Is this Yahapalanaya?
Posted on February 2nd, 2015

Yahapalanaya News From Sri Lanka

Former General Secretary of the United National Party and Health Minister Tissa Attanayake had been remanded till February 11 by the Colombo Fort Magistrate.

Remanding a person for an alleged civil offense seems a sign of things to come under this government’s Yahapalanaya. One would have thought that Mr Attanayake would have been given bail rather than being remanded.

This high handed action follows the way the President reinstated the impeached Chief Justice Dr Shirani Bandaranayake, all in the name Yahapalanaya.

The Criminal Investigation Department which arrested Tissa Attanayake in Colombo this morning on charges of creating forged documents during the January Presidential Election, informed the court that they had obtained the report of the Government Analyst and they had evidence that the document shown by Attanayake to the media was forged.

Meanwhile U.S. hopes that the South Asian island nation can revive ties with Washington and distance itself to some degree from Beijing.

Under former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, relations with China intensified, with heavy Chinese investment in the strategically located island along busy sea lanes between the Persian Gulf and East Asia.


12 Responses to “Is this Yahapalanaya?”

  1. Marco Says:

    It’s a shame a good man like Tissa Attanayake has fallen to the “vile” charms of certain individuals.

    A very good example set here.
    Forgery is a criminal offence. For a civil offence you do not get remanded.
    Was bail applied for? Reading through the reports nobody applied for bail and no sureties came forward.

  2. douglas Says:

    Forging a document with signatures of two Political Leaders is a “CIVIL OFFENSE” ?- “FORGERY”?

    Anyway coming back to the “Arrest” of Mr. Attanayake, it is going to be the “LITMUS” test for this Government. It is now up to the Government to “SHOWCASE” it’s much TRUMPETED , “INDEPENDENCE” of the POLICE and the JUDICIARY under the theme “YAHAPALANAYA”, for the people to SEE.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    This is BAD.

    The WITCH HUNT must stop. Otherwise the opposition will UNDERMINE the country secretly. We should UNIFY all not divide.

    It is the bloody UNP behind this STATE TERRORISM not My3.

    John Mara-tunga’s thugs assaulted WATTALA PS chairman and ABDUCTED him!

    My3, please stop this STATE TERRORISM now and ARREST John Mara-tunga.

  4. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo:Sorry. This is not “WITCH HUNT”. Every one “IRRESPECTIVE” of any “Status” must be brought to “BOOK” and made “RESPONSIBLE” , “ACCOUNTABLE” and “DISCIPLINED”. Henceforth, everyone must be “Disciplined” and a clear message must be sent to all, to understand that he/she is responsible for their own actions. If not Sri Lanka CANNOT come out of this prevailing “RUT” and “DEGRADATION”. So let us “SUPPORT” that cause.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    That is NOT what is happening!!

    Why Run-nil is not investigated for his CFA?
    Why Mangala is not investigated for his, etc. corruption?
    Why Rajitha is NOT investigated for his illegal “tape”?
    Why Samanali Fonseka is NOT investigated for pretending to be the victim of an assault?
    Why Ravi K is NOT investigated for money laundering with Raj Rajratnam?
    Why Hack-him is NOT investigated for MASSIVE corruption?
    Why Thonda is NOT investigated for his corruption?

    Law cannot be SELECTIVE Douglas. We are not talking about Bal-Law or Buff-a-Law here. What happens now is UNP STATE TERRORISM – BHEESHANAYA.

    I ALWAYS called a spade a spade and I will continue to. What matters MOST is SL, not MR or My3.

  6. ranjit Says:

    Yahapalanaya only the word same like JR’s Dharmishta Palanaya in 77. Both these words they used to hoodwink the public. Nothing Dharmista or Yahapalana in UNP rule except murder,thuggery and intimidation. We have seen them how they ruled in the past and nothing new will come up now with these rich western orientated Tie Coat clique.

