‘Yahapalanaya’ – Another ‘decapitation drama’
Posted on January 31st, 2015

S. Akurugoda

Soon after the Prabhakaran-Ranil Pact (MoU prepared by the notorious ‘Peace Maker’ Norway and initiated by the so-called international community)  was signed , I remember, an article written by  Dr  Gunadasa Amarasekara  titled ‘Sama Diyareddde’appeared on a newspaper (in March 2002).

For those who have not read this ‘decapitation drama’, let me quote this great novelist’s and patriot’s own words used to describe what it is all about.

‘Diyaredden Bella Kapanawa’ is a pithy Sinhala saying to illustrate how one is decapitated or destroyed without his being aware of what is happening to him. He is taken completely unawares. It’s only much later that he realizes that he has been decapitated and that too with hardly any pain or trauma.

The producer, the so-called international community was well aware that the ‘Sama Diyaredde’ is the simplest device available for the ‘decapitation of the nation with a minimum of pain and trauma’ as the writer correctly identified.

Dr. Amarasekara identified the First Act of this drama as the signing of the MoU. He quite accurately predicted the second act as the de-proscription of LTTE. His third prediction of interim councils appeared under various names to keep the Sinhalese in a state of blissful ignorance, first to form the ‘Tsunami Joint Mechanism’ and to the stage of proposing a Interim Self governing Authority (ISGA) as a part of Peace Process’ mediated by the so-called Peace Maker.

The producer of this tragi-comedy, appeared very pleased with the achievements of their plan and reported even to have increased their “Aid” package to lubricate the decapitation processes.

But thanks to our patriotic people, who did not allowed this drama to be a reality, by choosing the correct political leadership at the right time thereby saving the mother Sri Lanka, not only from Terrorist but by driving away the myths generated by the so-called  ‘Pease Makers’ for more than a decade.

‘Yahapalanya’ or Good Governance’ is the latest device used by, probably, the same producers of the previous tragi-comedy for the ‘decapitation of the nation with a minimum of pain and trauma’.

Unlike the ‘Sama‘  (Peace) weapon used with the previous drama,  the ‘Yahapalana‘ weapon used this time appears to be well planned and set to ensure the main actor to perform a  role similar to that of a princess of ‘Maname’ who facilitated the enemy hunter to kill her loved husband , a story based on betrayal.   In this drama, the hunter is the UNP  while the husband is SLFP.

SLFPers are being beaten up by the UNPers  while the so-called leadership of the SLFP is keeping a blind eye.  The so-called leadership of the SLFP is appointing Cabinet Ministers, State Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Governors, practically any one recommend to any position by the  very same person who signed the notorious pact with Prabhakaran without any hesitation.  Basically the so-called SLFP leadership has kept his own  SLFP parliamentarians  under house arrest. Nearly 5,8 million people who voted for Mahinda Rajapaksa, former SLFP Leader,   are being kept in a state of  dilemma by high jacking the SLFP.

Meanwhile it is also interesting to see that the very same actors, both in and outside the ruling regime, who were playing various roles during the previous ‘Sama’ drama produced by the so-called international community are appeared to be playing  some supportive roles in this tragi-comedy too.

If everything goes as planned by the producers, only the future generation will see the final outcome of this drama as per the last paragraph of the said article.

Many years later, when ethnologists were researching into causes that had led to the extinction of races by the 21st century, they came across a very strange case which they had not encountered before. A race called Sinhala confined to a tiny island, had become extinct, by being subjected to decapitation with a women’s bath cloth-a ‘Diyaredde’ named                                          ‘Yhapalanaya.’

  1. Akurugoda

3 Responses to “‘Yahapalanaya’ – Another ‘decapitation drama’”

  1. Vis8 Says:

    Don’t worry: “Yahapalanaya” will exist only for 100 days! MR will be the PM.
    Go Sri Lanka!

  2. ranjit Says:

    I hope so Vis8. We are praying that to happen. We see a dark cloud moving towards Sri Lanka if we allow these Jarapalanaya to go on like this. Still I am in shock.I cannot believe how our stupids voted these people to power after all what they did to our country for so many years. They were dragging the war for thirty long years and earned millions from it and the people forgot the man who gave them freedom and prosperity. How come they forget all the good things Mahinda did to our country? We were proud to have a country like ours after seeing with our own eyes when we traveled around but not anymore because we know if we allow this Jarapalanaya to go on like this we can expect another bloodshed very soon.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Unless MR, My3 and CBK get together, UNP will win the next election.

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