The second episode of the conspiracy
Posted on January 12th, 2015

By mahinda

The election concluded officially and as according to the majority votes Sirisena won and was installed as president is the general picture been painted for the ordinary Sinhela Buddhists the owners of the country. Although the final winners are Ealaamists and Al Qaida/Jihadists, the Sinhela Buddhists are forced to believe that they won a just rule (Yaha Paalanaya)

Proving the foreign hand and conspiracy that worked behind entire pre election drama and now the post election drama being continued according to the RAW and CIA agenda well camouflaged and cutting grass under the feets of Sinhela Buddhists.

On the Sunday Jan. 11th the drama started to perform with a show in front of the Sri Dalada Maligawa Octagon in Kandy to deceive the Sinhela Buddhists before they are prepared to be beheaded. The very location was selected specifically to tease and take a ride on Sinhela Buddhists which is in fact not for such conspirators but built for only a patriotic Sinhela Buddhist king to address the citizens. Now with this conspiracy it has been stepped in and polluted by killer Muslims and Hedi Demalas during the my3’s speech itself is an intimidation to Sinhela Buddhists.

However the main menu of the course for West and India is not that, but their agenda consists of camouflaging the stock to come ahead, the separation of the country first to the LTTE Ealaam and then the second step to create Safaristan and Al Qaida rule in the east.

To put Sinhela Buddhists in to jovial sleep, they narrated the drama of my3 addressing from Kandy Dalada Maaligawa Octagon, depicting that he is another Sinhela leader who loves the country and its Sinhela Buddhist people and given all the preference to Buddhism, so that the majority Sinhela Buddhists will not suspect what is being done the fire under the water.

This deception and deceiving Sinhela Buddhists will continue until their spinal is broken, until the country is divided.

The media censorship, arresting of Sinhela Buddhist patriotic leaders and banning of nationalistic organizations are on the card any moment. Just rule (Yaha Paalanaya) will begin with media censorship any time sooner. So every will soon Not Know what happens. Internet, face Book all will be curtailed and any Anti govt. activity will be detected and perpetrators will be hunted down with no trace.

Until then there will gallery addressing to satisfy

Once controversial Interior Ministry will come up soon to hunt down intelligence officers and then hunt down of Sinhela Buddhists to come up any moment from now on.

Diplomatic service will be infested with Tamils and Muslim decoys who will do the right job by propagating their dogma against Sinhela Buddhists.

State employees will get good increment when they demand and go for union action it will resemble 1980 where Ranil’s uncle sacked thousands of employees from service. Their jobs will be secured by privatizing the state sector one by one, where there will be no rights at all as contract employees under private managements.

Therefore don’t be mislead by what is being done and seen in media as patriotic and fancy because this is how the poison is fed in under the pretext of honey.

Await the last nail of the coffin of Sinhela Buddhists under my3 and clan !   

24 Responses to “The second episode of the conspiracy”

  1. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Thank you Mahinda for your perception and hindsight here!
    “This deception and deceiving of Sinhala Buddhists will continue until their spine is broken and until the country is divided.” hopefully not! And it is a deception of more than the Sinhala Buddhists I’d say! It was a deception of an entire nation more likely, by clever craftsmen manipulating what was a naive voting public as well as conniving opportunists who provided all the fodder needed.
    There seems to be some justice coming for the ungrateful voters blind to the good the Nation was blessed with under Mahinda Rajapaksa.There will surely be reprisals but there may be saving graces also where the eventual bungling of the Sirisena coalition will also be its undoing ~ what with the likes of Ranil and Chandrika pulling the strings to manipulate puppet Sirisena.

  2. Nanda Says:

    “The media censorship, arresting of Sinhela Buddhist patriotic leaders and banning of nationalistic organizations are on the card any moment. Just rule (Yaha Paalanaya) will begin with media censorship any time sooner. So every will soon Not Know what happens. Internet, face Book all will be curtailed and any Anti govt. activity will be detected and perpetrators will be hunted down with no trace.”
    – Mahinda ( Rajapakse ?)