    Christian,Muslim,Tamil Yahapalana bunch will bring our country to knees very soon due to American pressure. Americans do not have any love to Sinhalese. They are trying to divide the country not unite. Majority don’t agree for having close ties with evil America at all. They have never done anything good to any country they associated with. It will be like Sudan just wait and see what these white pigs will do to our country. Where is Rathanaya & Champaka? Why they are silent when American big heads visit our island on daily basis nowadays and having secret discussions with the traitors UNP? Why are they coming now? What is the secret behind all this we should know Champa? I can see some sinister motives behind their visits. Tamils & Muslims are upbeat already about their future because of Americans & others pushing this Govt to give more Autonomy for them.

    We have seen the Yahapalanaya already with the actors like John Amaratunga,Rajitha,Rathanaya,Awamangalaya and Ravi. They are acting like Dictators already. They are planning to harass and intimidate all Opposition members of Parliament before the General election. They have arrested Tissa Attanayaka to start with.This is the beginning of their coup advised by Americans. Yahapalana Tie Coat clique is dancing to western music nowadays not like the previous clique who always cherished local music. Already the Americans have started to disrespect our lion flag and no one in Yahapalana Govt has protested about this crime. So we can expect more like this in the future too. We cannot just stay idle and be a spectator to all the negative things happening in our homeland, we must organize ourselves to fight these enemies of ours if not we all have to regret later on.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Facebook” Lorenzo wails “Look at YARL DEVI. NO SINGHALESE can get into it when the train comes to Anuradhapura on MOST days. Previously they could SIT and travel.”

    Is this a SIGNIFICANT REASON to OUST the UPFA GOSL that Liberated the Nation and was Developing the Nation at BREAKNECK pace? Is It??

    If so, then why don’t you cutoff that UGLY LUMP you call your NOSE to SPITE your face TOO?

    There is no BALANCE to your STATEMENTS; EVERYTHING is PRESENTED as if it is a REASON TO HANG MR! That is the BEGINNING and the END of your REASONING …. BECAUSE it WAS and IS your GOAL as an EELAMIST!

    There were MANY COMPELLING REASONS to develop the North and East Ra[idly:

    1. Defuse International Criticism quickly,

    2. Enable the Tamil people, however much they supported the LTTE in the past, the opportunity to rapidly reconstruct their livelihoods,

    3. To CREATE the BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE NECESSARY for Sinhala people to WILLINGLY VOLUNTEER to settle in the North and East in search of greater opportunities.

    Sinhala people will not settle in a devastated war zone, without decent Roads, Railways, Post Offices, Banks, Police Security, Supermarkets, and all the infrastructure necessary to create jobs for workers, and the means for farmers and other producers of manufactured goods, to sell their products locally, and in markets in the rest of the country.

    That voluntary migration and settlement by Sinhala people, is not the RAPID GOSL sponsored settlement we like to see in the North and East, but is very likely to be MORE PERMANENT & STABLE than GOSL settlement BECAUSE of the National Infrastructure that the GOSL was creating there to INTEGRATE the entire nation into ONE WHOLE.

    That is the PRINCIPAL REASON why the TNA DOES NOT WANT Infrastructre Development by the GOSL in the North and East. They don’t want it UNTIL THEY HAVE THE LAND and POLICE Powers to prevent the migration and settling of Sinhala people in those areas. EXCLUSION of Sinhala people from SETTLING in those areas WAS and WILL FOREVER BE the FOCUS of their RACIST concept of EELAM!

    And you, “Facebook” Lorenzo … KNEW that VERY WELL … so you did your UTMOST to UNDERMINE and OUST the UPFA GOSL before that OBJECTIVE of INTEGRATING the North & EAST into the rest of Sri Lanka could be achieved!


  8. Sarath W Says:

    Loreazo says “It is the bloody UNP behind this STATE TERRORISM Not MY3.

    This shows MY3 is blackmailed by the UNP and the enemies of Sri Lanka, LTTE, Ranil, Chandrika, USA, UK etc for taking their bait. Now he is impotent, their prisoner.

    God help our mother land.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    It’s Yaalpalanaya, not Yahapalanaya !!

