One Biased UN High Commissioner For Human Rights Seems To Have Been Replaced By Another.
Posted on March 7th, 2015

Insight By Sunil Kumar,

Mar.7th, 2015

Re – Zeid warns Lanka on rights probe:
Must be as easy as pie to walk into an office vacated by someone as highly biased as his predecessor was, pick up the loads of files attesting to her wasted efforts on the issue albeit perhaps valiantly as she tried and then sound like an echo in his cacaphony about warning Sri Lanka “not to repeat the failures of the past” as it is a poor reflection on the man who does not seem to be able to make his own mind up and prefers to sound like a repeating groove echoing the vapid idealogies of Navi Pillai whom he replaced rather than do a fact finding mission of his own before putting his own credibilities on the line in trying to be judge, jury and executioner all by himself which is in fact quite laughable!

The discerning world is well aware of where the Pillai rhetoric came from ~ sans  a smidgen of tangible evidence and was perhaps one of the most worthless accusations ever submitted towards her claims of rights violations in Sri Lanka as they invariably pointed to the Tamil Diaspora urgings and coercings whom she obviously responded to with  the blown out of proportion lies and innuendo that combined with all the sob stories  against the Government of Sri Lanka. Painfully visible as part of the  conundrum of accusations put forward by all the protagonists of graphic miscreations  like the infamous  Tean 4 et al ~ some of the best illusionary artists the world has ever seen and as though it were the Tamils whose rights were violated and no pne else’s where greater implications always seemed to rest on the attrocities commited by the criminally liable Tamil Tiger terrorists of Velupillai Prabhakaran infamy.

So before HC. Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein starts to sound like his predecessor Pillai it may be an opportune time to warn him rather than his warning  Sri Lanka as he seems to be unaware of many protocols which governed the perfectly legitimate actions of the Government of Sri Lanka defending Sovereignity, and Territorial Integrity which incorporated the safety of all Sri Lankans and the only exception being the enemy that sought to destroy the Nation and thwarted by the Armed Forces under the leadership of previous President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Bearing in mind that, to date there is nothing that could implicate the Government of Sri Lanka beyond innuendo and the sob stories of certain minority Tamils and their supportives who continue to be disgruntled that their champion Prabhakaran was decimated alongside his cohorts of death and devastation linked to a conspiratorial ring of global support, try as he might the High Commissioner would never succeed in proving his point as there is nothing to prove, the facts being etched in stone that the actions taken by  the Sovereign  Sinhala Nation towards self  preservaton was perfectly justified.

Therefore when  the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein has chosen to  warn the Sri Lankan Government not to repeat the failures of the past, there seems to be a similar kind of instigation that was ever present during the Navi Pillai tenure that seemed to propel her on in her quest to intimidate the Government of Sri Lanka and a timely warning needs to be sent out to the present Regime of Maithripala Sirisena not to be bluffed, co-erced or intimidated by such rhetoric emanating from the UNHCR as it is nothing new!

Despite his eloquence at the 28th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, after presenting his annual report,where  al – Hussein has urged the authorities in Sri Lanka to consult deeply with the people, especially the victims, in order to design mechanisms that will work and not repeat the failures of the past he seems to have forgotte to define who the victims are or simply does not know as there are victims on both sides of the divide, some whose victimisations were necessitated by a legitimate anti terrorist campaign and others caught in a crossfire between the Armed Forces and the terrorists in their attempt to restore Law and order and  yet others who were mendaciously terrorised and slaughtered by the Tamil Tiger terrorists irrespective of ethnicity towards their own ends!
It also seems inconsequential  that a report on Sri Lanka  to be presented to the UNHRC during the ongoing session.which al-Hussein had recommended be postponed till September where regardless of when it is submitted the end result in all probabilities would be the same and a foregone conclusion towards inability to hold Sri Lanka accountable for the accusations presented based simply on the bias and reprehensible distortion of facts as always is the case where Tamil Tiger sympathisers are involved.

When the High Commissioner has said “the decision was taken after serious reflection and acting upon the suggestion of the investigations group of experts” it appears to be a roundabout way of delaying the submission towards ascertaining whether or not it was justified or worth the risk of ridicule in like manner to what his predecessor encountered where she as well as her boss the ubiquitois and at times ambiguous  Ban ki Moon walked away empty handed with no tangible evidence beyond the usual hoopla and hype created by Sri Lanka’s adversaries and ended up with an empty agenda and a waste of the taxpayer’s money!

All this while the world wonders  why Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein seems to believe this is a singular opportunity for the Government to lay the foundation in justice, for lasting peace and reconciliation – factors never in doubt in the aftermath of the terrorist elimination which to a degree were hampered by some with vested interests towards ursurping the smooth functioning of Sri Lanka where they appear to have consorted with the devil towards their own agendas and ambitions.
And hardly surprising when many surmise how uncanny it seems that one biased High Commissioner for Human Rights at the UN  has now been replaced by another of the same ilk! with no reservations towards how to intimidate Sri Lanka.

3 Responses to “One Biased UN High Commissioner For Human Rights Seems To Have Been Replaced By Another.”

  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    The common denominator is that they are all trying to impress their Master in the White House, hoping to get nominated for the highly politicised award, “the Nobel Peace Prize”

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Doubt very much that the esteemed Arthut Nobel intended the peace price to be awarded to biased, myopic appointees of a partisan West who meddle in the internal affairs of sovereign nations!So try as these types might they are doomed to failure.
    A very appropriate caption for these types certainly are as expressed~”some with vested interests towards ursurping the smooth functioning of Sri Lanka where they appear to have consorted with the devil towards their own agendas and ambitions.”

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    IS THIS NEW MAN A PRINCE FROM SAUDI ?? I also had a friend, Prince Wanigasekere.

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