    OK Sir, this is the first thing you did and we are accustomed to it. What a brainless fool are you , Sir ? People know exactly what you have shown us last 2 months in the TV set in Sri Lanka. They saw the TV, they are not blind , Sir.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Don’t forget the REGIME CHANGE ARTISTE Lorenzo who was turning somersaults at LankaWeb DECEIVING the unwary!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Throw 3 this fool Nanda for good measure!

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Very perceptive point Mahinda

    My opinion of Rajapakse is that he gave more to the nation than he took. the “world” condemned him as a “corrupt politician”. to that I say “point to me anywhere in the world where power inherent in leaders as those who are politicians or those who are the pillars of an economy are also not corrupt?”

    Whether Rajapakse was corrupt or not does not matter to me for as I stated that goes with the job. But he and he alone:

    – promised to end Asia’s longest war that was 30 years long (or as long as the “war of the roses” in Europe) and spanned 2 centuries (20th and 21st).
    – Rajapakse then maintained an economic growth rate that was the highest in the Subcontinent and one of the highest in the world
    – Rajapakse made alliances of a strategic nature with the largest economy in the world and Sri Lanka’s neighbor, China.
    -Rajapakse created a wold class infrastructure that is essential for the military to maintain the integrity of the nation.
    -Rajapakse created 3 deep water ports in Sri Lanka which enabled the nation to enter into that special niche of nations who can harbor the largest ships be they commercial or naval. Sri Lanka is the only nation in the subcontinent with these deep water ports.
    -Rajapakse also opened up a new harbor in Hambantota which linked the most busy water ways to Sri Lanka.
    – but above all Rajapakse left behind the most seasoned military, air force and navy of the sub continent and most of the nations in the world. Few nations have a standing military who has seen 30 years of war fare and won. In my opinion there are none that come to mind.

    If this article even is true by half then the new government will undo a lot of what Rajapakse did and claim to them the rest. the will by the nature of the coalition let loose the “demons” of secession, a slowing economy and try to pivot Sri Lanka to India and away from China. The Sirisena government WILL engage in purging those who hold allegiance to Rajapakse and they include the military, members in the Sri Lankan secret Service, the SIS, the police, the Buddhist Sanga and those in the business community who became successful due to the government of Rajapakse.

    the Sirisena government, either in the short term or long term side line the Sinhalese Buddhist nationalists in the name of “multiculturalism” while promoting the “rights’ of the Tamil and Muslim minorities.

  6. Christie Says:

    Mahinda, Thank you at last people are seeing the hand of the Third Eye “RAW” in the affairs of the island nation. Third Eye is the name used by its agents to identify their agency. It is one of the oldest secret services formed by the Indians ruling class. It was formed by Chandra Bose, Jawahalla Nehru, Mohandas Karamchand and other leaders of the Indian Empire when it was a part of the British-Indian Empire. They were active in the second world war supporting the enemies of the British and its allies. People will think I am mad but at last people see that a Indian imperialists are deep in to the internal affairs of the island nation. Jai Hind

  7. Dilrook Says:

    It is premature to make these allegations. Mahinda’s second term was not useful for Sinhala Buddhists in anyway. It was all about appeasing Tamils and Muslims. It was reported that Mahinda read only the early election results relating to the north and the east and Gampaha district postal votes to form an opinion of the outcome of the election. At that time less than 85% of the votes were counted and he vacated his official residence at 6:30 am when only less than 20% of electarates were counted. He had said with his 45 years experience he sensed the final outcome would not be good.

    It is a clear indication that Mahinda expected a return from the north and the east for spending 90% of borrowed funds there. He knew he gave stepmotherly treatment to the Sinhalas in his second term. Casinos were planned only for the south not the north, CKD was disregarded but a modern cancer hospital was built in the north, IT labs for all Jaffna schools while most Sinhala schools have not a single computer, not resettling Sinhalas and Muslims in the north but spending billions to resttle Tamils and get them married with Indian actors and other state funded jubillation, no pro-Sinhala LLRC recommendation implemented and the LLRC even refused to write down Sinhala problems, etc.

