Posted on March 7th, 2015

Kanthar P Balanathan

Hon. Mr. Mangala Samaraweera MP

Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Democratic Socialist Republic of SriLanka,

Parliament of SriLanka,

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs,


I take this opportunity to write to you, Sir, as a SriLankan Australian, from a country, which upholds, honesty, integrity, and justice, in an ideal democratic environment.

Although I was born in Manipay, Jaffna, I grew up in Kamburupitiya and Matara. My primary and secondary College education was at St. Thomas College, Matara. Subsequently I was at Hartley College, Point Pedro.

Hon Minister,

Your successful mission with the UN HRC should be highly appreciated by the SriLankans. However, Tamils are running a conspiracy against SL and your government. I would like to discuss and bring to light some concerns, and how the physiotherapies are being carried out by TNA, Trans National Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), Global Tamil Forum (GTF), British Tamil Forum (BTF) and, Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), to accelerate their vision and mission of secession from SL, with the help of UN, and US.

I am not sure whether I am a smart patriot or a patriot, however, whatever it is, I am fervently dedicated to defend and protect the integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of SriLanka (SL). SriLanka is one Nation-State, and does not belong to individual ethnic group, drifters and wanderers. In a multi-cultural environment, citizens should be welcome to participate in the governance, however, ethnic group(s) neither, cannot bawl and scream nor call to partition areas to be ethnic boundaries for secession.

Sinhalese were the origins of the island since 5BC. The Northern peninsula was inhabited by Buddhist Sinhala people. History records that Tamils, Malays, Telugus, Karnataka, from India invaded SL for several centuries continuously, and mass murdered millions of Sinhalese in the island. In my perception, that is GENOCIDE of the Sinhalese, by the Tamils / Indians. India has never, ever, proffered public apology to SL at any time. One thing we all know is that India wants to have its regional supremacy and control over SL. Current invasion of Tamil Nadu fishermen is an example of their attitude towards SL. Also the approach of Indian politicians including the PM & Foreign Minister is a typical example. It may be that Indian politicians in command are playing on the intelligence of the SriLankan governance, however, it is inevitable of their disposition and culture.

Who initiated the LTTE activities? It all started from Tamil Nadu. Two smugglers started in 1970, and Vellupillai Prabakaran was blessed and trained by RAW. The 9/11 event initiated a shift in focus by the west, and the assassination of late Mr Rajiv Ghandi caused a change in policy towards the LTTE. The SriLankan government was only playing into the hands of LTTE, without perceiving that some countries helped LTTE to build its military capacity and capability. An example of LTTE’s weapons displayed below please.


The biggest question: How did they manage to smuggle through such materials, and who gave the technical expertise and support to manufacture such large military hardware? Where were the boys trained in such technical capability? Above are only a few examples of military capability of the LTTE.

We are sure that your government does know full details of the secrets now.

During an assault, it is inevitable that some civilian will get caught between the two sides resulting in death. It cannot be interpreted as GENOCIDE”. The truth is that several tens of thousands of civilians were held as human shield by the LTTE in Mullivaykal. TNA was, and, is aware of the true situation then and now. Then why do the TNA and Tamil politicians yell, blubber, and stamp a few death as GENOCIDE”?

The portfolio of the political and Tamil groups, both in SL and Tamil Diaspora, have planned their strategy and a tactical plan quite well. The strategy is to forcefully attack and implicate SL in various falsified activities to pleat sympathy from the international world, specially US.

What are the areas of the outcry by the Tamils, CV Wigneswaran and TNA?

