Will the Sri Lankans Beat South Africa in the Quarter Finals
Posted on March 9th, 2015

Ananda De Costa

Sir Lanka would have been assured of a quarter finals place if they could beat Australia last Sunday at SCG but that did not happen due to extremely weak bowling. They bowled exactly to Glen Glen maxwell’s bat, if not it was a  wide ball.

Provided we beat Scotland on the 11th, we will likely to get the 3rd place of the points table of the group. This means it is very likely that we will have to beat South Africa at the SCG in order to proceed further.

Despite repeated advice by Sri Lankan cricketing enthusiasts and independent specialists, selectors did not strengthen the bowling arm but were stubborn enough to put a spin to the facts based on the previous two wins and went on with two additional all-rounders excluding specialist fast bowler Suranga Lakmal and the specialist spinner Rangana Herath (who was injured).  Wicket did not respond well to spinners and Perera, as usual, conceded two expensive overs costing 40 runs.

Before the last match, our bowling performance can be compared to other teams as follows.

New Zealand   conceded    only  3.25  Runs/over  while taking a wicket for every  16.2 runs

India    conceded    only  3.35  Runs/over  while taking a wicket for every  16.8 runs

South Africa  conceded  4.76  Runs/over  while taking a wicket for every  25.5 runs

Australia conceded   4.26  Runs/over  while taking a wicket for every  18.1 runs

Sri Lanka conceded    5.6  Runs/over  while taking a wicket for every  37.8 runs

This means, going by runs per wicket index using simple terms, whilst Australia , India and New Zealand is capable of getting a good team out for 160- 180 runs , Sir Lanka could managed to get them out for 378 runs and that is what exactly has happened.

Before the quarter finals with South Africa, we have few days to rectify this problem. We will have to reduce one batsman from the team and assuming Hearth will be back by then, we should include two fast bowlers and train them hard.

How Pakistan managed to stop South African assault  defending a low target was a joy to watch.   South Africans     appeared to be cruising at  1-67 after nine overs, but they were reduced quickly to 6-102 through hostile bowling by Rahat Ali and Wahab Riaz.     AB de Villiers  plundered a quick-fire 77, similar to what Glen Maxwell did to Sir Lanka,  but  Pakistan, with its able fast bowlers, managed to dismiss all his partners.

For Sir Lanka to win, they must work out a strategy to get the Amla out early and learn to dismiss two hard hitters AB de Villiers and Rilee Rossouw.

At the moment, we have only one bowler, Malinga , who could get them out when they are attacking. For that, two specialist  faster bowlers than the usual part timers Perera and Mathews are definitely needed.

How our fast bowlers performed against South Africa  during the last meeting in Sri Lanka  is worthwhile in examining.

Herath 1 Match 10 Overs 2 Wickets @ 4.8 runs/over

Dilshan 3 Matches 21 Overs 3 Wickets @ 5.38 runs/ over

Mendis 3 Matches 23 Overs 7 Wickets @ 5.48 runs/ over

Senanayake  3 Matches 27 Overs 3 Wickets @ 5.59 runs/ over

Mathews 3 Matches 15 Overs 1 Wicket @ 5.6  runs/ over

Kulasekara 2 Matches 11  Overs 0 Wickets @ 5.9  runs/ over

Malinga  3 Matches 23 Overs 1 Wicket @ 7 runs/ over

In the last match we played against South Africa,  AB de Villiiers hammered 108 runs in 71 balls  and no bowler including Malinga could even come close to challenging  him.

Therefore, faster bowlers who could bowl yokers at speed will have  to be trained and included. Our selectors left out a few at home for no possible reason, taking worse performing slow (fast)bowlers to the world cup instead.

We should expect three of our top  batsmen to fire, it will definitely be easier than playing against Australia , at the same venue SCG where we normally bat very well.

There is no point adding additional batsman as they cannot do much at death overs, only Perera is able to add quick 30 runs in a very short time.

In this  world cup our batsmen have performed exceptionally, yet the selectors destroyed their efforts by not selecting appropriate bowlers.

To  beat South Africa at SCG we must rectify this obvious shortcoming.

We are good people. Ours is a good team. We should win.


23 Responses to “Will the Sri Lankans Beat South Africa in the Quarter Finals”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Look at the statistics.

    SL has NEVER beaten Pakistan in a WC match. So it is good SL lost to Australia that we don’t have to play Pakistan.