  10. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    UnPatriotic Party (UNP) only brings BEESHANAYA TO THE SINHALESE. Remember dharmisha thambi mudiyanselage jr,
    remember alugosu lk premadasa? What did they give to Sri Lanka? Dead bodies, mostly headless! They won’t give motorways, town centres, harbours, new railways etc. etc.
    Traitor Sinhalese think it is still fashionable to support this catholic and mossie run UnPatriotic Party.

    These traitors know stupid Sinhalese going to vote them. So they appease them just before an election.
    Only a few months is enough because Sinhalese idiots nowadays have got very very short memories. So appease them
    just before the election and dump them just after the election and pamper the minorities.

    UnPatriotic Party is only good at murdering (Sinhalese only, they didn’t have any tooth to fight the real terrorists LTTE).
    UnPatriotic Party is a virus to Sri Lanka. It is a virus to Buddhism. Sinhalese supporting this murderous, traitors nothing but traitors themselves!

  11. Indrajith Says:

    Sri Lanka’s Marxist party public complaints unit receives complaint against President’s brother
    Wed, Feb 4, 2015, 09:07 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Feb 04, Colombo: The public complaints unit of Sri Lanka’s Marxist party, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) has received a complaint on the alleged involvement of one of President Maithripala Sirisena’s brother in illegal sand mining in the Polonnaruwa District.

    The complaint was handed over to JVP Western Provincial Councilor Lakshman Nipunarachchi by businessman Sujeewa Sudhasinghe, who engages in sand mining on a license received by the government.

    Sudhasinghe has stated that despite engaging in sand mining work on an official license received by the government, one of President Sirisena’s brothers had continuously obstructed his business and in some instances forcibly taken away consignments of sand while being kept for official inspection before distribution.

    According to the JVP Councilor, the businessman has requested for justice to be meted out to him and to be ensured the freedom to carry out his legal business.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    Let us keep our beautiful and meaningful National Anthem of Namo Namo Matha just as it is!

    I have NEVER heard another National Anthem in the ENTIRE world that is as BEAUTIFUL and MEANINGFUL as Sri Lanka’s National Anthem of Namo Namo Matha.

    It EXPLICITLY identifies and gives advice on ALL the IMPORTANT things that I LOVE & TREASURE about my Resplendent Motherland.

    So, here it is in FULL for your enjoyment:

    Sri Lanka National Anthem

    Sri Lanka Matha,
    Apa Sri Lanka,
    Namo Namo Namo Namo Matha.

    Sundara siri barini,
    Surändi athi sobamana Lanka
    Dhanya dhanaya neka mal palathuru
    piri jaya bhoomiya ramya.

    Apa hata säpa siri setha sadana,
    Jeevanaye Matha!
    Piliganu mana apa bhakti pooja,
    Namo Namo Matha.

    Apa Sri Lanka,
    Namo Namo Namo Namo Matha.

    Obave apa vidya,
    Obamaya apa sathya,
    Obave apa shakti,
    Apa hada thula bhakti.

    Oba apa aloke,
    Apage anuprane,
    Oba apa jeevana ve,
    Apa muktiya obave.

    Nava jeevana demine,
    Nithina apa pubudu karan matha.
    Gnana veerya vadavamina
    Ragena yanu mana jaya bhoomi kara.

    Eka mavekuge daru kala bavina,
    Yamu yamu wee nopama,
    Prema vada sama bheda durarada,
    Namo Namo Matha.

    Apa Sri Lanka,
    Namo Namo Namo Namo Matha.

    English Translation:

    Mother Lanka – we salute Thee!
    Plenteous in prosperity, Thou,
    Beauteous in grace and love,
    Laden with corn and luscious fruit
    And fragrant flowers of radiant hue,
    Giver of life and all good things,
    Our land of joy and victory,
    Receive our grateful praise sublime,
    Lanka! we worship Thee.
    Thou gavest us Knowledge and Truth,
    Thou art our strength and inward faith,
    Our light divine and sentient being,
    Breath of life and liberation.
    Grant us, bondage free, inspiration.
    Inspire us for ever.
    In wisdom and strength renewed,
    Ill-will, hatred,
    strife all ended,
    In love enfolded, a mighty nation
    Marching onward, all as one,
    Lead us, Mother, to fullest freedom.
    Mother Lanka – we salute Thee!

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