Mahinda Rajapakshe – An Effective Leadership
Posted on January 30th, 2015

‘Sri Lankan Patriot’

This essay is written to ally misconceptions and in most cases, downright lies that were spread by the opposition during the period 2006-2015 and now who have formed the new Government in Sri Lanka.

When Mahinda Rajapakshe came to power in the latter part of 2005, he was bequeathed a country which was suffering a thirty year civil war with no end in sight. He realised that if the war went on and on, Sri Lanka will only get deeper and deeper into trouble. He therefore ensured that an effective team was put together and all the necessary help was provided to the Sri Lankan Forces do deal with the megalomaniac mass murderer Prabhakaran who by this time has been waging war from 1975 onwards with an enormous cost in terms of human lives, destruction of property, regression of the economy and much more. Effectively managing the end of a thirty year conflict is no mean task in particular since Mahinda Rajapkshe was placed under enormous pressure by very powerful Western countries. Standing up to the US, EU, UK, Canada and India would have been no easy task. However Mahinda Rajapakshe was not scared and he effectively withstood such pressure with the help of compatriot countries such as China, Russia, Cuba to name a few. We as Sri Lankans should be grateful to Mahinda Rajapakshe for ending the war which was Asia’s longest running civil war and for ushering in peace which was no mean task.

Once the war was over which by itself was a miraculous happening after over twenty five to thirty years or so, Mahinda Rajapakshe did not rest. He then took on the enormous task of developing the country inclusive of areas which were directly affected by the war as well and by the destructive tsunami of December 2014.When Mahinda Rajapakshe came to power, the restoration after the tsunami has taken place only for one year. However, he took on this task with enthusiasm and today all the bridges from Pottuvil all the way up to and beyond Trincomalee have been repaired and restored anew. In fact Sri Lanka’s longest bridge was built at Kinniya by the last Government. Most people who were affected by the tsunami has had their houses repaired and new houses have been built in places in collaboration with foreign countries, in some cases, such as in Trincomalee for all those people who lost houses due to the tsunami. All the roads all the way from Hambantota, Pottuvil up to and beyond Trincomalee have been carpeted and repaired Those towns where fisheries was the main livelihood such as Oluvil for example, brand new fishing harbours have been built with mini-breakwaters, jetties and even ice plants and storage buildings. It is the same elsewhere and in Jaffna too, fisheries harbours have been built with mini-breakwaters, jetties, ice plants and storage buildings. This story has been repeated elsewhere where fisheries is the mainstay of the population.Mahinda Rajapakshe did not ignore the enormous task of rehabilitation and restoration of peace. Over 12,000 ex-LTTE cadres were rehabilitated at enormous cost. They were provided vocational training for, in some cases, one year and restored back into society. During this time, some I am sure were provided accommodation and all the other basic requirements. These tasks cost enormous amounts of money. For those who are shouting corruption, all I have to say is, did these things happen for free?! Today, these ex-LTTErs are in most cases employed and hopefully they will lead productive lives unless the racist TNA stirs up trouble again with their insatiable demands for ‘more powers’ to the provincial councils (which they should not be given under any circumstances).The Sri Lankan Forces were also not ignored. Over 6,000 permanently disabled soldiers have been provided rehabilitation and even houses in some cases. All other forces members who amount to over one lakh? have been re-trained in peacetime tasks such as restoration of roads, bridges, buildings especially in the Northern Province and even in the restoration of canals etc. in beautifying Colombo. All those forces members who sacrificed their lives for the country, their families have been provided pensions and even houses have been built for their families. Yet again, such things cost money, enormous amounts of money. I would like to ask the new Government, why after thousands and thousands of our forces members sacrificing their lives, are you giving ‘more powers’ to the provincial councils? Sri Lanka is one country and every islander has the right to call Sri Lanka their homeland. The North and East is just as much all the islanders homeland as elsewhere of the country. Therefore the clause in the 13th Amendment to the Constitution which says ‘the North and East is the homeland of the tamil speaking people’ should be scrapped immediately and replaced by ‘the North and East is the homeland of all the inhabitants of Sri Lanka’. This is what thousands upon thousands of our forces and civilians sacrificed their lives for. No more powers should be given to the provincial councils and Sinhala, Catholic and Muslim peoples should be settled in both the Northern and Eastern Provinces in quite large numbers. Only then would the racist tamils give up their unreasonable and outrageous demands for ‘exclusive homelands’ which have no basis in history since they are not the original inhabitants of the North and East but the Sinhalese as attested by many archaeological finds inclusive of many a tank such as Kanthale Wewa built by Sinhala Kings of yesteryear.About de-mining, over one million mines were removed mainly from the North. More than 80% of the mines were removed by the Sri Lankan Army and the rest by INGOs such as the Halo Trust. This incredible feat has even been praised internationally. Even removing one mine takes much effort, so imagine removing a million mines, which is no mean task. I thank the Sri Lankan Army and the previous Government for this incredible feat.Apart from the tsunami restoration, Mahinda Rajapakshe was responsible for the enormous task of rebuilding a thirty year war affected country. He almost completed this task with skill and enthusiasm. He, I am sure, consulted the best planners in the country and came up with the five hub concept of developing harbours, airports, roads, railways, telecommunications, tourism inclusive of MICE tourism, IT, education etc. He along with the experts came up with a plan, Mahinda Chintata Idiri Dakma (here I have to say that had Sri Lankans being far sighted, they would have voted for Mahinda Rajapakshe again at the just concluded elections). Whether you agreed with this plan or not, it is still a comprehensive well thought of plan to develop the country and does the new Government have a plan (no! it is koheda yanne, malle pol, that is their plan!).

