Posted on March 2nd, 2015


The behaviour of self-appointed Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe is bizarre.   He has got a big head and a very big mouth.  He must be reminded that his current position is lower than that of the former Prime Minister Mr D M Jayaratne (DMJ).  DMJ’s appointment was consistent with the constitution, but RW’s appointment is inconsistent with the constitution.  DMJ  had the support of the majority of Parliamentary Group but  RW  has still not proved his credentials on the floor of the House.

Since the defeat of the former President, nothing has changed in the position of Prime Minister.   Its role is similar to that of a Peon, not a Pillar.  Yet, the way RW is conducting the affairs of the nation with a firm strong hand should be condemned.

RW’s current strategy is to  increase his powers through proposed constitutional amendments with the support of the SLFP, before facing the General Election.   He will have overriding authority to manipulate the affairs of the nation, without any consultation.   It will be too late for SLFP to undo the powers of RW.

RW knows well that if Electoral Reforms are enacted before the General Election, with the First Past the Post System, UNP will not be able to win government on its own.    RW also knows if Prime Ministerial powers are not increased now with two third majority, a future Parliament most unlikely to yield such outcome. 

The SLFP must keep RW in his proper place.  He has been dancing far too much to appease Tamils, Muslims, his Non-National friends, Westerners alike. 

Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera is largely responsible for the creation of this mess in the country. The Reverend Bhikku is now gradually changing his stance and beginning to attack the government, just after 50 days.  He is worried that public anger will very soon flow into the vicinity of Kotte Naga Vihare and he may have to find a place to hide.  Taking a  U Turn on his previous stance may not find a place in heaven.    He has committed a cardinal Sin.

Sri Lanka had a strong and stable government for many years, now with the continuation of  political and financial instability  during past 50 days, Sri Lanka is entering into a danger zone.

A major split in SLFP is imminent.  The President and RW ‘s baptism if continued, those corrupt culprits in the UPFA government will seek shelter under an Alliance of the President and RW.   The rest of the die-hard SLFP’s are likely to form into a new Alliance under the leadership of former President Mr Mahinda Rajapakse.

Though the possibility of SLFP split is regrettable, its long term  outcome will favour the Nation.  The public will have a clear choice at the Ballet Box.


  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    MDPD !!! Fully agree with you. He has a got a very big head (though empty ) and a very big mouth, with bad political odour. He says something, which he thinks will put a chuckle on his audience, but it is only he, who puts a silly grin.

    He gets a better pay packet now, than when he was in the Opposition. So he has to hang on, so he thinks he could. Alles Gute.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is imperative that the next elections are not rigged.

  3. Dilrook Says:


    The next election will be even more rigged than the last one. Hundreds of thousands of Tamils and Muslims in Western Province have a second vote in Northern, Eastern or Central provinces. They will use both votes even more than they did in January because now they know the power of their second vote. UPFA’s organisation capabilities were very weak in Northern, Eastern or Central provinces to detect these and now it is non-existent.

    In addition, the current mud campaign of baseless allegations against the former rulers is very effective as there are no unbiased media. Today Sri Lanka is a near complete dictatorship.

    I forecast a minimum of 53% of votes for the UNP islandwide which will be its highest ever. The only way Mahinda can make an impact is by taking up popular issues like abrogation of 13A as almost every contributor to this website says. It is very heartening to see there is wide consensus on abrogation of 13A among all patriots whatever the political camp they are in. All nationalist forces should be combined to deny UNP a comeback. Only a slogan that every nationalist can agree can rally them together. Abrogation of 13A is the only one so far. However, it is very unlikely he will do so and that will determine the election outcome.

  4. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Hi all, the island is now run by Indian imperialists. Chandrika “governor on holidays who knows. Governor Colie Siriseana trying to be the boss and Kanakani Ranil running the joint with his gang. The Sinhalese fighting among themselves as they have done since 1951. Jai Hind.

  5. Independent Says:

    Are you saying it is impossible for Mahinda to win ( assuming election is rigged)?
    Then the only way is NVP (NugeGod Vimukti Peramuna) revolutionsimilar to 1989 ?

    Over the years I have seen you as an excellent analyst and a realistic writer.

    Not sure whether my argument will be condemned as that of a “Droyhia” but I am sure at least 1 man with a good brain will read it.

    OK. Assume Election is Not Rigged – very unlikely according to your analysis.

    If NVP is formed , well campaigned including 13A removal promise under the patronage of Geet the Great, NVP must win 75% of Sinhala votes to win the election ( unless electoral method of pre 1977 is used – which Runil obviously would not allow unless he is brain damaged).
    Even if that happens MR will have to work under the executive presidency of My3 who has the 100% western and Indian backing. To avoid this and remove MY3’s powers (even calling a referendum is under his authority), NVP must with 95% Sinhala votes to secure 2/3.

