Excellence in Patriotic Journalism at LankaWeb
Posted on March 2nd, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

Great to recognize the excellent content published today, as always,  in LankaWeb by HLD Mahindapala and Shenali Waduge.  I know for a fact that this content will be looked at with a “fine-toothcomb” by RAW and the West.

As responded by Franz Dias, (and agreed by most Sinhala) the most important is to highlight-;

(1) Remove the 13-A.

(2) Remove Tamil as a National/Official language.

This should be the Main Agenda of Mahinda Rajapaksa manifest.


Shenali you are right – Eelam is not for Lanka Tamils or Hindus !

I might add that – Eelam is Not For Sri Lanka, period.

Regarding Modi’s visit to Sri Lanka…… Give Modi enough Rope-to-Hang himself.  Let Modi visit Jaffna, after Colombo. Perhaps with the Prime Minister + Governor of Central Bank + CJ for a good measure!

Modi might decide to take the return flight from Palali Airport Jaffna to New Delhi.

Regime Change – So far the Sri Lanka Regime Change, as instigated by USA-UK-India, went by the Ballot not the Bullet, as it happened in Iraq-Libya.

The weekend slaying of Boris Nemtsov, according to insiders in Moscow & St. Petersburg, was NOT the doings of President Putin.  With a Public Approval rating of 86%, Vladimir Putin does not need any Russian political blood on his hands. He can win by the Ballot!

With the impending Parliamentary Elections in Sri Lanka, ex President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Personal Security is of Paramount Importance. As stated by more than many in LankaWeb contributions, Ranil Wickramasinghe is panicking and running around circles to hang-on to his residence at Temple Trees.

Although Shenali Waduge made an impressive presentation on the Christian/Catholic Tamil clergy promoting Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka is almost 100% true, not all Sinhala Catholics share this view.

Furthermore, I might add that, the West has no axe-to-grind against Buddhism. As a religion, Buddhism has a great deal of respect, in general,  from the West. Unfortunately, there is no Global Leader or Figurehead for Buddhism, except His Holiness Dalai Lama of Tibet, who excels in his own personality with Pious smile, sense of humour and Intelligence.

Back to Sri Lanka, and the reclaimed Port City of Colombo: As a counter-measure to balance the strategic influence of West & India, the Legal Agreements between Sri Lanka & China should be maintained.

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8 Responses to “Excellence in Patriotic Journalism at LankaWeb”

  1. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Keep ’em coming Prof!
    Pity you weren’t there to be MR’s chief advisor at a time when he could have used your advice as otherwise he might have still been in office had it not been for thr bad advice he was bombarded with by a few cronies who were more deadbeat losers than nation benefitting legislators!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    MR has still not agreed to scrap the 13 amendment.

    Until MR agrees to SCRAP 13 amendment, he has NO future.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:


    I wrote that MY3 should be handling the removal of the 13-A as MR has already done his part in removing the LTTE from Sri Lankan soil.
    I also said that the most important issues are :

    – Removal of the 13-A
    – Removal of Tamil language as a National/Official language as that is what attracts Tamil illegal migrants to Lanka. As we all now know, India is divided into separate states by language and all the states next to Tamil Nadu do not allow the proliferation of Tamil language in their states, for obvious reasons. Why shouldn’t Lanka protect herself in the same manner as the problem is leading to the division of Lanka, and encouraged by westophile Tamil leaders.

    It may end up needing all the concerned political parties as well as MY3 & MR, Ranil and CBK to do this ? As matters stand, we are left thinking that some leaders in Lanka are more concerned about pleasing the west than being concerned about the citizens of Lanka.

  4. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Majority of Anglos are not prepared to accept that the last British Empire in fact was a British-Indian Empire and after world war two it is the Indian Empire because of their ego. Jai Hind.

  5. ranjit Says:

    Prof. What ever said and done millions of our citizens wish to have Mahinda back on the saddle. Still people believes him and have faith on him to deliver the best of best for the country he and millions loves most. We are worried only about one thing and that is our homeland.If we do not take care of our land of birth then we do not have a place to call home. This is the land of Sinhalese Buddhists and it should be the same for ever.

    Americans,British and the Indians are visiting the country now almost on daily basis because that chance was given to them by these western backed Yahaplana stooges who do not care about the country or it’s people except their own self. When Ranil was the P.M. in 2004 it was the same scenario. They came in batches and pressured Ranil to give half of the country to Prabakaran. This time too they are coming to do the same and we as a nation must be on guard to save our country from this evil coup plotters.

  6. NAK Says:

    “Although Shenali Waduge made an impressive presentation on the Christian/Catholic Tamil clergy promoting Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka is almost 100% true, not all Sinhala Catholics share this view”

    This assertion is not entirely true. For example the Catholic church as a whole was against the building of Norochcholai power plant and obstructed its construction for nearly a decade if not more, purely because the LTTE objected to it claiming that area to be within their dream Eelam. Even though they(sinhala catholics) did not activly engaged in Eelam project they were silent admirers.
    That was mainly because the Cardinals and most of the bisghops were Tamils until cardinal Malcom Ranjith who broke that tradition realizing that they are becoming alienated from Sri Lankan identity.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    If the bulk of the people of Lanka want Sri Lanka intact in one piece, the best and kindest thing to do by both sides of the ethnic divide is to remove the Tamil language from being a National/Official language. Lanka need not keep importing illegal Tamil labor to pad up labor numbers. No need for Tamil language in Lanka.

    Gone are the days when Tamil labor (indentured, virtual slavery) was indispensable to the British Empire builders. Tea plucking can be done via machines as done in S, Africa, India, China, Japan, etc. Chinese tea plucking machines are cheap. Anyone can operate these machines as they are like dust busters used in the west – just run the machine smoothly over the tea bushes and with one or two persons holding the machine, the requires tea leaves are removed into a bag. Cost of operations will fall and the tea plucker does not have to do the back breaking repetitive work. Also release for them from the Brit slave type line rooms. Everyone is released and happy.

    If D&D Lankans do not use their grey matter, Lanka is lost in infighting and wars presenting a rich ground for enemy action by outsiders. Even vultures come to dying prey. Let us not be foolish – ALL gain in peace and prosperity by removing the Tamil language as a National/Official language of Lanka.

    Before that the 13-A ought to be removed. Jana Sabhas, crack SLAS > honest, savvy, Govt Angents can replace Prov. Councils.

  8. L Perera Says:

    Lanka is lost in infighting – Fran Diaz. this tells it all. If grey matter does not return in 3 months,
    We are kaput.

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