    The new president must reverse this trend or have his term cut short early.

  8. Indrajith Says:

    Where are the three helicopters Mahinda Rajapakse was alleged to have purchased for his three sons?
    This is the best time to drag them out from their hidden places and put up for the general public to see
    them at Galle Face green!

  9. Indrajith Says:

    And where are the horses brought down from the ‘Buckingham Place’ in the USA?

  10. Vimutti Says:

    >>>Dilrook Says:
    January 12th, 2015 at 6:22 pm
    He had said with his 45 years experience he sensed the final outcome would not be good.<<<

    He saw the TURN-OUT dynamics from the North and East, where you had a 200% increase in turnout from 2010, making it impossible for him to win if these votes were going against him. MR actually got about 98% of the votes he got from 2010, but that was not enough to offset the higher than expected turn-out in the North and East that voted for MS because their leaders (TNA and SMLC) WERE promised a separate state in the near future (probably after the 100 day program is the plan).

    If Tamils turned out in the same number as 2010, MR wins 54-44.

    Now, that we SEE the Tamil/Muslim plan, it is rather easy to defeat in the next election by not counting on their vote in the first place, and unite the Buddhist vote by running on abolishing the 13th Amendment or suspending it indefinitely until the North and East are re-settled with sufficient numbers of Buddhists so that these areas generally reflect the demographics of the country as a whole. A Sri Lanka Buddhist family should be able to live and work ANYWHERE in the country, just like Tamils, and until that becomes a reality there can be no devolution of power to the North and the East.

  11. ranjit Says:

    Well said Mahinda. I love this stuff. This is real.We do not want to please the bad guys in sake of pleasing. The bad guys are bad guys for ever in our eyes. We very well know about this new wild bunch.We know how they serve the people of this country during their times. We know who worked against our Motherland and who saved it from the most ruthless terror Organization in the world.We know who Financed and trained the LTTE terrorists. We know who came to this country to help the LTTE terrorists and how they were acting during that time. We know everything so no need to explain to us about this YAHAPALANAYA in every second. Bullshit!!!!

    We see the same scenario same like in war time. All the enemies of ours and LTTE sympathizers were moving and busy planning the next move with the new Govt. Let’s see who will visit our Motherland in the next few days then we know exactly how the new Govt works and which way they will take their Yahapalanaya. Dont think Mahinda is alone.He has more than 47% votes on his favor so look out for him. All his life he fought for the poor people.He lost and won and he has the experience to face all the mud & lies. His smile is enough for the people to have hope.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    Those are SLAF 4th squadran VVIP transport helis that were misused.

    The horses and cars were transported out of SL weeks ago.

    My3 was very bold to make that allegation. I think it did MOST damage than anything else. People don’t care Buckingham in UK or US. What matters is Buckingham. And the horses aren’t white as My3 said. They are brown.

    Yoshitha and Rohitha did the rest via their facebook pages!!

  13. mjaya Says:

    Well said Mahinda. I just don’t want what you said to be true.

    Now look what is happeneing….

    1. All governors are to resign…this includes Maj. Gen. G. A. Chandrasiri… need not say anything more.
    2. He doesn’t address the nation from the Paththirippuwa

    My grandparents used to say that the Paththirippuwa should always be for people who deserve to be a ruler of Sri Lanka. Though I didn’t take it seriously back then, I began to see what they meant during the time of RP. Again it happened with MY3. It is all coming to light now.

    But as the good Prof. says, it is only a matter of time when the honeymoon will end.

    The 100 day program is the opium to fuzz out the foolish Sinhalese who looked near not far. While the euphoria lasts, the sinister things will take place underhand. The nightmare will begin when things begin to reveal themselves one by one. Unlike in 1815 when the nightmare began overnight, in 2015 it may be like the thinning of a forest.

    After all it says “Dina 100kin aluth ratak…..” Aluth Ratak?? A new country as in East Timor, South Sudan???

    Well without Maj. Gen. G. A. Chandrasiri, that dream is now becoming a reality inch by inch.

