An open letter to Anura Kumara Dissanayaka “Witch Hunt is on”!!!
Posted on January 14th, 2015

Vajragnana Warnakulasuriya

With the inauguration of the new Parliament as per the manifesto of the alliance, people were invited to submit any corrupt and illicit dealings that had taken place by the people responsible to run the country within the last ten years of Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime.

On a parallel note the Tamil Diaspora and the International community wanted to investigate the alleged war crimes only during the last phase after the conclusion of the conflict in Sri Lanka. It looks like the good Governance is prepared to ignore the injustices done in the by the present rulers in the past.

It’s indeed admirable to see at last some has taken the task to investigate all illegal transactions and corrupt dealings that had strained the public’s purse severely and punish the culprits no matter who they are.

The strange thing about this investigation is the complains have been started by the socialist mob, the first salvo was fired by Mr. Cbampika Ranawaka at the media interview. His choice of words and the tone he articulated gives one the indication that the Rajapaksa’s are immensely cruel & brutal than many fold times the LTTE leader, they have robed and ruined the country, in other words worst enemies of the country, perhaps a better definition would be traitors!

Yesterday Anura Kumara Dissanayaka of JVP submitted the complaint{s} to the Bribery Commission accusing the Rajapaksa’s to be investigated for illegal deals and corruptions, he too has seen them far too worse than Prabakaran! The same tone and hatred shown by Mr.Ranawaka was seen, surely he has every right to make those allegations if they have committed wrong doings but what he has forgotten is not investigate who killed his leader Rohana Wijeweera’s to do justice by his leader!

Looks like these Marxists are been used as cat’s paw to do the dirty works while the manipulators have a last laugh!!!

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  1. mjaya Says:

    Wonder if the JVP are OK with

    Bandit Queen’s corruption
    Run-nil’s corruption (look where the person who ruined Sathosa ended up)
    The previous corruption of some of the newly appointed to key posts

    How about murder investigations for the 87-89 era?

    Anyway the JVP should thank university students for not complaining about the brutal ragging done by many of their members. Don’t forget that ragging is a criminal offense too.

  2. dingiri bandara Says:

    Investigate corruption from 1977 on wards. Will be stranger than fiction.

  3. mjaya Says:

    DB **Investigate corruption from 1977 on wards. Will be stranger than fiction.**

    Now that is an excellent idea. For those born recently 1977 was the time corruption in SL got institutionalized. JR got his goons to throw stones at the court and later said “people have a democratic right to throw stones”.

    Yahapalanaya(TM) is just that. You have the right to be corrupt as long as you are against MR.

  4. Marco Says:

    Nobody is doubting that all politicians are corrupt (some more and some less).
    Mahinda Rajapakse and his team have taken the corruption and bribery levels to such dizzy heights that has never been seen before in the Sri Lankan (Ceylon) political history. It was considered the norm and levels of money changing hands has been unprecedented.
    We even had the former Minister Amaraweera (considered to be lightweight on corruption) presented an interesting political theory prior to the election, when he said voters must not topple MR government as chances are minimum for corruption among UPFA members as they may have amassed ill lucre enough by now and if the UNP came to power, they would start afresh to make a killing.

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Rajapakse lost due to the Tamil and Muslim vote
    He lost due to the BJP in India and the role RAW played.
    Before Rajapakse lost the BJP took down the Jayalalitha power structure in order to consolidate the Gujarati Hindu nationalist agenda in JNew Delhi. \
    Now Modi wants to implement article 370 on Kashmir while forcing amendment 13 on Sri Lanka
    The price for that.]

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    This is EXACTLY what MR did in 2007. He used the 2007 COPE report as a STICK and forced UNP MPs to either join his party and strengthen his weak parliament or face prosecution.


    After WW’s BIL was arrested, NFF has decided to FULLY support the 100 day plan!


    IF NOT WW’s two luxury houses being built will be on display for all to see which will destroy his political career.

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