The former Government went about their tasks with enthusiasm. The Colombo Harbour was expanded with an enormous breakwater being built and other facilities thereby bringing further marine related business in terms of ships berthing at Sri Lanka’s shores. It is one of the top foreign exchange earners today. Another brand new harbour was built at Hambantota very near one of the busiest sea lanes in the world. In time to come, this harbour too will earn much foreign exchange. A new international airport was built at Mattala and the BIA is now being expanded with the addition of a second runway. Both Mattala and the BIA second runway can cater to the expanding number of Sri Lankans employed abroad such as in the Middle East and in Korea and the over 1.5 million tourists visiting the country. All the major roads have been carpeted e.g. the A9 all the way up to Jaffna, the A32 from Puttalam to Jaffna, the Puttalam Anuradhapura Road, the Habarana Trincomalee Road, the Colombo Puttalam Road, the Mannar Anuradhapura Road, the Colombo Katunayaka Expressway, the Southern Expressway, the Outer Circular Road, the daha-ata wanguwa Road, the High Level Road to name but a few that I have used. The Sangupiddy Bridge over the Jaffna Lagoon and the bridge from the mainland to Mannar Island have also been built at massive costs for the convenience of the locals. These cost money for those who cry corruption. I also advice those who voted for the new Government not to use these bridges since they did not want such things built. Why don’t they take a ferry instead to cross the sea or the lagoon? Many minor roads have also been carpeted or concreted. All these cost money for all those shouting corruption! No one builds these for free. So those in the new Government and their supporters should stop using these roads since they are the ones who shouted corruption for almost a decade when these roads were being built. There are now luxury coaches not only to Matara but to Jaffna too. The new Government has stopped building the Northern Expressway which would improve the economy of the country due to ease of transportation from the North to Colombo. The new Government are full of mottayas who cannot understand their walnuts from their peanuts and therefore has decided to halt such an important project. The railwayline all the way to Jaffna and even KKS has been restored. The railwayline all the way to Batticaloa has been restored. The structural soundness of all the railway bridges of the upcountry railwayline has been checked and where found lacking has been repaired. New trains were purchased from China. Even new buses were purchased from India and the like. These are things that the general public does not know and was gullible to believe the lies which were spread by the new Government.

Mihin Air is the first budget airline of Sri Lanka and I commend the previous Government for initiating a budget airline in Sri Lanka since in time to come, this budget airline will be used by the ordinary person when visiting Buddhagaya etc. or even to travel to the Middle East for work. Of course the elite of the UNP and their rabidly right wing Government finds fault with Mihin Air. However the ordinary person can only afford to travel on a budget airline and many other countries have now developed budget airlines.

