Helping Sri Lanka’s New Democracy – Response to the New York Times Article of January 19, 2015
Posted on February 2nd, 2015

An anti-terrorist US Citizen 

In this piece of high handed journalism you have desecrated the sacred flag of Sri Lanka by altering it with figures riding the lion with an American Flag.  No Sri Lankan will accept your idea of graphic alternation to their national flag.  You need to apologize profusely to Sri Lanka for desecrating the national flag of Sri Lanka.   Protests will be made to the NY Times too.

Ryan Goodman, the author of this article speaks with authority as if Sri Lanka’s future should be determined by his recommendations that are based on suggested interference by the US Administration in the affairs of Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka’s democracy does not need this kind of help.

This is furthest from the wishes of the Sri Lankan people who were brainwashed against the US during the Rajapakse regime due to the high handed attitude shown to Sri Lanka by the US under the influence of supporters of terrorism who had left the country and still wished to see Sri Lanka divided and decimated without any consideration for not only the Tamil people who suffered under the LTTE but all ethnic groups.  The US was intent on saving a terrorist leader who had killed 90,000 civilians over 28 years, valiantly fought by the Sri Lankan military that lost 30,000 soldiers leaving behind 50,000 or more disabled by suicide bomb attacks. Who is accountable for the 90,000 civilian lives lost.  LTTE disabled were a liability and they were blown up according to eyewitnesses.  They were Sri Lankans and their Human Rights were violated by the LTTE.

After successive governments failed in peace talks with the LTTE and leaders failed to bring peace to the people of the country Rajapakse took the situation in control.  There were imperfections in his regime that could have been fixed and he was one leader who was able to bring to an end the longest running terrorist struggle against a democratic nation.  The Peace that is at stake if lost will never be recovered.  Taking Rajapakses to war crimes tribunal also attaches the military that sacrificed for all including Tamils to gain their peace.  Today, the same people who object to Rajapakse, push for war crimes are happily enjoying the peace travelling at will to Sri Lanka and investing in property in any part of the country without any restrictions.

Goodman dictates that Sri Lanka should be punished for ending terrorism and bringing peace to all.  Then what could be said about the civilian deaths in the hands of the US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?  What about drone attacks that are killing not only terrorists but also civilians at random?  What do you have to say Mr. Goodman about those deaths?    Would you take the US men and women in uniforms before war tribunals?

The reference to an insurgency is a misnomer.  Sri Lanka had an insurgency in 1971 which arose from educated youth of the Sinhala community.  The then Prime Minister Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranayake  the mother of the former President Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaranatunge one of the architects of the regime change gave a blanket ruling to shoot them down in cold blood.  There was no Amnesty International, UN Human Rights outcry in those instances.  They didn’t have ground, sea, air power and suicide bombers as the LTTE did making the battle with terrorism for the country far worse.  Sri Lanka knows the difference between its insurgency and the terrorist war.  Use the word terrorism Mr. Goodman.  If you call ISIS terrorists, the same brand of terrorism applies to the LTTE.  It is a brand of terrorism that uses civilians as human shields as a way to bring disrepute to their opponents.  This practice is a part of their operations manual. Beheadings and killings by the LTTE were so rampant and no one was safe.  It was supposed to be the Tamil Cause” but the Tamils who suffered most because they were plundered, their children taken away and any resistance resulted in cold blooded killing.

The author refers to statement attributed to John Kerry which are totally misinformed.  Sri Lanka’s new chapter was peace and freedom attained in May 2009.  If Mr. Goodman saw the carnage, he could not write this nonsense if he is human.  To write such canards, one has to be paid and Mr. Goodman has consistently supported stilted writings that can only be classified as paid, corrupt journalism for a reward from sources that want only one side of the story told.

You have no authority to tell Sri Lanka’s people whether or not the ousted leaders can return to democracy.  Do not forget that Sri Lankan voter choice is not like the Florida debacle with hanging chads and half punched polling cards and the stoppage of counting votes.  The over 80% voter turnout was almost equally divided and as such if you talk about democracy people have the right to choose.

If the new team doesn’t deliver or pushes war crimes against the military that saved everyone from terror, the people have the right to choose to remove anyone who takes that away from them.  The families that sacrificed lives for the war were 90% from the majority community.  After the peace all minorities also enjoyed the fruits of development while sacrifices were made by a few poor families that gave their children to the volunteer services.  No regime is all good or all bad.  The Commander Sarath Fonseka’s unverified story about white flags has been disputed by many who knew that the terrorists who had cyanide capsules on them to avoid being captured alive were not going to surrender.  Goodman needs to read some of the reports of the Jaffna Teachers about the inaccuracies reported to international media.

If Goodman is calling for US intervention now, where was the US when for 28 years, the people suffered under terrorism?  When 9/11 happened, Sri Lanka had suffered 18 years of terrorism. We Sri Lankan Americans stood with President Bush in the aftermath of the single terror attack on US soil.  All US allies are going after ISIS and Al-Qaida but their record is nothing like the killing of heads of state and leaders of not only Sri Lanka but the Prime Minister of India as carried out by the LTTE.