  1. i) Resolution of Genocide by the NPC, which is a laughing matter. NPC started functioning in October 2013, and suddenly they dream of Genocide, which was well timed after the visit of foreign politicians.
  2. ii) Missing person’s hullabaloo.
  • iii) Ananthi Sasitharan’s commotion, hullabaloo and fasting.
  1. iv) CV Wigneswaran’s tape recorded tumult on decentralised absolute power sharing, which exposes his power avidity.
  2. v) Since assuming office as CM, CV Wigneswaran (CVW) has been criticising the then Governor, and complaining to the outside world that a military person has been appointed as Governor. Being a past CJ, he has missed the Rule of Law”, via the constitution. Nowhere in the constitution does it states that an ex-military person cannot be appointed as the Governor. In fact the Australian Governor is an ex-military commander. This is one of CVW’s hogwash.
  3. vi) Currently blabbering on Genocide is another gibberish act by CVW.
  • vii) TNA Sambanthar repeatedly talks about political solution. GOSL has devolved power by initiating the Provincial Councils, and elections were held for NPC. Four Ministers were appointed, who are nothing but ITAK puppets. What have the Ministers done to the people in the North? Only act is for them to appear in media, open small buildings which are not the priorities. The main focus of the Tamil politicians is to sustain their political membership of the parliament or the NPC. To maintain that, they have to keep the Tamil Eelam slogan open all the time.
  • viii) Land power: – The majority of the people have elected the government of SL. It is not the Tamils who elect the governing members of GOSL. With a total population of 20,263,723, the Sinhalese people; 15,173,820, Sri Lanka Tamils; 2,270,924 and the Indian Tamils; 842,323. On a percentage basis, Sinhalese strength is 74.88%, SL Tamils 11.21%, and Indian Tamils 4.16%. 49% of Tamils live outside the N&E. 74.88% of the SL population and 49% of the Tamils who live outside N&E elect the SriLankan government. Logically, in terms of natural and constitutional justice, in a democratic perspective, land rights should remain with Colombo (GOSL). This contention is also applicable to police power. (Ref:
  1. ix) CVW made a statement on 2nd March 2015, that GOSL did not give us anything new. They only have returned what they grabbed from Tamils, and have given what is legally has to be given to the Tamils. This is considered a high handed act, and an incriminating statement. When did GOSL grab powers from Tamils? Historically it is the Tamils from India colonised SL and grabbed Sinhala land. Mr CVW’s mental capacity, Intelligence, perception, knowledge, and his degree of patriotism towards SL should be assessed. (Ref:
  2. x) Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam has initiated to form in a virtual N&E Tamil Nation, a Tamil National Congress to govern the Tamils. (Ref:
  3. xi) Vithyatharan wants to float another alliance party with the help of ex LTTE’s and Norwegian Tamils may work with him. (Ref:,article_full.aspx)
  • xii) BTF in onslaught of criticising, GOSL of various crimes.
  • xiii) TGTE is onslaught of infecting GOSL with various fallacious stories.
  • xiv) CTC is aggressively propagating Tamil Eelam propaganda and fictitious tales.

The above are only few examples of the propaganda by the Tamils all over.

 NPC members, TNA, CVW and ITAK members are constantly engaged in false propaganda. Every day or every other day, CVW, Sambanthar, Suresh, Mavai, Ayngaranesan, and the lot appears in the media, which directs masses to think that they are only interested in keeping their political status and the parliamentary position. The NPC minister for environment is not at all interested in solving issues and problems, but keeps appearing in the media with silly answers. It is preposterous to view this minister accusing youngsters on the road. (Ref:

Rather solving problems for people in the North, NPC procures vehicles and luxury items for the CM and Ministers. Only 25% of the funds allocated was spent. Ref: Although Rs690million was allocated to NPC, the Council has not completed 128 development projects.

 What more do Tamils want? Police and Land power? No! Not at all, Sir. NPC does not require police power, because already SL has a police service throughout the country. Decentralising police power to NPC does not benefit the Province or the Country. The only advantage to CVW and ITAK is for them to have more power and discriminate & oppress low caste Tamils, and subjugate Tamils to follow their ideology of Tamil Eelam. A merit rate, and political analysis will definitely result in failure, if police power is granted to NPC. Former SDIG Mr. Gamini Gunawardhane conducted a study and presented a paper on the devolution of police power and the disadvantages. Well, Sir, not only the disadvantages, but it will be the first step towards another arms conflict leading to secession. For a small island with limited resources, the police should remain with Colombo.

US Interference Analysis

If US is sympathetic towards SL, and wants SL to maintain its territorial integrity as a sovereign nation, then why would US allow a fictitious TGTE to operate from USA with its headquarters in New York? TGTE is operating with Ministers and members of fictitious parliament. The fictitious leader V.Rudrakumaran was an associate of Prabakaran (LTTE). Who is US to determine the rights of a country? Will US tolerate a Trans National Government of Red Indians (TGRI) to operate from Russia or China? Will US tolerate their citizens to float a Socialist or Communist party on their soil?

What is the root cause of US allowing TGTE to operate on their soil? What benefits do they have to allow TGTE to operate on their soils? Why have they not arrested V. Rudrakumaran for floating an illegal organisation challenging the sovereignty of SL? US do not know the internal quandary of Tamils, or how the Tamils discriminate and oppress and treat lower caste Tamils as slave labour.

Has CVW met one poor working class labour in his life? Has he let one poor worker into his house to listen to his issues? Does he know where Amban, Kudaththanai, two small villages are located in the North? During President’s visit to Jaffna recently, CVW requested the President’s palace be given to NPC to be operated as a tourist hotel. This is the lowest, asinine, hare-brained request a Chief Minister can request from a President. NPC has been allocated millions of Rupees budget, however, this comedian CM wants to run hotels to earn money. Are his conceptions quite restricted, and low level for a CJ? CVW did not think of encouraging cottage industries, co-operative farms: chicken, cattle farm, small textile looms etc., however, wants NPC to run hotel business.

It is our feeling that the NPC ministers and the CM are operating in isolation, however, with that narrow secessionist mentality. I wonder whether the CM is aware of the following issues. If so, what has he done about it rather shouting for political solution?

There have been two issues to be solved.

  1. Contamination of waste oil with portable (drinking) water in wells.
  2. Disposal of garbage and sewerage at Kallundai.