    Don’t you think that a better strategy is required ?

  6. ranjit Says:

    If by any chance UNP comes to power the same way they won the Presidential elections then there wont be a country to call home for Sinhala Buddhists because already the western and Indian Imperialists & coup plotters are here to give advise to this rattle snake Ranil and his cronies what to do next. For some foreigners North is bigger than Colombo and they go straight to see the Indian Kallathoni Vigneswaran first than meeting the President or the P.M. All the LTTE cadres,Sympathizers,Financiers are up in arms and dreaming already about their future. Why this Govt allow the western Govt’s and the Indians to go to the North and East as they pleased? What is the reason for them to meet the Governor or the Chief Minister? Why they do not go to see any other Chief Ministers or other Govt officials in other part of the country? Why so special about North and East for them? We need answers for these because we can see something fishy is going on between Tamil,Muslims and the foreign spies who are coming to visit Sri Lanka on daily basis. Sinhalaya must not sit idle in this situation because we are the ones who will suffer if we allow Tamils & Muslims to carry on their ambitious evil programs. Be alert and be ready before the bomb explode.

    Time has come to bring back Nugegoda Man to the forefront as there is none to trust in this Yahaplanaya. Their main aim is to tarnish the image of the Nugegoda Man and label him as a criminal before the elections. We as Sinhala Buddhists must canvass with full force to bring this great hero of us to lead a new party which will promise to scarp 13 and good Governance with lot of experience. UNP & S.L.F.P are both out of date now. Both parties were full of power hungry bad apples whom we cannot have faith anymore. You have frogs,leeches,cut throats,back stabbers,drug lords,pimps and prostitutes among them. Only way we can go forward is to have a brand new party with a brand new vision. What ever said and done the only candidate to fill the leaders position is none other than the former President Mahinda Rajapksa nobody else because he is strong and have guts to tell anyone who poke their fingers in our affairs to mind their own business. He did two important things to our Motherland which we cannot forget easily. # 1-is, stopped the war and eliminated the most ruthless killer of all time Velupillai Prabakaran. # 2- developed the whole country within 4 years which no leader has done before. These two were enough for me than anything in this world and I think millions will agree with me on this. If you need to live in Peace and Harmony then bring back Nugegoda Man back to lead.

  7. douglas Says:

    Mr. Dissanayake: You have very correctly grouped Mr. Ranil with Mr. Jayaratne – the ex Prime Minister. In many ways, however, both have different talents, in that, Mr. Ranil is a master operator while Mr. Yayaratne is a “embolus” meaning a “blood clot” in the regime of Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse. This Mr. Jayaratne when caught red handed involved in a “massive drug” racket, Mr. MR observed complete silence and continued to “love” him without kicking him out of the cabinet. Perhaps , you would remember, he (Mr. Jayaratne) admitted in public that he was introduced to that Pakistan drug dealer by his son and had lunch at his residence in Gampola, during the Provincial Council elections. To add insult to injury he also said ” I signed that letter, because I had no time to read it”. What a Prime Minister, Mr. MR maintained. Of that reason, I am happy Mr. MR was kicked out by the people. What is the use of having a President like that.

    In the same way, I am beginning to see this present Prime Minster also turning out to be that “embolus” (blood clot) to the present President.

    Dilrook: You want Mr. MR to campaign for the abolition of the 13th amendment and bid for a come back? Please come to Carlton, tell that and persuade him to start his campaign. I will have the last laugh. A man who held the position of President with a 2/3rd majority with all the “Executive Powers” for many long years did not do it; and you want him to base his campaign on that. If he takes your advice, that will be his “Last Breadth”.

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    THE TAMIL SECOND VOTE is a very serious matter. There is nothing called ”indelible ink ” Somebody wrote a long time back how to get the ink/paint off the finger. Present Government will not look into it as it is advantageous for them.

    So there is going to be a lot of rigging.


    Now it is ?aka palanaya at its best.



  9. douglas Says:

    Dear Susantha: You referred to that subject of Commissions and wanted know the how many and the cost. Please don’t be surprised or stunned with the following:

    The ex President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse appointed (quite unnecessarily) to “APPEASE” the international community a Commission to “Investigate and Rreport on “Missing Persons” in the North and Eastern provinces from 1983 to 2009, headed by Attorney Maxwell Paranagama. Also at a later date, “His Excellency the Ex President, Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse appointed three “Foreign Advisers” to the Commission, – Dr. Desmond de Silva, Rodney Dixon QC and David M Crane.