    We have beaten SA and we will beat them. BAT FIRST and CHOKE them.

    Endia is lucky they only play Bangladesh.

  2. Independent Says:

    Never beaten is history but this time Pakistan can be easily beaten by our batters as they are stronger than South African batters.

    Similarly , this time , in Sydney we need bowlers bowling fast and slow yokers from both sides between 40-50 overs to beat to limit South Africa to a manageable total of 280- 320. Beyond 320, too hard for even our batting unit, because their bowlers are better than England bowlers.
    You are obviously not a cricket follower. If you had watched yesterday’s match, it was the Bangladesh’s bowler who bowled 143 kPh yokers finally brought them the unlikely win. Bangladesh’s bowling unit is better than us, as they have 3 frontline fast bowlers.
    It is the same with most other matches. We desperately need an additional FAST bowler.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    How about SL strategically LOSING to Scotland? Then we will play Endia in the QF. Endia is beatable.

    SA is on fire now. They will DEFINITELY WIN their QF match.

  4. ranjit Says:

    Sri Lanka will win if we have another good fast bowler in the team. I usually doesn’t like Tissara Perera because his bowling is not good at all and giving runs more than any other bowler. His fielding is also poor and batting too except occasionally hitting some pol Adi same like Afridi. They would have taken Kusal Janith instead. Love to watch him when he is in form. Anyway keep the same team and add one fast bowler will be fine.

  5. Independent Says:

    That proves you have no recent knowledge.

    Rohit Sharma alone hit 260 recently against our bowlers. We should avoid India at all cost.

  6. NAK Says:

    The moment our pace bowlers start bowling using their heads instead of their hearts we will start wining.
    In all the previous matches they rarely used the change of pace and Australian bowers did use it beatifully. That made the difference finally.

  7. Independent Says:

    It is best to bring Nuwan Pradeep and send the other Nuwan home. Why did they bring him along after getting hammered by India 5-0, I don’t understand.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    AGREE I know very little of the game. But ANYONE knows it is IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT SA by SL.

    That Endia match was a FRIENDLY. Not a serious match.

    SA players, etc. LEARN from defeat and FIX the problems. That makes them DEADLY. Already SA supporters are threatening to break our limbs.

    “We desperately need an additional FAST bowler.” But we don’t have one!! Dushmanth is expensive 7.5 runs an over.

    Don’t underestimate Pakistan. How many matches did Pakistan play in AUS-NZ in the past 10 years? NOTHING! SL have played plenty. That’s why it took time for them to get used to. But now they are up to it.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Dinesh Chandimal is already in SL!!

    Tharindu Kaushal has been called. He is a fantastic spinner. He took Latham and McCullum out in the only international game he played.

  10. Independent Says:

    No. It is easier to beat SA than India. The point table proves that. India beat them, Pakistan beat them. How ? They prevented them scoring too much by good FAST fast bowling.

    Conceding a lot of runs (not only at death but also around 35-45 overs IS OUR PROBLEM.

    But unfortunately OUR FOOLS who never learn.

    “Conceding a lot of runs at the death has not only been common with us, it’s been common with most of the sides – even the Australians, who I think have one of the best attacks. It’s the way the format has been structured. If you have wickets in hand it’s amazing the runs a team will score.”
    Sri Lanka coach Marvan Atapattu defends Sri Lanka’s conceding of three 300+ scores in the tournament

    We cannot beat South Africa if this coach’s advice is taken seriously

    I believe Atapattu is the MAIN PROBLEM. He is not allowing VASS to express his opinion. I wrongly accused Vass and I am very sorry for that.

    “The fool who knows his foolishness, is wise at least so far. But a fool who thinks himself wise, he is called a fool indeed”

  11. Independent Says:

    Chameera only played ONE match. How many times LAKMAL , MALINGA , PERERA and KULASEKARA got hammered more than7.5 per over ? Please check STATS.
    Chameera is real FAST and accurate but I heard he has a fielding issue. Fitness may also be an issue. But for 8 overs does not matter. Good coaching is necessary. That is whay we could have used him for all matches. If we did that , by now should be excellent already.

    I watched how Mitchel Starc developed. Only recently he started bowling better than anyone else. Another good one is Trent Boult. They both are very young.
    Why did they carry Nuwan Kulasekara everywhere and destroy our young fast bowlers by never giving opportunities ?