This may drive the world to judge that SL has been driven back to the 10th century worse than the third world. Hon Minister, I give you the reference of articles that have appeared in a media. Need translation.


GOSL believes and allows freedom of the press and freedom of speech. It is our belief that every human who is intelligent and competent, has every right to raise his doubts on the functioning of politicians, technical, and academic persons in the interest of the community and the republic of SriLanka.

Since the establishment of the NPC, the observation is that internal fights, quarrel, and utterances of gobbledygook boloney, with lack of perception, and understanding, is on the ascent. It is the duty and obligation of politicians and council ministers to full fill the needs of the people in the North. Is Mr. Ayngaranesan incompetent to understand on the issue of oil contamination?

Please refer:

Power Stations should have an environmental plan for waste oil. Either it should be given for reclamation or disposed safely. As a thermal power station engineer I know the seriousness, however, Jaffna being a third underdeveloped area, no one cares. There should have been standards written for every work. Either SL should follow BS or AS. It could be construed as a serious Human Rights Violation for both issues. Tamils in Jaffna practice Human Rights Violation through the caste system anyway.

Political Offensive by Tamils

The aforementioned actions by the Tamils and Tamil Diaspora around the world is nothing but to merge the North & East and grant more powers to NPC. What happens then? In a year or two they will demand for more funds, or ask for freedom to talk to foreign governments. Being a mushroom PC, GOSL can refuse. What then? They will run to UN complaining that GOSL is discriminating NPC on fund allocation, and other flimsy complaints. All these strategy is for them to finally seek secession and become a separate country.

It is believed Diego Garcia contract ends in 2016. US may seek another refuge for them to build their offensive base in the Indian Ocean. Is SL the best choice? If Tamil Eelam becomes a reality, what is India’s position? Will India’s sovereignty be secured and safe? The possibility is that India may be broken into 20 or more republics over a horizon of 10 years. What then Sir? The Indian Ocean will become a greedy place for the mushroom republics to fight, similar to the African continent republics.

High Commissioner for SriLanka in Australia

His Excellency the High Commissioner for SriLanka, Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe has been highly appreciated by the SriLankan Diaspora. I have a great admiration for the Admiral for his competency, diplomacy, initiatives, creativity, interactive management, and interaction with people. Sir, Admiral is not an 8:00am to 4:30pm diplomat and is definitely beyond a career diplomat. Admiral worked hard to safeguard SriLankan unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity in several ways, in addition to carrying his diplomatic functions in Australia. To the Admiral, no one is an ethnic person. Everyone is either a SriLankan, or SriLankan Diaspora, or SriLankan Australian. Admiral does not differentiate between Sinhalese, Tamil, or Muslim in anyway.

It is with deep melancholy, we like to bring to your kind notice, Sir, that Admiral is leaving Australia. Admiral is an asset to the SriLankan diplomatic orbit.

It is not proper to outline full details, however, we all have worked hard to save the image of SL, and remove the judgment made by some organizations here in Australia. List of letters written to orgs are listed below please.

SriLanka, in the past had made mistakes of not utilizing SriLankan expertise, and only depend on foreign expertise. Admiral’s expertise should not go waste. SriLanka should use the expertise of the Admiral. Sir, the following equation applies to people with capability.


SriLankan Sovereignty

The current government shall give serious considerations and carry out a risk analysis on the question of granting police and land powers to NPC. High risk prevails, if the two powers are granted to NPC. The threat of National security will extend its arms to India. Tamil Eelam will become another Ethiopia or Eritrea, or South Sudan. Tamils who have money will definitely creep out of the country, and those remaining will be lawbreakers and politicians. The west will utilize this opportunity to break India into several republics.

A few of my articles to various politicians and in general on SL.

Yours Faithfully


කන්තර් ප බාලනාතන්

Kanthar P Balanathan

Copy to: Hon Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe,  Prime Minister of SL


  1. AnuD Says:


    For me, very honest talking.

    Tamil politicians use Tamil as the uniting factor and talk tribalism every where because of the Caste factor, they can not unite Tamils by other ways. So, the Tamil is the only way they unite Tamils in order to get votes.

    Most Recently, it looks Modi is trying to become popular in Tamilnadu by establishing a Tamil cultural centre in Jaffna when every thing Jaffna Tamils doing are, to my understanding, is Bhratha -related.

    The worst case, Sinhala politicians are shameless – thieves too. They want power and wealth at the expense of the country and the people. that is what Tamil politicians are doing too. See, if they had to get educated to earn this much money and perks would they have lives these lives. Some politicians have only the grade six. Even Ranil Wickramasinghe has a useless MA. what he can do with that ?

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Good job.

  3. Ratanapala Says:


    Many thanks for your heartfelt effort to make sense of the fiasco Sri Lanka is in. Trying to expect goodness to come out of this Sri Lankan Gobbles will give him undue credit recognition.

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