Posted on March 8th, 2015


With 6 points on the table, Sri Lanka’s chances of advancing to the quarter finals  and beyond will be a great reward to   Mahela, Dilshan, Kumar and Skipper Angelow Matthews, Coaches Marvan Atapattu, Chaminda Vass and all the supporting staff.

In Australia, wide publicity is being given to the fact that both Rangana Herath and Dimuth Karunaratne’s  injuries, in a somewhat compassionate but tongue in cheek comments.  The commentators are arguing that the absence of Rangana Herath will hurt Sri Lanka, especially at the Sydney Cricket Ground which favours spinners with  odds on favourite for Aussies on 7 March, 12.30 pm was $2.60 to $1.40.     This is in spite of the fact that Sri Lanka is currently one point ahead of Australia.


Thus far,  Dilshan, Lahiru and Kumar have put runs on the board.  Most of the other batsmen did not get a chance to bat  as the top order batsmen did the job for Sri Lanka.  This was similar to the days of 1990’s  where Romesh Kaluvitharana and Sanath Jayasuriya dominated the score board. The middle order batsmen will have a splendid opportunity tomorrow to come to the Party.   Mahela, Angelow, Dinesh Chandimal or Upul Thanranga, Tissara   should roll their sleeves up to face the challenge, in the event Dilshan, Lahiru and Kumar fails.   In  the Bowling Department, Sri Lankan’s are multi talented.  Front line seamers Lasith, Suranga will be supplemented by medium pace attack of Angelow and Tissara.  Nuwan Kulasekera has in depth experience in Aussie soil, his presence will be an asset.

Dilshan is proving to be a great asset for Sri Lankan Cricket, his versatility in all round performance has been proved. Lahiru Thirimanna has displayed his right arm medium fast bowling  in  surprising cirumstances in some of the matches as a part time spinner.  Sekkuge Prasanna   is a skillful young man with   leg break bowling  and a big hitter.


Michael Clarke will play tomorrow, his on and off presence is creating frustration amongst the regular players. Steve Smith apparently not energised under Michael Clarke’s captaincy.  The Coach Darrel Lehmann had his comments reserved on Michael Clarke, preferring the regular team.

Australia fear Sri Lanka most than any other cricketing nation.  They feel they were insulted in 1996 by Arjuna Ranatunga lead team in winning the World Cup.  If they were beaten by England, Pakistan, India, West Indies  or South Africa, there would have been no on going pain.   They felt threatened by  Sri Lanka in 2007, under the Captaincy of Mahela Jayawardene, where Australia won the final by 53 runs   with the help of squash ball fiasco of Adam Gilcrest.    Sri Lankan have inflicted bruises all over Australian Cricketing Team. 

In yesterday’s Million Dollar Minute chanell 7, there was a question, which was ” Who was the second highest test cricket wicket taker in the world”, with the obvious answer was Shane Warne.  Why didn’t they ask the question that they did not ask?   It should have been ”  Who was the highest test cricket wicket taker in the world?”, with the answer of Great Muttiah Muralidaran.


In my opinion, (I may be wrong), Sri Lanka should bat second, if the toss favours us in that direction.  Aussies are under pressure, one point behind the Arch Enemy Sri Lanka ( England is no longer the Arch Enemy of Aussies in Cricket).

In most of the recent world cup matches of 2015,  the minimum  bench mark was 300 plus.  Sri Lankan team  peaking at the right time.  all players are making a genuine mark of their contribution.


Unlike in previous occasions, the LTTE  rump and Diaspora in Sydney most likely to remain silent during the match.  They are now happy as their Guardian is in charge of the Temple Trees of Sri lanka.


Modern day icon of Sri Lanka Cricket, Mahela Jayawardena need to raise the World Cup 2015 which he missed by a squash ball.

The Game of Cricket is the best Trophy  to supplement the Game of Thrones.



  1. RohanJay Says:

    LOL! The Audacity of this guy MDP Dissanayake.
    ” Sri Lankan have inflicted bruises all over Australian Cricketing Team”
    A typical arrogant Sri Lankan response. Believe me Aussies are not scared of Sri Lanka. They have impressive bowlers compared to Sri Lanka’s over rated pie chucker attack. They also have very capable batsman. Also they have won the world cup 3 times in a row.
    Sri Lankan cricket fans have a real inferiority complex when it come to Australia. Hope your hurting now MDP Dissanayake. Now that the Sri Lankan team got walloped for 376, and lost the match to boot serves Sri Lankan cricket fans right I am tired of their silly comments. Though a few live in reality and realise their team isn’t as good as Australia’s.
    It was desperate attempt by Sri Lankan batsman today to win the match but they fell short by 64 runs.
    I am glad Sri Lanka lost just so that arrogant supporters can eat humble pie. So I also don’t have to read their pathetic self important articles about the Sri Lankan cricket team, whose glory days are well behind them!
    Aussies had the last laugh today. I am sure if they meet again in this world cup. Australia will blast Sri Lanka out of the water and won’t allow them to get as close as they did today within 64 runs.