However, the same push was not seen when Sri Lanka suffered and even our peace is now at stake with a push from people like you.  You forget that the LTTE invented the suicide bombing paraphernalia that continues to be used in other conflicts and has killed many US soldiers.  They have connections with Yemen and the same sources that network all terror groups.  In May 2009 Sri Lanka ended terror and not a single bomb exploded since then.   In January 2015 the same is happening from Paris to other European countries with emerging terror threats and cells in Europe and the US and the hype was not seen when Sri Lanka had daily bombings and killings.  Your article is a bifurcation of the truth applying it to Sri Lanka differently.  The LTTE were terrorists and no matter what name you use to describe them, their actions were just like other you continue to call terrorists.

They procured arms using connections while on US soil violating laws of this country.  The US should have gone to the aid of Sri Lanka when the terrorist war ended.  Instead of pandering to pro LTTE diaspora who pressured the US to take a wrong turn in foreign policy and turn against Sri Lanka, they should have been there first.  When China came to their aid instead, all hell broke loose.

Goodman has the audacity to push war crimes allegations against the formal military when the non-state players are getting off without a scratch.  The end of the war was a few months. Sri Lanka’s people suffered for decades.  The funding to cause all the hardship and terrorist bombings was raised in western countries including the USA.  The USA naively opened their doors for immigration to illiterate liars who earned US dollars and fed the terror coffers. They are here now and raising funds for future terror under your noses and you are turning a blind eye.  Now it is coming out the same way with all the revelations of what the Jihadists are following. Sri Lanka’s issues were never considered by the US although it was the same type of carnage.

Goodman wants the Obama administration to step in.  No thank you.  The US has enough on their plate.  What the Obama administration should be doing is to watch those who made large contributions to political campaigns like Tamils for Obama”  Tamils for Hillary” to push their one sided agenda to destabilize Sri Lanka.  This is all about separatism.  They find an excuse cause, the Tamil people.  They did nothing for the Tamil people except torture them if they didn’t join them, take their kids as child soldiers, they created the women suicide bombers and even strapped bombs to young people as they did to destroy Sri Lanka’s President Premadasa.  Your article calls them insurgents.  Get your facts straight Mr. Goodman.  Who are you to decide what is good for Sri Lanka?    Sri Lanka fought a terrorist war and ended it.  They can do the rest too. You are nitpicking something the US has not been able to achieve with all the large scale resources.  Stay out of Sri Lanka’s business.  They can manage it without your stilted opinion.

An anti-terrorist US Citizen

2 Responses to “Helping Sri Lanka’s New Democracy – Response to the New York Times Article of January 19, 2015”

  1. ranjit Says:

    Thank you Sir for expressing your thoughts freely regarding my country better than my own. What your country is doing to poor countries like us around the world cannot be accepted. They just keep on destroying countries for the sake of democracy. They preach something and do something else. Majority of the countries in the world do not like America or it’s policies because of their high handed tactics. They creep in to countries by force and loot all the wealth and destroy the livelihoods of the people which nobody can accept. America is a problem for many countries but nobody is strong enough to stand up against them. Hope some force will stand up to this bully one day or a decent politician will rise up to lead America for the betterment of their own people and mine.

    I hope every Sri Lankan will read this letter and open their eyes. Instead of appreciating the Govt who eliminated terrorism they harass the leaders of that Govt and stopped helping out. They blame them for killing the terrorists. They were trying to take our heroes to courts. Is it Democracy they were talking about? Didn’t they told the world after 9/11 that those who help the terrorists were guilty same as a terrorists? Why then a different approach to our conflict? Who is financing terror groups these days except America. They make wars and conflicts to sell their arms and ammunition. Why they are worried about our Tamils & Muslims when they have all the comforts and freedom in my country? We do not want any opinion or advise or money from them except allow us to do our own business and live peacefully.

    Our Sri Lankans must not forget how we lived from 83-2009. Same thing will happen if we allow these outside Mafia to come back and meddle with our affairs. From 2009 they planned how to get back to Sri Lankan politics because the Former President and his Govt didnt allow any outsider to interfere in our affairs. Now the time has come back for them again very strangely because their man (Ran-il)is back in the saddle thru a coup orchestrated by them. There were evidence but suddenly all went under the table because no one was there to question these traitors. Foreign money was caught in Ratmalana but no inquiry or anything up to now. So many strange things happened during these few days but people damn care about it because they are not worried about the country or it’s future but very happy with price reduction of few goodies they got from this cheaters. They can fool some but not all.

    Thank you Sir again for writing on behalf of us to those evil minded people whether American or otherwise. We have stupids who do not have any love for their Motherland except their stomach. I hope all the peace loving people will read this article and use their brains in the future not to hand over our country to outsiders or allow anyone to have a separate land.

  2. AnuD Says:

    They show their stupidity and arrogance. They don’t respect what others respect means they don’t respect their flag.

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