Sirisena shakes Queen’s hand without gloves. Wow!
Posted on March 25th, 2015

H. L. D. Mahindapala

The post-independent period is a unique segment of Sri Lankan history where everything that ought to have happened, happened without breaking up the democratic foundations of the nation which is a  remarkable achievement.  In the main, the nation faced (1) two left-wing rebellions, (2) one Right-wing coup led by the Westernized elite. (3) a 33-year-old north-south conflict which began in 1976 with Tamil leadership passing the Vadukoddai Resolution, (4)  paralyzing strikes by the Marxists who were planning to ride into power on the back of workers, (5) sporadic ethnic riots, (6) roller-coaster economic rides, (7) student unrest in the universities, (8) periodic changes of governments at the state and local government levels, (9) constitutional changes leaping from parliamentary form of government to presidential, (10) foreign diplomatic and military incursions, Indian in particular, (11) the impact imported ideological waves that swept influential sections of the intelligentsia and (12) the overall transition from semi-feudal, semi-capitalists, semi-colonial phase to a modern nation, complete with world conquering cricket team and a competent military machine that rose from a ceremonial army to meet the greatest internal threats to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the nation.

Of all the major events two peaks stand out as the highest. The first took place  in 1956 and the second in 2009. Both were lasting defining moments for the nation. Both were grass root forces. Both were to regain the lost/threatened heritage of the nation. The Silent Revolution of 1956” was to reclaim and reinforce the historical roots of the nation – a common phenomenon that rose in rebellion against centuries of colonialism in all post-colonial nations. The The Triumph of 2009”, though violent, was to regain and protect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and the national heritage which were threatened by local and foreign anti-national forces.

Both dates are interconnected. What was won peacefully and silently in 1956” was threatened from the day it was born by the Westernized  Sinhala and Tamil elite. The militarized and violent antithetical forces opposing 1956” came up from the Northern political elite. In 1976 the entire Tamil elite decided to opt out of the democratic mainstream and take the gun to reverse the historical gains of 1956”. It can be argued that 2009” rescued from 1956” fading into oblivion.

The Vadukoddai War, endorsed in the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) officially, was conceived as a strategy of the ruling Vellahla elite to ride on the backs of the Tamil youth to ride into power. But it backfired on the fathers of the Vadukoddai Resolution. When they legitimized the Vadukoddai violence, power slipped out of the Vellahla elite for the first time since they rose to rule Jaffna from feudal times, and fell into the hands of the lower-castes and the rebellious youth who turned their guns first on the high class fathers of the Vadukoddai Resolution. The traditional Saivite Vellahla fascism was replaced by the political fascism of Prabhakaran. For  some time, the one-man rule of Tamil fascism seemed unassailable and seemed poised to win by defeating the Sri Lankan forces. But winning the unwinnable war changed the political landscape by eliminating Tamil fascism and restoring democracy from coast to coast. The Triumph of 2009” not only reinforced the historic achievements of 1956” but also  stands out as the second decisive and defining moment in post-independent history that saved the Tamils – and the nation — from the one-man dictatorship fascist Prabhakaranism. .

Historically speaking, 2009” is the logical and inevitable corollary to 1956”. Both reveal the inner dynamics of the invincible grass root forces that will rise, again and again, to defend its historical heritage. The greatness of S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike, who was far superior to the theoretically stunted Marxists, was in recognizing the aspirations of the grass-root people who were gasping for oxygen in an oppressive and suffocating colonial atmosphere. Both as a Christian and a scholar of Western classics Bandaranaike was steeped in the best of Occidental culture and its roots. Of the Westernized ruling elite of the day he alone felt the pulse of the people, leaving  the Right and the Left stranded in their ideological deserts. His intellectual rejection of the Western ideologies made him the most perceptive  and far-seeing prophet of his time. The Left was buried too deep in the dying Western theories of Marxism. The Right was too addicted to the colonial traditions which they inherited and perpetuated with hardly any structural adjustments to address the rising expectations of one of the most politically alert electorates of S. Asia. .