The aim of the previous Government in carpeting all major roads, restoring railwaylines, building new harbours and airports was to make Sri Lanka a transportation hub in the South Asian Region and thereby to earn more foreign exchange. The new Government can neither understand nor appreciate such concepts since they lied to come to power and now it is koheda yanne, malle pol for everyone from now on!

When Mahinda Rajapakshe came to power in 2005, internet coverage was only 3%. Today it is 50%. The previous Government built over 1,000 nenasalas and again these things do not happen for free for all those shouting corruption! The communication network was expanded and the tallest telecommunication tower was built at Kokavil on the A9 Road. Many, many other telecommunication towers were built to cover the entire island and beyond. Even a satellite was hired from China for ease of communications. Sri Lanka has a very advanced telecommunication network for a developing country thanks to the previous Government. Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone and smartphones thanks to collaboration with China by the previous Government and that is very much thanks to the previous Government. China today is probably the most advanced country on earth and I thank the previous Government for collaborating with China and modernising our telecommunications network. All this was done to make Sri Lanka a communication hub in the South Asian Region. These things do not happen for free for all those shouting corruption! They cost money. The new Government can neither understand nor appreciate such concepts since they lied to come to power and now it is koheda yanne, malle pol for everyone from now on! Even a new telecom tower, the lotus tower, is being built, which will be the tallest in South Asia. Again this will improve telecommunications and bring in more tourists to Colombo.

When Mahinda Rajapakshe came to power tourist numbers were less than 400,000. Today it is 1.5 million. Large scale publicity campaigns were carried out in China, India, Eastern Europe and in the Arab Countries and the like for this to happen. Today, many hotels have been built especially on the East Coast and tourism is a large foreign exchange earner. Many hotels such as the Shangri-La is to be built to increase tourism. In order to promote MICE tourism, Mahinda Rajapakshe built both the Nelum Pokuna Theatre and the Hambantota Conference Hall. In time to come, these venues can be used to increase revenue from MICE tourism. Under Mahinda Rajapakshe many sports stadiums were restored or built such as at Trincomalee, Jaffna etc. Also the Cricket Stadium at Suriyawewa, amongst others, was also built by the previous Government to promote international sport and also to improve the overall fitness of youth in the country. Again these things don’t get built cheap. I challenge the new Government to find even a local contractor who will build anything for less than a 30% profit. This will not happen. For those who cry corruption, do things get built for free? However, once built, the well to do who voted against the previous Government are the first to use these facilities is what I have noticed.

In the field of energy, the previous Government completed the Upper Kotmale Hydropower scheme and the Kerawalapitiya Power Plant. Many mini-hydropower plants were also built. Some of these are examples of clean technology although they may have been more costly to build. However, Norochcholai was also built which is a coal power plant and since then there has been no power cuts which is a blessing. Those who are shouting should realise that it is due to the building of Norachcholai that power cuts are now a thing of the past. Also demand for electricity is increasing year by year and for the Government to keep up, they had to build the above otherwise the economy would have come to a halt. When building Upper Kotmale, all the displaced people were provided very well built alternative housing thus inconveniencing no one. The previous Government was in the process of expanding the power sector in order to keep up with demand when they lost power. The previous Government reduced the electricity bill by 25% as well thus bearing the enormous cost of producing electricity which is not cheap for a country with almost no natural resources such as oil, coal or gas. Sinhala people have such short memories and cannot appreciate these good deeds which is such a shame. In more developed countries you have to pay at least three times as much for the same electricity.

