Arjuna Mahendran..Victim or Victor ? – Laska
Posted on March 25th, 2015

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Compare this with procedures followed by other countries:
1. USA convicted Raj  Rajaratnam for insider trading and incarcerated him for 20 years!
2. Vinashin Chairman, even though he was alleged by some to be a close aide  of the Executive Prime Minister was sentenced to be executed by firing squad for misappropriation of national finances.
3. Yingluk Shinawatra ex PM of Thailand is now facing incarceration because she “tried to help the poor paddy farmers by promising a guaranteed higher purchase price for their seasonal paddy harvest”. The Governmet revenues depreciated but the money stayed in the country with the poor farmers; yet the present Government indicted her!

What is Sri Lanka doing about this blatant swindle within facts, figures and personalities involved? According to Wimal Weerawansa MP, as stated in Parliament with none objecting to his statement, the loss to the people of Sri Lanka will accrue to over USD24billion!

Shame on our Venerable Danduwambidana Rathana Thero, our Ven. Dadi-Danduwambidana Omalpe and Maduluwawe Sobitha Theroes and their Abiththa Upasaka Champika Ranawaka MP who have been chasing after the Rajapaksas for months now shouting “Hora”! Hora!! Allapiayau!!! They are chasing rainbows of their malicious imagination.They remind us more of Angulimala chasing after the Buddha. Would their Master ever approve of such Vinaya from those who pretend to be in his image in perpetuity for the alleviation of Dukkha among the populace? Does wearing a yellow robe make a Buddhist Monk?
Having failed to find any alleged “Horakama” the chasers have referred the matter to their international mafia friends. Remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction [WMD] that Saddam Hussein was supposed to have hoidden around Iraq? No doubt another “EL Baradei” type will arrive from the Financial Misappropriation Detective Specialists of the West to “confirm that there is a probability” of Rajapaksas having stashed away State finances around the world. Then they will seek for incarceration and possible extradition. The rest, as you guess, will be history in time to come.

Our Motherland had two Great Leaders during our lives. One was shot dead by a yellow robed “Monk” under the orders of a another yellow robed “Dadidanduwanbidana Nayaka Thero”. The other leader has been deposed through connivance of the present yellow robed Danduwam Mudalalis.

As for our Legal Experts of the Pro  Bono Publico variety, just  where are they hiding? Why are they ominously silent to walk the talk? Time to stand up and be counted Pro  Bono Publico.

2 Responses to “Arjuna Mahendran..Victim or Victor ? – Laska”

  1. AnuD Says:

    It is very clear cut insider trading, so it was corruption.

    Ranil wickramsinghe is protecting him because it questions the Ranil leadership.

  2. Geeth Says:

    If it is very clear that insider trading is occurred, then not only Arjuna, but also his sponsors must be sent to jail for life time.

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