  12. Independent Says:

    Bowling strategy leaves Sri Lanka cramped for room

    Andrew Fidel Fernando in Sydney

    One of the major shortcomings of Sri Lanka’s three-bowler plan is that it has left them with no scope to out-think attacking batting line-ups, particularly in the death overs

    There was the opening revolution in 1996. A wrist-spinning offbreak bowler who claimed more wickets than anyone else – in ODIs as well as Tests. Even in this current squad, Sri Lanka have a man whose action is singularly fit for delivering yorkers. The modern progenitor of the carrom ball is also among them.

    It is a team that has a proud history of innovation. Of outwitting opponents when they can’t outplay them. They glance back, grin, and dare the rest to follow. Sri Lanka haven’t had the power hitters most other teams possess, yet they have been the best Twenty20 side in the world for over two years. Their two previous World Cups were defined by nous, those campaigns brought alive by mischief.

    But in this World Cup, has their cricket’s greatest strength become a weakness? While other teams crunch par scores, spreadsheet dot-ball percentages, and run Powerplay trends through software, Sri Lanka have held fiercely on to their non-conformity. The cult of the “Sri Lankan brand of cricket” thrives so stoutly now at the top level, that almost every player will speak platitudes on “doing it the Sri Lankan way”, and blazing their own trail, instead of “copying others”. But what if what others are doing works, and your own strategy is failing you? What if, time and again, the same area of your game is becoming exposed?

    The top teams at this World Cup hail from three different continents. They are led by vastly dissimilar men, in dramatically disparate styles. Yet Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India – and even the recently resurgent Pakistan – are all united when it comes to the primary onus of their team combination: pick four proper bowlers first, then fit the seven batsmen around them.

    Sri Lanka, meanwhile, have charged off on their own all tournament, and repeatedly fallen into the pit everyone else has carefully avoided. Corey Anderson and Luke Ronchi helped plunder 134 from the last 14 overs of the New Zealand innings in the tournament opener. Joe Root and Jos Buttler were protagonists in a 15-over raid that reaped 148. Sri Lanka were saved by the brilliance of their top three against England, but instead of viewing that game as a happy escape, they felt victory was vindication of their strategy. “Our current combination has worked for us so far, so we don’t want to change a lot of things,” Angelo Mathews had said.

    But even when Rangana Herath – their most reliable bowler in the tournament – was unavailable for the match against a team wielding the most explosive middle-order around, Sri Lanka persisted with three specialist bowlers, and a trio of allrounders. Mayhem predictably ensued.

    A change of pace dismissed David Warner, and a strange approach to leg spin sank Aaron Finch, but when Steven Smith and Michael Clarke – Australia’s two most rounded, spin-ready batsmen – combined, their century stand was almost effortless. The pitch, Sachithra Senanayake later admitted, did not turn as much as Sri Lanka had expected, so Seekkuge Prasanna was casually clipped through the leg side. Senanayake’s own errors of length and line were slapped, cut, pulled and manoeuvred.

    Lasith Malinga’s yorkers are firing again but Sri Lanka are missing a bowler to support his efforts © AFP

    And therein lies one of the major shortcomings of the three-bowler plan. When the pitch doesn’t do what it was supposed to, or a frontliner has lost his radar, or the batting is unusually good, there is no scope to reassess and realign. Sri Lanka’s adaptability in the field has been among the most alluring traits of their limited-overs story, but because they are a bowler short, some of the supplest tactical minds in the game have no scope to shine.

    So Sri Lanka are forced into expectedly catastrophic moves. Thisara Perera has never been an outstanding death bowler. He’s more suited to finding wickets through the middle overs, and even that, only when he’s near his best. But in a tournament in which he has conceded he has not yet found his rhythm, Perera was given the 45th over against England, and disappeared for 25. He was called upon at the death again on Sunday, and conceded 20 runs in the 44th over, which should have seen him leave the attack for the day. But because Sri Lanka have no other options, he came back to the bowling crease and conceded 19 runs in the 49th over.

    Sri Lanka had Lasith Malinga’s yorkers firing again, as he claimed two scalps and went at less than a run a ball, yet their last 14 overs cost 174. Glenn Maxwell’s hitting was barely believable at times, but there are so many extraordinary batting talents at this World Cup, Sri Lanka would be unwise not to account for them. Maybe this will be the clobbering that breaks the resistance to fielding an extra specialist bowler.