In the field of water supply and sanitation, the previous Government has built water treatment plants at Ratmalana, Trincomalee etc and is in the process of building water treatment plants at Chilaw and the like. A large scale wastewater treatment plant was built at the Seetawaka BOI export processing zone. There are large scale water supply schemes being designed for the entire Jaffna Peninsula. At Kilinochchi and Mannar, water towers have been built or restored and in many towns in the Northern and Eastern Provinces previously existing water towers and supply schemes have been restored. Elsewhere in the country too water distribution systems have been expanded and water supply schemes built. In large areas of the North Central Province, the North Western Province etc., for example, people were provided with rainwater harvesting systems to collect water since these areas are suffering from CKD. In Colombo itself enormous amounts of money was spent repairing the underground sewerage system and the long sea outfalls since nobody prior to the Mahinda Rajapakshe Government has even bothered to look into such as important restoration and previously sewage was discharged via canals in Colombo to the sea due to the sewerage conveyance system being broken. This sewerage system is more than one hundred years old and no one has bothered to restore it previously. What a shame this is for the capital city of a country. It is only the last Government who made an effort to restore this underground sewerage system and repair the long sea outfalls. There are plans also to build two sewage treatment plants for Colombo City so that raw sewage does not just get dumped at sea. It is the Mahinda Rajapakshe Government who took the initiative to newly build a sewerage network for the first time in history under Kandy City inclusive of a sewage treatment plant and the same is planned for Jaffna City. Sri Lanka has now achieved the Millennium Development Goals for safe water availability and sanitation ahead of schedule thanks to the previous Government’s commitment to such. Water supply schemes to Colombo are being improved with new schemes and dry zone water supply schemes are being built for Chilaw, Puttalam, Mannar and the like. Instead of thanking the previous Government for such, motta people of the country has elected a koheda yanne, malle pol Government which does not know their water supply from their wastewater! In developed countries, you have to pay twenty times as much to obtain the same amount of clean water as in Sri Lanka! What a shame that our motta Sinhala people did not have the thinking ability to see through the lies of the new Government!

In terms of improvements to towns, Batticaloa, Kandy bus stands have been newly built as have many bus stands and town improvements in many towns around the country. Kandy City has a brand new underground shopping centre similar to even developed countries. Many towns I saw have been restored and pavements repaired such as Badulla Town, Mahiyanganaya Town, Ampara Town, Anuradhapura Town, Kilinochchi Town and Puttlam Town amongst many others that I saw. Even solid waste disposal has been improved in Ampara Town by the solid waste disposal facilities that have been built there. Same is the case islandwide with a program initiated by the CEA so that solid waste is disposed properly at lands designated for such. For those who cry corruption, do things get built for free? Even Kandy and Nuwaraeliya solid waste dumps were converted to partially designed landfill sites. For those who cry corruption, these conversions cost money and does not happen for free.

Regarding universities, at least three new engineering faculties were initiated in Jaffna, at the South Eastern University and at Sri Jayawardenapura University. At Sri Jayawardenapura University for example, a whole new university town was built with proper pavements etc. A swimming pool was built within that university. More than 22,000 students now attend university for free whereas when Mahinda Rajapakshe came to power only 15,000 or so students attended university free. University lecturers salaries were increased to over Rs.75,000. In developed countries now, you have to obtain a loan to complete university and then you have to pay back that loan for a lifetime. This is not the case for over 22,000 students in Sri Lanka. The previous Government initiated an Ocean University, a University for Vocational Training and improved the Kotalawela Defence Academy. All these universities will in the future produce graduates. Vocational training was massively expanded by opening numerous vocational training institutes in every large town. This means the large amount of students who pass A levels but cannot attend university now have alternative paths to follow. Besides, industries need skilled workers and these vocational training institutes are the best way to expand the number of skilled workers available to expand industries in the country. Even private universities were provided facilities for expansion and the numbers here have increased too. Some university students were given a Mahapola Scholarship and the previous Government doubled the amount provided by the scholarship in the November 2014 budget. University students are provided free hostel facilities and even new hostels have been built at various faculties across the country at massive costs.

One thing to note is that even all the university grounds have been kept trimmed and proper with grass and many plants being planted by hiring gardeners. However, the IUSF and the JVP by their strikes at universities have wasted massive amounts of money running into millions of rupees by striking for weeks on end. Every day that is wasted due to strikes means millions of rupees being wasted. This is public money that the IUSF and the JVP wasted and I demand that the JVP pay all of it back for all the days wasted due to strikes that they initiated during the past ten years which will amount to millions of rupees. No wonder the previous higher education minister was tough on students. All these strikes are illegal anyway. If students get a free education, they have an obligation to study not waste taxpayers money which is being spent on them to study. Also the ragging in universities by the IUSF and the JVP is a human rights violation of those who are being ragged. The IUSF and the JVP should answer for this inhumane, cruel and illegal behaviour. In other more civilised countries all these people would have ended up in jail for violation of other people’s human rights.