    We, tax payers of Sri Lanka have already paid Rs. 135 million and some more payments are due. It is estimated that amount will rise up to Rs. 400.00 millions. for these “Three Experts” alone. This amount has been paid directly through the Central Bank and no Cabinet approval has been given. This is the President who “trumpeted” to say “No Foreigner” will be allowed to get involved in any “Investigation”. For your further information, these three “Foreign Big Brains” were in Sri Lanka for only three days and never visited even North or East. After three days they left the capital city Colombo and it is now suspected that they are “geared ” to give a separate report on “mission persons”. If you still need the details of the payments so far made, I am most willing to provide it.

    The Investigations, that you refer must be to ongoing inquiries as regards the “Massive, Mega Deals” that have been executed during the regime of Mr. MR. Those are manned by “Locals” and we need it and need to be known by the people of this country. Those relate to Million and Million of “MISSION” tax moneys. We have to get back that money and a certain proportion could be set apart as “recovery expenses”. We don’t mind it.

    Compare the above two Investigations and see for yourself WHO DOLED OUT our money? Please remember, in the case of those “Foreign Experts” we have paid in Sterling Pounds and Dollars and that money probably, at least part of it belonged or came from those “House Maids” employed in the Middle East. Should “HE” the King be excused?

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    MR the pre & post WAR President, has beenn forced to do many things with false war crimes charges held against him.
    He was called a ‘Dictator’ and made to loosen up security.
    The EU imposed a GSP ban on garments, and that was blamed on the MR govt.
    The EU also imposed a ban on fish from Sri Lanka recently, not expecting the Naripalanaya Sir Ranil govt to come into power !
    He was made to investigate Missing Persons and after it was done or half done, his govt is accused of spending too much.
    Many Missing Persons it appears disappeared of their own accord. Tsunami Missing are also included in Missing Persons, to pad up numbers.
    Even P’karan & Pottu Amman are Missing Persons of the Tsunami. However, there are lots of people who know this truth. That is why a VIP funeral for 3 persons (missing) in the Tsunami was held in the East some months after the Tsunami struck. Even P’karan’s parents came to attend this funeral which proved the importance of it. The one who died at Nanthikadal lagoon was one of P’karan’s doubles.
    The above is just a short list of how the MR govt was harrassed.

  11. Dilrook Says:


    There is no revolution whatsoever. Its all about the ballot. Mahinda is already denied candidacy from the SLFP coalition. He will have to either win back SLFP candidacy or contest alone. There is no need to win 75% of Sinhala votes. The contest SLFP has is with the UNP. Both will be vying for the Sinhala vote and a few Tamil votes (elected Tamil and Muslim MPs from UNP and SLFP will cross over to the winning coalition). The need is around 49% of the Sinhala vote (with JVP also taking a share). TNA, SLMC and CWC will grab most of the minority seats.

    However, contesting alone, Mahinda cannot come any close. It has two impacts. Prior to the election, it will force the SLFP proper to accomodate Mahinda or suffer a split and defeat. If this fails, the Mahinda camp can still contest and win about 10 -15 seats nationally. SLFP will suffer a bad defeat. Following the election, UNP policies and Sirisena’s policies don’t match for obvious differences in focus. That leads to instability and as in 2004 and another election. That is when Mahinda can become the Prime Minister for certainty. SLFP’s internal agitation for leadership will require Mahinda or Sirisena adopting Mahinda’s popular slogans. In order to do that, his party/camp must win as many seats they can in the June election. There is no presidential election until 2020 and President Sirisena is likely to continue.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    ANY SUGGESTIONS TO STOP THE SECOND VOTE. OH ! I REMEMBER THE REMEDY BY PRABHA. ***CUT OFF THE HAND***- He only cut one hand can you cut million hands? never know ….

    If MR elected as PR will MS work with him ???

    You all are fighting each other but NEP taken over by Indian & Modi is visiting his new found Indian union states Saiva TE (NPC) & Muslim TE (EPC) on 18th .

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    SA Kumar is right in that D&D Lankan infighting will only lead to Indian take over of N&E.


    Anyway, why did this political coup happen in Lanka at great expense to the Nation, both in funds and reputation ? Wasn’t it to go gung ho on Westward Ho ! with mon capitaine Sir Ranil wearing a skull & crossbones hat to boot and with Baroness CBK his counterpart to fire the torpedoes on the unwary ships that pass the UNP pirate boat ? Since European, US & Israeli elections are going to happen this year and next, are we to expect a lot of salvos to be fired into the hapless East ?

    With the pirate boat UNP in power at present, do we have Democracy or Independence in Lanka ? Will the local situation calm down after Brit & Israeli elections are over (US elections are next year, but already gearing up for it) ? Watch both these elections carefully as it affects both India & Lanka.

    Voters, batten down your hatches and make sure that the next election in June is NOT RIGGED ! Let us keep our sense of balance in political matters.
    We hold the educated voter of Lanka responsible to carry forward the country in a balanced manner.

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