Like all iconic revolutionaries of the colonial and post-colonial era Bandaranaike believed in the superiority of the indigenous culture which he was bent on reviving and reinforcing as a prime political need of the time. While the Right and the Left were emphasizing material and bread-and-butter issues he focused on the cultural aspirations which proved to be stronger than bread. As in most of the post-colonial nation there was almost a xenophobic rejection of anything that came from the West. But Bandaranaike stood in the middle attempting to build bridges between the two. He knew he was in an age of transition drifting between two worlds, one dead (colonial)  and the other (national) struggling to be born. (Mathew Arnold). If the Western models were to be incorporated into the local culture it was to be absorbed with suitable adjustments to local conditions. The model for this trend was set, for instance, by Bishop Luxman Wickremesinghe, the leading light of the Anglican Church. He introduced oil lamps instead of candles in Churches. Like in Buddhist temples, he insisted that devotees entering the Church should leave their shoes at the entrance. He even introduced a tinge of yellow into the cincture that was tied round middle of the cassock.

Blending both cultures without offending anyone in particular was the intended middle path chosen by Bandaranaike. He not only gave Sinhala Only but Tamil also. This, however did not go down well with the Anglicized ruling elite of all communities who earned their crust through English. At the same time, he was conscious of the need to adopt the overarching principle of being superior to the White Man just to be his equal. That was his motto at Oxford. He wasn’t going  to be overawed by the dominant culture of the colonial masters. When he dropped the Western garb and donned the national costume he wasn’t putting on a kapati koat” like modern day politicos. He pioneered the national dress and expressed his contempt for the Western garb by declaring boldly that you wear the coat and trousers only when you go for dog shows.

The intellectual subtleties and nuances that changed the colonial culture and reinforced the people-based culture was either prostituted or neglected by those who succeeded him, using his name, including his third-rate progeny. We can dismiss his daughter who qualified more in imbibing French wine than in political science at Sorbonne. So let’s take the case of President Maithripala Sirisena’s metamorphosis after first official visit to London. After he returned home he has been projecting the image of a born-again evangelist for the West, distancing himself from his initial Marxist days and the recent al-lay, val-lay and pal-lay common man from the Polonnaruwa paddy fields. In his address to the SLFP Organizers meeting he was glorifying his visit to Buckingham Palace where the Queen amazed him by shaking his hand without wearing a glove. The fact that she offered her ungloved hand to him and his wife, Jayanthi, was marketed by him as a mark of special respect conferred on him by the Queen. Good old Bandaranaike would have taken it in his stride, being familiar the Western culture and the Queen’s  antecedents better than the Queen. But not Sirisena, the boy from al-lay, val-lay and pal-lay from Polonnaruwa. It was like gama-yata magic,

Sirisena also announced with some pride that David Cameron walked out of his official residence to receive him on the macadamized entrance to No: 10, Downing Street, with a hand shake and to escort him personally into the inner sanctum of the Prime Minister’s residence. Shaking the ungloved hand of the Queen, which enabled him to touch the skin of the Queen, and David Cameron coming out to greet him outside No: 10 Downing Street, were  reported to the SLFPers as significant achievements of his visit  to UK. In gloating over these experiences there  is more  than a touch of the naivety of a first-timer being overawed by the big names in big places.

His report to the SLFPers was meant to impress the party big wigs that his first trip to the West was a triumph of his  personal diplomacy abroad and that he is no longer the backward rustic from the paddy fields of Polonnaruwa. Shaking the ungloved hands of the Queen was placed before the SLFP audience as another instance of his breaking  the international deadlock that has bedeviled post-war relations with the West.

He also claimed credit for getting the West to postpone the scheduled presentation of the UN report on Sri Lanka to UNHRC in March. He said that the world was divided over Sri Lanka and his initiatives had united the world. He said that the task now is to unite. And  it is I who did it,” he announced, exuding a touch of personal glory.

There is some symbolism attached to the Queen offering a gloved and the ungloved hand. The Queen who shakes the hands of tens of thousands yearly, wears gloves partly for hygienic reasons and partly for decorum. Her royal wave, for instance, is always gloved. She offers her ungloved and gloved hand to thousands and there is nothing special in Mr. and Mrs. Sirisena shaking it ungloved, though Sirisena gave the impression that it was a privileged concession granted to him and his wife.