The previous Government improved many of the 10,000 or so state schools, some at a  massive expense. Some schools now have swimming pools which were almost unheard of twenty years ago in Sri Lanka. It was the Mahinda Rajapakshe Government which provided science labs to schools in the provinces with the Mahindodaya labs. More than 1,000 were earmarked to be built. For those who cry corruption, do things get built for free? All school students are provided school uniforms and books etc. by the previous Government at enormous cost. Even a glass of milk was provided for free at rural schools. Today retired school teachers get a decent pension thanks to the previous Government. These pensions cost money for those who cry corruption.

Regarding healthcare, a brand new state of the art hospital was built in Jaffna, one of the finest in South Asia. Other hospitals were repaired or expanded such as the Kandy Hospital. More doctors and nurses were trained so that the patients to doctor or nurse ratio was reduced. These things cost money and for those who are crying corruption, such things do not happen for free. Even a pact was signed with Bangladesh to provide cheap drugs to Sri Lanka since drugs from developed countries are expensive. Private Hospitals have also expanded for those who can afford such which is not a bad thing. Apart from that, even the most complicated surgery is performed at state hospitals for free by expert surgeons. This is not the case in the US etc. where you have to pay for your healthcare. Those in the new Government who worship the US should realise that healthcare and education are not free in their land of the free the US but only comes at a price which increasingly many there cannot afford. At all state hospitals in Sri Lanka patients are provided free meals which cost a massive amount of money. For those who cry corruption, in the US, Japan etc. there is no free healthcare and you have to pay for everything. When women get pregnant in Sri Lanka they are assigned clinics and they can check everything until childbirth and there are midwives to attend such childbirths. Also diseases such as tuberculosis are also being tackled by various programs which were initiated by the previous Government. Even all other diseases are checked by consultants who assign appropriate medicines. For those in the new Government who think the world revolves around the US, none of this is free in the US and you have to pay for it.

Then there is the restoration of Colombo City. The floodplain of the city has been restored. For example, near the parliament, wetlands have been restored and walkways built for people to enjoy the wetlands while walking. The diyata uyana is a further example of a restored wetland. To ease congestion, overpasses have been built near diyatha uyana, Nugegoda, Dehiwela etc. Colombo slums dwellers have been provided newly built flats for free. Some other existing flats have been repaired. These have been built or repaired from proceeds from letting foreign and local investors build condominiums in Colombo City and even in Kandy and Jaffna. These condominiums seem to be in very high demand from both local and foreign buyers. Solid waste of Colombo City is now being collected and disposed of properly whereas before, Colombo was a massive rubbish dump as was the rest of the country. Even a large fish market was opened in Peliyagoda. A large gold centre was opened in Slave Island. Not only that, pavements hawkers were shown the door and told only to trade in designated places since if Sri Lanka is to develop, can such a development take place if people do not follow rules and use pavements to set up shops? Pavements are for walking not for setting up shops!!! Even a floating market was opened for traders. The Beira Lake and the Kandy Lake were dredged as was I think Gregory’s Lake in Nuwaraeliya in order get rid of the massive amounts of pollution dumped illegally by various unscrupulous businesses into these lakes. Other lakes near the parliament were similarly dredged and restored. Islandwide, loans at concessionary rates have been provided either to build houses or repair existing houses. This is timely since there is apparently a shortage of seven lakhs houses within the country.

In terms of irrigation, massive irrigation schemes such as Deduru Oya, Uma Oya etc. were either completed or are near completion. Loans were taken to restore at least sixty dams and spillways, in particular in the North and in the East. Other spillways, bunds of irrigation reservoirs and dams have already been restored after the war. There are over 10,000 tanks in Sri Lanka. The new Government accuses that some spillways of some reservoirs, some bunds and some dams have not been restored. Can Mahinda Rajapakshe restore over 10,000 tanks in less than nine years? Of course not. He has however restored many spillways, dams and bunds already. After the war, the harvest of rice from the North and the East inclusive has been massive and so has the fish production. As a result, locally produced rice and fish quotas have increased massively.