    “We have to change the plans and we have to do some new things for the death overs, I think,” Senanayake said after the match. “We all know Malinga is the best bowler we have at the death, but someone needs to bowl with him.”

    After so many recent surges in major tournaments, it is strange for Sri Lanka’s fans to see their team outsmarted as well as outcompeted. At home they still trust that Sri Lanka have the players to triumph, and the same belief exists within the dressing room as well. Sri Lanka should never aspire to be a spreadsheet team. Their magic is what has seen them travel this far. But occasionally, it is okay to learn tricks from opponents. Occasionally, it can help to emulate.

    Andrew Fidel Fernando is ESPNcricinfo’s Sri Lanka correspondent. @andrewffernando

  13. cassandra Says:

    I’d go along with Independent that SL needs an extra pace bowler. Malinga was great in the last game but he needs someone at the other end to pair him and to cover for him in case he does not fire on the day. At the moment Angelo Mathews doubles up as the second fast bowler, and that is not wholly satisfactory. SL also depends on him for his batting and for leading the team. Thisara is not consistent as a bowler and his bowling average is not impressive. But he can be useful with the ball, if it’s his day, and with the bat when quick runs are needed. He is one of the few SL players with the muscle to be able to lift the ball out of the big grounds in Australia. His fielding has also improved.

    I do not go along with the suggestion of losing the game against Scotland to ensure we don’t meet SA in the QFs. That is a totally negative approach. If SA are all that good, you cannot avoid having to play them at some stage; so, why try to hide from them now? No, SL should continue to play with an undimmed determination to win every game that is ahead and with enough self confidence and belief. By definition, all the teams that go through to the QFs are strong teams, and SL should not be afraid to play any of them.

    When SL met the Indians in the Semi Finals in 1996, India was a much fancied side and when SL played Australia in the Finals, Australia was also regarded as a very strong side. SL did not win the Cup that year with a negative approach but with good positive cricket exemplified with Aravinda’s daring counter attack in the Semi Final against India and the team’s calm and strategic play in the Final which again featured Aravinda’s positive approach to the game.
    Good luck, team SL. A whole nation wishes you well.

  14. RohanJay Says:

    Sri Lanka has a capable batting line up. That can chase down most targets when in form. However Sri Lanka’s bowling attack is rubbish. Really don’t deserve to progress, unless they can put a half-decent bowling attack together. Australia scored 376. Would have scored 400 if they kept their foot on the peddle. Sri Lanka really looked to chase down the Aussie target. But they were never going to do it. Because Mitchell Starc would have won the match for Australia anyway. I watched the match carefully. They seemed clueless against Mitchell Starc. All the Sri Lankan batsman that includes Dinesh Chandimal.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    I think SL has a BETTER record of beating Endia in the part of the world where WC is played than beating SA.

    But our players will have a BETTER EXCUSE when they LOSE to SA than to Endia!!

    DROP Sachithra and play Kaushal.
    DROP Perera.
    MUST play Kusal. He can BLAST the life out of ANY bowling attack on his day.

  16. Independent Says:

    Rohan J,
    Malinga is better than Mitchell Starc at death is he could bowl one or tow bowls per over at his younger days speed (145). He is able to hit the target more consistently.
    But at the beginning of the game, he may get hammered a bit but yet he poses some threat. Even Kulasekara, Angelo is good in the opening overs. But we definitely need another one who can bowl at 140 plus and swing a bit. That is why they must have retained Nuwan Pradeep for world cup that Kulasekara but Atapattu appears to be ruining our team.
    His statement above proves it.
    What a liar he is ? Is every team getting hammered 376 ?
    Maxwell did not come in death overs.

  17. Independent Says:

    ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE ABOUT PACE BOWLING. When will our cricket “gurus” wake up from sleep. We need to develop this capability or don’t play cricket.

    Pace bowlers’ success Mashrafe’s reward

    Mohammad Isam

    Rubel Hossain’s four wickets helped take Bangladesh through to the quarter-finals © ICC

    Bangladesh’s pace bowlers have had their moments even in the recent past, but very few times in this team’s history have they been as effective as a collective as they were against England in Adelaide. They took all the wickets that went to the bowlers, and it was evident that captain Mashrafe Mortaza placed a lot of faith in them.