    RohanaJay, What you or the author MDP Dissanayake did not write is some thing that has not brought to the attention of the readers; who Dinash Chandimal is! Who ever who selected him to bat deserved a good word form a reader. His knock out was outstanding and he and Angelo Mathus could have the 65 runs if not for Dinash Chandimal’s injury. No one has written about his injury. If some one knows please publish it. Did it happen during practice or during the match? I live in the state of Florida, USA and do not know much about RohanJay’s buddies the Australian PUNKS. What I have read about them is that they want to injure Sri Lankan Players and not take wickets. So eat your words RonanJay. I saw the uniqueness of Dinash Chandimal after reading the interview he gave about how he and his family got saved from the SUNAMI and his HUMBLE beginnings. In 2014 November he was interviewed by a news paper (I cannot remember which). He and his family lived near the sea, obviously they were fishing folks. His father and mother encouraged him to play cricket because they saw he was good at it. On day of the Tsunami, there were warnings on the radio and TV to move away from the sea show to in-land as far as one could go. So his father got a cart and took very little family belongings and took the family, I think he has a brother and a sister. They all landed in a safe place. Some of his relatives who decided stay were drowned. He never forgot to save his bat and ball. Then he goes on to say how difficult to stay at a shelter until his father found a house. He is not a lucky man if you look at how he was pushed back to Sri Lanka A TEAM. Then he worked him self and got to the T20 team. Last match Sri Lanka lost to New Zealand Mahela Jayawardena apologies to him for making him get RUN OUT. This is how I characterize Denash Chandimal. HE IS A SUCCESSFUL CRICKETER AND EXTREEMLY PATROTIC SRI LANKAN. THESE TWO TRAITS PUT TOGATHER HE IS UNIQUE. RohanJay, if I am the captain of the team I will tell the bowlers hit them on the body at every available part and not think about taking wickets until Australians lean who Sri Lankans are. Its high time to teach Rohanjay’s Australian PUNKS.

  3. RohanJay Says:

    LOL! at Lankaputhra, Aussies are not my buddies. But what I am is a genuine cricket fan. Who hates to see genuinely good teams disrespected. Futhermore I don’t give a shit if you live in Florida, USA or on Mars. I am eating my words you are.
    Read the result you Fooooooooooooooooool!!!
    SRI LANKA LOST TO AUSTRALIA BY 64 RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Which part of that result don’t you understand. MR Florida, USA MAN!!!!!!

  4. RohanJay Says:

    Good with Sri Lanka’s pie chucker attack. I am sure my Australian PUNKS Batsman will probably enjoy it LOL! (LOL! thats a new name you invented for AUssie cricketers, honestly you make me laugh!). you call yourself a cricket fan???
    Well sorry to hear about Dinesh Chandimal’s tragedies how he overcame them. But that has nothing to do with Sri Lanka having a good cricket team.
    LOL! Rohanjay’s Australian PUNKS.
    Actually I will let you on a litthle secret. I am not exactly a fan of the Aussie cricketers over the years because of their onfield behaviour. I am not even Australian citizen. However I do recognise a good cricket side. They are better cricket team than SL.
    Deal with it jackass in Florida, USA
    FInally I implore you don’t be dumb enough to vote for Jeb Bush again! Kapish?????
    The world has had enough George H Bush, George W. Bush. THe psycho that runs FLorida Jeb Bush. Kapish????

  5. RohanJay Says:

    One final thing Lankaputhra. you said if Dinesh Chandimal stayed in they would have won the match. I disagree. I think Mitchel Starc would have won the match for Australia. Because all Sri Lankan batsman struggled against him. Sri Lankan batsman were absolutely clueless facing Mitchell Starc. As soon as he was brought back on he started mopping up the rest of the SL batsman. He would have got the wicket of Dinesh Chandimal too. You are pathetic Lankaputhra, because I never diss talented cricketers like Mitchell Starc calling them Rohanjay’s Australian PUNK. What a sad excuse for a sportsfan and human being you are. You have neither grace, humility or any once of honour in speaking about honestly about the teams. All you can do is throw unsubstantiated and pathetic insults at me and the Aussie cricket team. A team I don’t really support, but I tremendously admire their team and the way they are so successful in the sport. Lankaputhra why don’t go and get A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. RohanJay Says:

    Wooooooooohhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooo, Go Australia, I love you!!!
    You are the best cricket team in the world. Wooohhooooooooo!!!! Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
    Wooooow, Australia, youre cricket team is the best!!!!!!
    Ausralia Kicks ass yet again in Sydney By 64 runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Put that in ya pipes and smoke it. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lankaputhra and MLD Mahindapala LOL!!!!
    You guys have provided me with so much laughter
    I hope Australia vs SL happens again in this tournament and by the sound of things it willl
    it is just too entertaining.
    As Lankaweb commenters dreams are dashed again on the rocks of hope by the Aussie cricketers by another absolutely suuuuuuuuuuppppppppppperrrrrrrbbb Ausssie Cricketing performance in all facets Batting, Bowling (Mitchell Johnson and Mitchell Starc Wow!) and fielding
    all Aussie fielders are like panthers across the SCG or MCG turf. LOL!!!!!
    Gooooooooooo Auuussssssssstttttrrraaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Australian Cricket Team I absolutely Salute You in this particular World Cup !!!!!!!!!!!
    Watch them at the MCG in Melbourne!

  7. RohanJay Says:

    Correction I mean

    Ausralia Kicks ass yet again in Sydney By 64 runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Put that in ya pipes and smoke it. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lankaputhra and MLD Dissanayake LOL!!!! (Sorry its not mahindapala) delete mahindapala its Dissanayake and other idiotic cricket commenters who dumb enough to think that Sri Lanka is anyway near better than the sheer brilliance and excitement of Australia at the SCG or MCG!
    on this lankaweb forum.

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