social Development & Multiculturtalism

House of Commons, Ottawa

Dear Jason Kenney:

Thank you for forwarding John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affair’s statement of congratulations on a Sri Lanka’s Successful Presidential Elections.   That was magnanimous on the part of John, who had slapped and trampled Sri Lanka under former  gutsy President Mahinda Rajapaksa who had no compunction to toe Canada’s line to support the Tamil rump in Canada, that John did with his anti-Sri Lanka Nepean Jig at the United Nations for them.  Remember the hissy fit by our Prime Minister Harper boycotting the Commonwealth Summit just for  the eyes and ears of the Tamil Diaspora, almost begging for the Tamil votes in the Greater Toronto Area saying under his breath  – This is what I did for you guys, now give me your votes at the next Federal election.   Right, Jason?

And I will never forgive you Jason, for being so arrogant and smug to go to Sri Lanka and preach to them about Human Rights, when we have been so horrible towards our own First Nations peoples.  And these First Nations peoples  happened to be demonstrating on the  very subject  almost under your window at Parliament’s East Block with their Idle No More protest, on the same day at the same hour when you were preaching to the Sri Lankans that ‘We were Holier than Thou!’ when it comes to respecting Human Rights.

I notice that John Baird had deliberately missed five words at the end of his statement when he said Canada looks forward to this new chapter in Sri Lanka’s history, one of prosperity and unity.”  There would have been value added to that statement only if he had said, Canada looks forward to this new chapter in Sri Lanka’s history, one of prosperity and unity within the unitary status of the country.  All what I say to Canada is, You have failed once again on Sri Lanka not understanding its history not understanding the aspirations of the majority of Sri Lankans exclusive of the Tamils who are continuing to clamour for their separate, Mono-ethnic,  Tamil racist state, Eelam, and wants to go back to  war to kill thousands of innocents, recruit young Tamil children as child soldiers and brainwash and train kidnapped Tamil girls to become suicide bombers for the want of their  Tamil Eelam.

Jason,  it a clear that this election was  not won or lost on economic reasons and the soaring cost of living but was on corruption and nepotism. This is what did the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in. You and I also know all about such ugly political fraud scandals in Canada, don’t we Jason!  It does seem to be a world wide cancer among politicians of every colour.  So Canada shouldn’t pretend that we are lily-white.

Canadian history has already recorded the Airbus Affair (1995), how Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was implicated in a kickback scheme to purchase Airbus planes for Air Canada;  Shawinigate (1996), an alleged conflict of interest lobbying effort by Prime Minister Jean Chretien; The famous sponsorship scandal (2004) of misuse and misdirection of funds disbursed through the Liberal government 1990s sponsorship program which was investigated by the  Justice Gomery Commission and some who were implicated were put behind bars; the In and Out scandal (2007) of the alleged circumvention of election finance rules by your Government in the 2006 election  campaign’ ; and the Canadian Senate  expenses scandal (2012), the investigation which is still on going concerning the expenses claims by Senators Mike Duffy, Mac Harb, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau.

Jason, the soaring cost of living is not endemic to Sri Lanka only, but it is also a socio-economic reality in Ottawa too. A Food Bank in the west-end feeds almost 2000 families each month and among them are three Sri Lankan-Canadian families  who had  come to Canada hoping to walk on streets paved with gold.  Bad Karma!

Jason, you bet, now the Western vultures, including the Canadians will circle the new President Maithripala Sirisena’s wagon  bullying to kowtow to them, which the gutsy Mahinda Rajapaksa had asked them to go fly a kite when asked to give Tamils  their Eelam. Or else that they will  haul the individuals who kicked the behinds of the Tamil Tigers and eliminated them on 19 May 2009, on alleged human rights violations of the last five months of a 27 year bloody war, that was aided and abetted by India, Norway, Canada, UK and you name it.  This is bloody insane, isn’t it Jason. All what I say to you Westerners –  If you are that stupid, give it a try and good luck.

Today’s Ottawa Citizen headlines with the words Terror summit set for D.C. – Obama to host Canada, others as Paris attacks raise alarm. So one attack in Paris sets an alarm all over the world, but 1000s of terror attacks  in puny Sri Lanka during 27-bloody years by the most ruthless terrorists in the world, the Tamil Tigers, most certainly didn’t set 1000 alarms around the world, not even in Canada’s Parliament Hill.  How come, Jason?

But I am glad that there is a Terror Summit to be held on this subject.  And I sincerely hope that this international summit will come out with a Manual – How to  eliminate Terrorists and terrorism without killing them or violating their Human Rights for Dummies.  If there was such a Manual, the International Actors, which includes Canada will not be trying to haul the former President and others who got rid of the Tamil Tigers the most ruthless terrorists in the world,  on ground of violating Human Rights to an International Criminal Court. That is how the What is Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander cookie crumbles, Jason.  Not kosher, is it now!

Thank you for keeping me informed of Canada’s interest in my Motherland, my native Sri Lanka, that I am still prepared to keep guard  for her from vultures  from inside and outside of that pretty island that nurtured  me during the first 19 years of my life from which Canada has benefitted immensely.



Asoka Weerasinghe


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  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    One must keep in mind that Sri Lanka is the home of the Buddhist holy book the Tipitaka. Under King Vattagamini (103-77 BC) when the 1st fourth council was held in Tambapani. In the cave of Aloka Lena (near Matale) 500 Buddhist monks recited the Tipitaks and it was then written down.

    After this council the Tipitaka then spread to other Buddhist nations. In this regard Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese Buddhists are as important to Buddhism as Rome is important to Catholicism. The “canonization” of the entire teachings of Buddhism was done in Sri Lanka. The Buddhist holy book was formed by the Sinhalese civilization. That must be noted

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