Imagine what would happen if we loose the North and the East? Over 28% of the most productive land would be lost as over 66% of the coastline. We will then have to import rice and fish. What about loosing half our exclusive economic zone which is in the North and the East. What are the repercussions of loosing the Trincomalee Harbour? These are what Eelamists, the US, EU, UK, Canada, India etc. are eying. We should never, ever let the Eelamists or the US, EU, UK, Canada, India etc. get hold of our massive North East. It is not their but ours, i.e. the islanders. Our ancestors have lived in this island for thousands of years and Eelamists should be told in no uncertain terms either live in Sri Lanka as one country or depart to any other land of their choice. No more powers should be given to the provincial councils than at present i.e. January 2015. Eelamists in short need to be told to get lost since they have no exclusive right whatsoever to the North East historically. All they have is a right to share this island with the Sinhalese and others. That is all the rights they are entitled to.

All farmers were provided the fertilizer subsidy by the previous Government at a massive cost as were Coconut and Tea growers who were also provided the fertilizer subsidy. About Samurdhi, Sri Lanka has around one million Samurdhi beneficiaries and they have been provided their subsidies without any delay. Then there are the Divi Neguma beneficiaries who were also provided such benefits without delay. The Sathosa stores have been run by the previous Government to help those who are poor to purchase goods at reasonable prices. The previous UNP Governments privatized Sathosa. Shame on them.

The Mahinda Rajapakshe Government also expanded our foreign markets, in particular by selling tea to new markets such as Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. These countries are very rich since they have massive amounts of oil or natural gas. So the Mahinda Rajapakshe Government was right to expand our foreign markets into these countries. The rabidly right wing UNP Governments think that the world revolves around the US, EU, UK and Canada. They do not realise that the world has changed considerably and that there are newly up and coming countries such as Russia, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, China etc. and that Sri Lanka can indeed do without the US, EU, UK, Canada and India which are trying to create a separate state in Sri Lanka!

Since the end of the war many countries with large reserves such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, the Middle East or their companies has invested massively in Sri Lanka in particular building tourist hotels, condominiums and the like. They have also set up companies in the BOI zones expanded by the previous Government in places such as at Achchuveli, at Trincomalee, at Seetawakapura and the like. In this way, the previous Government has facilitated the increase in FDI into the country.

Even a new telecom tower, the lotus tower, is being built, which will be the tallest in South Asia. Again, this will improve telecommunications and bring in more tourists into Colombo. The British times colonial warehouses in Slave Island are also being restored to their former self. The former British times racecourse colonial buildings have been restored and is now a shopping complex. Of course such is not necessarily for locals but to bring in foreign tourists, in particular Indians and Chinese who come to Sri Lanka for shopping. So why not capitalise on that?

Under the Mahinda Rajapakshe Government, Sri Lanka achieved most of the millennium development goals ahead of schedule. Sri Lanka therefore became an example of a country which showed that even a resource poor developing country can achieve millennium development goals if the Government has the right policies and plans in place and makes the right effort. Sri Lanka is a good example to other developing countries to follow on that score.

It is also the Mahinada Rakapakshe Government which re-nationalised the sugar making plants which were sold for very low prices and privatised by previous UNP Governments and made them profit making. Since importing sugar costs a massive amount of money, this was a timely move by the previous Government. It is also Mahinda Rajapakshe who campaigned to popularise local grains such as rice, rice flour, kurrakkan etc. rather than eating imported wheat products. This is also to prevent massive amounts of foreign exchange being used to import wheat and also to help local farmers. The rabidly right wing UNP Governments did not help the previous Government spread this important message but laughed at the godayas wearing sarongs. When this new Government has to spend millions of hard earned foreign exchange in importing what, they will feel sorry for their previous behaviour.

The rabidly right wing UNP Governments think eating bread like the US, EU, UK, Canada etc. is fashionable and those who eat rice is backward. Little do they realise that even in these developed countries they still eat potatoes which are locally produced and thus these countries save their own foreign exchange.