    As I have always said, patriots have to reorganize well outside Sri Lanka and report on the plight of the Sinhalese.

  14. mjaya Says:

    For now we have to spread the word out.

    But long term we have to organize very very well. I will not explicitly say how…. but soon the people who know “the last lines of defense” in Sinhalese culture will know what I mean. The Sinhalese have been through difficult times before…during the time of Elara, 1505, 1815, 2001 CFA. We always prevailed because of this.

    Those who know will know! We will always have enemies, we will always have to go through pain and suffering….

    BUT….The Sinhalese People can NEVER BE DEFEATED.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    “Don’t forget the REGIME CHANGE ARTISTE Lorenzo who was turning somersaults at LankaWeb DECEIVING the unwary!”

    Aiyo Ananda!

    “komada mage weda?”

    In which country you get people who believe US Buckingham horses flying in choppers!!! If you are a good salesman, you can sell a fridge to an Eskimo.

    IF GOTA comes from the other camp as its leader, I can make him PRESIDENT.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    “My grandparents used to say that the Paththirippuwa should always be for people who deserve to be a ruler of Sri Lanka. Though I didn’t take it seriously back then, I began to see what they meant during the time of RP. Again it happened with MY3.”

    Then My3 will end up like RP.

    (Now calm down Ananda.)

    IF the MR camp didn’t bring up DHAHAM (My3’s son) into the dirty political battle, they would NOT have brought BUCKINGHAM horses either.

  17. ranjit Says:

    “The Sinhalese people cannot be defeated” Well said Mjaya. We will not allow our blessed country to fall into enemy hands Never. Those who talk separation,Division openly was there yesterday with the new Govt. The country we freed with lots of sacrifices will go in vain if we allow these terrorists to Govern our country. Already the security has taken off from the places we need to secure. Great danger is looming in the horizon. Already the country has been divided from this election. We hear the word “Revenge and Corruption” everyday from the MY3 palakayas. Don’t allow our Mother Lanka to cry again. We don’t need war or war of words but reconciliation.

  18. Nanda Says:

    You are wrong. The man who went to Pattirippuwa first was JR.

  19. Nanda Says:

    Please give up Maha Raja and then together we can screw these buggers if they try to start HoraPalanaya instead of YahaPalanaya. I cannot take it when you keep on doing worship to Maha Raja – he is not worth that treatment. He was good until 2010 and evil after that, enough we have paid him big time.

  20. Nanda Says:

    JR is Dharmishta 1 and this bugger is Dharmishta 2. Let us give him few more days. He is having trouble. His wife seems to be very good, humble and vey simple Sinhala lady, compared to that Maha Rani the botox queen.

  21. Nanda Says:

    Now you love Ponseka and Gota. But Ponseka recently said Gota earned hell of lot of money by allowing to buy military hardware only through his company. He said big sized gun bullet ( I think multi-barrel stuff) initially sold for 200 went up to 600 in two years.
    So, my question is only 1 of them should be good, the other one should be a big thief.

  22. NAK Says:

    My3 opened batting with one hand bound behind his back.
    With a back door Prime Minister and a kitchen cabinet who proffesses the exact opposite of what my3 believed and said previously.
    The other partners whom he depends on will only be batting with until they realize that they are no longer able to run with my3 and then they will sell a dummy and run my3 out.

    What is more important at this point is what my3 said in his speech to the new cabinet. He said” every one must remember that we have to face a general election in 100 days, so do behave make sure that we win that election” then we can party, he has not pledged anything beyond the 100 days and with band in the wagon we can imagine the scaleof the party.
    Champika and Rathana Thero can either join the party and enjoy or leave crying foul.

  23. Independent Says:

    My3 can always get together with few friends and keep full EP and kick out UNPiers. They if Mahinda wins election he can be PM under My3 and learn yahapalanaya instead of kethapalanaya.

  24. SA Kumar Says:

    Those who know will know! We will always have enemies, we will always have to go through pain and suffering….

    Why ??? So Lord Bhuddha failed in Mother Lanka !!!

    live & let live until Eelam war V.

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