Fighting Corruption must stand by when the bigger fight is against external threats to our survival as a Nation
Posted on February 28th, 2015

R Chandrasoma

 In our contemporary world, the destabilization of heretofore stable nations and the gross interference in the internal affairs of the weak and the unprotected appear to be a system-features of its global dynamics. The so-called Big Powers feel it their right and duty to monitor – and often direct –  the affairs of those unable to ward off their baleful influences. It is needless to add that matters are made worse by the near-anarchic state of cities and states across the world due to the recent colossal misadventures of those who were supposed to be global leaders and peace-keepers

We in Sri Lanka are hopelessly vulnerable to the power-play of ‘actors’ near and far. Let us be specific – the Tamils will be a powerful force in the future and will have the great advantage of cross-nation support bases – something we in Sri Lanka will never have. Two groups will play a a key part – the Diasporic Tamils and the race-incited zealots of Tamil Nadu. Let us speak of the Diasporic Tamils first – a new generation of well-placed Tamils whose parents fled their home-country have become Sinhala-Haters by cultural inheritance. Like the Jewish antipathy towards Muslims, the venom towards a supposedly historic enemy is passed along with the genes. This group – well off and well entrenched – will be Sri Lanka’s chief enemy in the decades ahead. They will be ably assisted by an increasingly belligerent Tamil Nadu – whose politicians will find the ‘Sri Lanka Issue’ as the prime tool in weakening the cohesiveness of the Indian State thereby laying the foundation for the re-emergence of a sovereign Tamil Nation. That the Western Powers will welcome such an eventuality is beyond question and the dangers posed to us will be ignored only by the incredibly naive or incurably unpatriotic.

It is the latter group that is politically dominant in Sri Lanka after the historic defeat of MR. For the first time in recent history political reform is driven by a prime concern for the well-being of the Tamil and Muslim Minorities – not tor the good of Sri Lanka or its Sinhala majority. The New Leaders refuse to recognize that we are an imperiled nation wracked from within by divisive forces inspired by Big Powers that find our sturdy independence an offence to their standing as world leaders. Indeed, they see the  West  as their Friend and source of probity and good sense.  In this perilous state our first concern must be security – not futile attempts at peace-making or gestures of conciliation directed at groups that will use this weakness to bolster their own strength. Let us be armed and ready before we talk of peace and let that overworked bogy of corruption be set aside so that we can attend to an imminent danger.


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  1. AnuD Says:

    What ever it is Mahinda Rajapakse lost his way after 2010. That changed every thing.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Yes he did.

    We pointed it out in 2014 but we were abused and banned for saying it.

    Finally the people spoke.

    Its not too late for MR/GR to get back. But they should wait till the PM becomes the powerful position. Then make the move.

  3. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Hi we are against Indian Empire, Indian colonial parasites and Indian vermin. It is not only us all subjects of Indian Empire from Fiji to Guyana. Jai Hind

  4. L Perera Says:

    SRI LANKANS went to the polls to elect a new executive president and now have to live in a politicaly uunstable state with possible economic down turn. My thoughts are with and concerns are for , the Poor and Battlers of the island . To All politicans I say…………..
    HAVE A CONSCIENCE before the gods and devas decide to intervene.


  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    MR lost his way ? NO.

    MR was first forced to go Regional for help to fight the LTTE. Then he was “portrayed as not pro-west/capitalism”. This is NOT true either. Subtle and direct media campaigns of untruth were done with money from vested interests.

    The campaign is still on against ALL PATRIOTS ! It is subtle and a soft push.

    MR never lost his way. He is a Patriot.

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Prime example of this is batalane poosa. The unelected pm of Sri Lanka is a token Buddhist.
    His Buddhism is just for hoodwinking stupid Sinhalese during election time. After getting into
    power, they are into their usual treacherous ways. Batalande poosa’s family been catholics sine
    the time of don juan. So he just pretends to be a Buddhist. That’s more than enough for some
    stupid Sinhalese idiots. Lucky chappy. Easy to hoodwink those idiots. Easy to murder those stupid
    Sinhalese idiots. (Look at JVP jokers. They are now sleeping with Unpatriotic Party guys who killed their
    brethren without any mercy. They were just like pol pot. But ltte terrorists were teated like pets.)
    Some Sinhalese idiots have very short memories. They don’t give a toss about the country, their race
    or the Buddhism.

    Sinhalese should form a party like the two sets of foreigners. We have Traitors Northern Alliance (TNA),
    and Sri Lankan Multiplying Community (SLMC). Why not Sinhalese Sri Lanka Party? Align with mighty China.
    And get rid of these traitor scums to save our country!

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Lot of speculation laced with some truth.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    There are many survival issues affecting Lanka.
    Strange that short sighted folk don’t realise that their survival depends on the survival of the vast majority ! Same truth goes for every country.

  9. GamiGreenGlobe Says:

    The defeat of MR has had its own reasons though he is the only capable leader identified who believes in the territorial integrity as well as the welfare of the Sinhala Majority in Sri Lanka. Now, what we all voters should do is that identifying and isolating those who try to nail the Sinhala Buddhist mass as the voiceless in this country.
    We have to amend our constitution to keep Indian union intact .. ! I do not think so ..
    Like the French say, you speak French in France. And if you want to wear hijarb, go to Saudi Arabia and live not in this secular land .. It makes lot of sense ..

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