The UNP led Governments think that following the US, EU, UK, Canada, India etc. and doing their bid is proper foreign policy. Never mind the fact that the US is eying the Trincomalee Harbour and resources of the North and East such as mineral sands, oil, marine fisheries etc. and thus wants to create Eelam thus depriving the indigenous Sinhalese of the island their rights to a part of the island i.e. the North and the East. The indigenous Sinhalese have lived in this island for over two and a half millennia and our tribal ancestors even more perhaps ten thousand years and much more. The US, EU, UK, Canada, India etc. should be told that our sovereignty is non-negotiable and there are no more ‘political solutions’ to non-existent problems. I hope the new Government has the backbone to say this once and for all on behalf of the Sri Lankan people to this so called ‘international community’. I am sure that the vast majority of countries in the world will applaud us if we did so. Many countries in Asia, Africa, Latin and South America will surely do so. Proper foreign policy is not doing the bid of the US, EU, UK, Canada, India etc. like backboneless invertebrates, but to cultivate friendships with all countries especially Asian Countries and the Non Aligned Movement and to let any imperialists such as the US, EU, UK, Canada etc. know that their plans to dismember Sri Lanka is not welcome in Sri Lanka.

The above observations are what I have observed but I am sure there is much more that I have missed or have not noticed. This is simply being written to point out that without a proper plan to develop a country such as Mahinda Chinatana Idiri Dekma, there is no way a country can develop and move forward. It is also to point out that Mahinda Rajapakshe is in some ways a remarkable leader since he ended a thirty year civil war and restored peace, reconstructed and rehabilitated the country devastated by the tsunami and war. He also developed the country as never before. All these achievements have not been easy and it takes a remarkable leader to achieve such achievements. It is also written to point out that lying about the previous Governments achievements simply to come to power is an immoral thing to do and Sri Lanka will suffer as a result due to such ill conceived plans.

2 Responses to “Mahinda Rajapakshe – An Effective Leadership”

  1. ranjit Says:

    I hope every idiot who supported this Govt will read this article because it’s the plain truth nothing but the truth. No one can compare Baiya from south to any living or dead leader in Sri Lanka. He is the best and he was the best and will be the best in the future for Sri Lanka without any doubt.

    Those days we used to see the lion of South was on the move non stop from one corner to another corner of the country Opening new,new buildings ,having discussions with leaders in different areas, checking work progress in different projects etc. but now what we see daily in TV is thuggery and harassment to innocent people and revengeful comments by these Yahapalana cutthroats.

    YES they did an immoral thing by duping our people with bogus promises and taking power in a hurry. If the citizens of this country specially the Sinhalese do not think wisely without thinking only their stomach the country will go to dogs in few months time. Yahapalanaya is a joke.JR also had something similar to that called Dharmista Palanaya. What happened that time can anyone remember? UNPer’s or the JVPer’s haven’t done anything good to my country at all. Both groups were responsible for many deaths in the past.

    No one can compare Mahinda to Sirisena. Sirisena is just a puppet on a string controlled by Bonny & Clyde (Chandrika & Ranil) How can a man like that stand with the world leaders? What a joke to have a person like that as the President? He is corrupt as the others in his Govt. First they should be investigated if you need a Yahapalanayak. This bunch of thieves simply need to take revenge from the great man nothing else. This evil bunch comprises America & the west,India,Diaspora,TNA,JVP,Muslim Congress,Hela Urumaya and some ungrateful few from the previous Govt. Our citizens will open their eyes when some trouble started somewhere like in those dark days in our history. When it happens they will forget their stomach and run to the temple to pray and say “please save us”. It will be too late dear voters.

  2. NAK Says:

    Ranil is the one who said,
    “why spend so much money on a fly over,our people can wait for 10 -15 miniutes for the train to pass”
    Today that railway crossing at Keleniya is closed for train traffic for 20 hours a day. Imagine chaos it could have created if the fly over was not built.
    This is the kind of person who wants to govern our country.
    I am amazed how our people were so blinded not to see the ‘line of pigs’ behind the man in white.
    It was a total betrayal by the minoriteies including the estate Tamils and soon they along with the others will pay for their folly.

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