    Two examples from Monday evening demonstrate what Mashrafe saw in Rubel Hossain and Taskin Ahmed that the rest of the world missed. First was when he finished Shakib Al Hasan’s quota in the 47th over. Though he ended wicketless, Shakib had conceded just one boundary. Not many Bangladesh captains would take such a risk, but Mashrafe simply asked his two pace bowlers to defend 31 runs in the last three overs or take the remaining two wickets.

    When Rubel did take the first of those wickets, in the 49th over, he put a slip in as James Anderson took guard. Again, past Bangladesh captains have focused more on protecting boundaries in these situations but Mashrafe believed that Rubel would keep angling towards the left-handed Anderson’s off-stump, either hit the stumps or take the edge. Or he may have thought that a thin edge would slip past the wicketkeeper so a slip could even act as a stopper.

    Mashrafe has shown a lot of confidence in this particular bowling attack, even on bad days against Sri Lanka and Scotland. Bangladesh conceded 300-plus totals in both games, with the three-man pace attack taking only five wickets between them and giving away runs at 6.79 and 7.13 per over respectively. If Rubel had been dropped after giving away 60 runs from his eight overs against Scotland, it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise.

    But that is not how Mashrafe thinks of the pace bowlers. He saw great body language from Rubel during the course of the England innings, and kept asking him to bring his side breakthroughs.

    Mashrafe passionately defended them, saying that it was time pace bowling is taken seriously across all circles in Bangladesh cricket. They need more respect and care and better pitches back home, he said.

    “I’m sorry to say but people have been talking rubbish about our pace bowling,” Mashrafe said. “We know what we are. We know how capable we are. I hope people will surely start giving some respect. I’m really happy with our quicks, that they have shown the world how good they are. Hopefully this will bring their confidence up, and they will show again and again in this sort of tournament.

    “Everyone expects us to be a team dependent on spin bowling. I think it is high time we get out of that mentality. If we want to take our cricket forward, we need to focus on pace bowling. Spin obviously works in certain countries, so it will be hard to shift to pace completely. But I think the pace bowlers need better care, and provide wickets where they feel some comfort. I would hope these bowlers continue to bowl in the same way back home – Rubel Hossain did so against New Zealand and Taskin Ahmed against India.”

    Mashrafe himself bowled superbly in this game, as he did against Afghanistan with the early breakthroughs. He would have given Bangladesh an early strike against Sri Lanka had it not been for Anamul Haque dropping Lahiru Thirimanne in the first over. Against England, Mashrafe bounced back after conceding three fours in his fourth over. He returned in the 20th over to get Alex Hales caught behind.

    At the start of his three-over spell in the batting Powerplay, he removed the dangerous Joe Root and with him went England’s chances. Two for 48 from ten overs was as good a spell he has ever bowled for Bangladesh.

    He also praised Rubel, who took four England wickets, for bouncing back from a personal problem that landed him in jail less than two weeks before the team departed for the World Cup.

    Rubel has been woeful in Tests and T20s for a number of years but has often used his skills better in ODIs. Less than two years ago, he took a hat-trick in a six-wicket haul against New Zealand. He has been expensive at this tournament but against England he generated enough seam movement and late swing to take the four wickets.

    “He has been fantastic the last one-and-a-half years,” Mashrafe said. “It’s nice to see his bowling from mid-on or mid-off. He’s swinging the ball, he’s bowling fast, and I’m really happy that he takes all the pressure on his shoulders and delivered from the start.

    “I should mention that he was been under tremendous pressure before coming to this World Cup. He put the pressure outside and showed his performance, and the whole world has seen how good he is. Hopefully he will continue.”

    Rubel and Taskin can be considered lucky to be playing under Mashrafe. He has often taken up the cause of the pace bowlers with authority, asked for better treatment and care. It is about time that Mashrafe is reaping the rewards of his conviction.

    Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo’s Bangladesh correspondent

  18. RohanJay Says:

    @Independent Malinga is better than Mitchell Starc. Reallly!!! What are you smoking Independent! Also Malinga was good many years ago. But he isn’t right now. He may find some form in this tournament. But he is nowhere near better than Mitchell Starc stop talkng Garbage Independent and I hope get off whatever your smoking to make such absurd comments as to even think that Lasith Malinga right now is better than Mitchell Starc. You are living in your dreams pal. Not reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. RohanJay Says:

    @Independent how does it feel to lose by 64 runs Independent? How does it really feel for you????
    Ha ha you must suffered like hell watching the mighty Aussies smash Lasith Malinga for 376 then watch Mitchell Starc blast out the remaining clueless Sri Lankan batsman after conceding only 28 runs he didn’t even complete his full 10 overs. Also Mitchell Johnson even though he was predictable gave absolutely life threatening throat missile where no doubt Lahiru Thirimanne entire life must have gone before his eyes, before edged that rising vicous delivery to WK. Good Lahiru Thirimanne is a talentless nobody. Other than Dilshan, Sanga, Jayawardena and Malinga the rest of the Sri Lankan team are talentless idiots who will be shown up by this Australian team next time they meet in this world cup if Sri Lanka get that far! I think Australia is faaaaaaaaaaaaaar beetttttttttter than Sri Lanka and its about time idiots like you realised that fact?!!!!

  20. Independent Says:

    I said “Malinga is better than Mitchell Starc at death if he could bowl one or two bowls per over at his younger days speed (145) “. Note the two typos.
    Even AB De Villieers said Malinga is the best bowler at death. This is because he has more variety than Starc. However with his speeds at 137 maximum I am not saying he is better. But we have to live with what we have.
    Lahiru Thirimanne should not open.
    I agree , not only AUS , NZ , SA and even India has better bowling units to suit Aus- NZ conditions.

    Chameera played OK for his 2nd ODI. His catches were dropped, field setting did not match his speeds.

    It is extremely important to train him and use him for the next match. Drop Kulasekara and bring down Nuwan Pradeep.

  21. Independent Says:

    Despite the win, yesterday’s match did not show ANY improvement to prove we can stand the hammering of South African batters.

    1. Will Malinga and Kulasekara be able to remove Amla early ? – Highly unlikely. SCG is not a high swinging venue and Kualsekara will be completely useless. Amla will block him for 1 and 2 overs the most and then will hit him over the rope without any danger. Malinga might do something but the other end providing just the batting practice, no hope for us.

    2. How about containing them for 4 overs – likely and that will provide batting practice

    Our brainless selectors and captain did everything not to give exposure to the new bowler. This guy is bowling at 147 kPh , but he had one slip only and we could see edges flying around Mahela. Then an easy catch was dropped by Kusal Perera. Sabotage ? They did not even use him at 1st change when wickets are not coming, instead giving practice useless Perera and the batsmen. They gave Kulasekara another chance in order to promote him, knowing that weak batsmen will get out to him.

    We should open bowling using Chameera and Malinga with sufficient slip fielders similar to any other team ( Like Aus , NZ, India and SA) with confidence.

    Kualasekara will be the disaster in the quarter Finals with SA.

    Evil Jayasuriya who has self interest than the country and Atapattu with hidden agendas betraying the country openly.

  22. Lorenzo Says:



    Chameera was hammered by SCOTLAND. Just imagine how SA will hammer him. No point blaming SJ and MA. Even the new govt. trusts them!!

    Chameera is a weak cricketer. Looks like a child soldier. We need to keep him for crucial matches. Already we have 6 injuries!! As an inexperienced fast bowler, he is VERY prone to injury. That’s why he was kept. Even if he was exposed to 15 matches it does NOT make him EXPERIENCED. What’s wrong with the captain? He is a better captain than Sanga.

    DROP Tisara Perera.
    Lahiru was NOT performing. DEMOTE him and bring Mahela to open. That is the OLD MAN’s dream.
    Blast those who drop catches in raw filth like IMRAN KHAN and ARJUNA RANATUNGA (no filth but nagging complains) and condemn them to everyday training for 3 hours catching.

  23. Independent Says:

    Chameera is being discriminated by our fools. Did you see any of the seniors guiding him ?

    Don’t forget all REAL FAST bowlers get hammered. How about world’s best Mitchel Johnson getting hammered six fours ?

    If you watched the match carefully with a cricketing mind ( not like a house wife) you should have noticed how his bowling created a lot of opportunities unlike other bowlers. This is the important requirement of any bowling.
    We must play Chameera as the opening bowler with Malinga, no Klausekara, bring Nuwan Pradeep, add Rangana Herath – we can beat ANY TEAM easily.

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