All that is well and good. Sri Lankans should share the cordiality that greeted him at Buckingham Palace and No: 10 Downing Street. In  Sirisena’s Marxist days, however, his political guru, Shanmugathasan, would have hooted with belly  laughs if he heard that one of his cadres was ecstatic about the Queen shaking hands, gloved or ungloved. There is no doubt that he would have looked at it disdainfully and dismissively as the hand of a blood-stained imperialist who was heading the global killing machine of UK. But it’s different now. Those days the craze was to pose with Mao Tse Tung. Now the erstwhile radicals take great  pride in shaking the ungloved hands  of the Queen.  Boy, O, boy! How roaring radicals change into pet mice overnight!

The cosmetics at Buckingham Palace and at No:10 Downing Street can be dismissed as much ado about nothing. Even before Sirisena went to London the West knew that he was their point man in Sri Lanka. They were merely buttering him up to show their appreciation of the shift in foreign policy from the East to the West. It doesn’t cost them much to shake hands cordially with their new client state. Obviously, Sirisena has not grasped the hidden meaning of the Queen and David Cameron going out  of their way to be extra courteous. It could either mean that they were patting President Sirisena on the back for doing the job of overthrowing their bête noir of the West in a bloodless coup. Or it could mean that  they are happy with the return of a prodigal colonial boy to his old colonial masters. It may also mean that they are glad to welcome another reliable client state to partner in the Western agenda.

On his return home, the President spoke glowingly of the lovey-dovey affair at Buckingham Palace which, after all,  is only glove deep. He implied that he had opened up a new era of friendly relationship with UK after Mahinda Rajapakse rejected David Milliband’s intrusive intervention to stop the war in 2009. Milliband, working on behalf of the Tamil lobby in UK, was merely trying to reassert the lost colonial powers by forcing ex-colonial nations to fall in line with their neo-colonial political agenda. That failed. So is it surprising that UK is overjoyed at Sri Lanka returning to the neo-colonial royalty on genuflecting knees?

But, as they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch or a handshake. The question, therefore, is how much is that handshake going to cost the nation?  There is a price to be paid. What is the price that the nation is expected to pay in return for the thrill of touching the skin of the Queen? For instance, will it change the pro-Tamil political stance of David Cameron who is funded heavily by the Tamil Diaspora? When he pressed the hand of Sirisena was he batting for Sri Lanka or for the Tamil Diaspora?

Sirisena’s speech to the SLFPers raised the four political sources that matter to him specifically which reflects his new mind set. First, he mentioned the Indian Prime Minister Modi who had asked him what he thinks of his experiences after sitting in the Presidential chair for just two months. Oddly enough, he skips answering the question, leaving the audience to wonder whether he answered the question at all or whether he wants to keep it a secret. Second, he reflects on the Queen’s ungloved  handshake  in rather ecstatic terms. Third, he gives a glowing account of his meeting David Cameron, the man who hated Sri Lanka under Mahinda Rajapakse. And fourth, he claims that for the first time in the  history of Sri Lankan politics all the Tamil parties sat with him when he went to Jaffna. All this was wrapped in his overall theme of giving into the demands of the TNA. Sirisena seems to have acquired more courage and inspiration after his return from UK to accommodate the demands of the North.

There are two meanings to this constellation of political forces: 1. it is this quartet that brought him into power and he plans to keep it going for  his benefit ; 2. it marks the beginning of the reversal of history created in the post-Nandikadal period. Repeatedly he emphasized, most vociferously, the need to give into the 13+ demands  — a common cause with the quartet that helped him  to win.  Earlier it was the Wickremesinghe-led UNP that was going all out to accommodate the North. Now the leader of the SLFP too has joined the bandwagon. Is this the meaning of the national government” : giving into the extremist demands of the North with hypocritical JHU and JVP tagging along with Wickremesinghe?

Does this herald the beginning of the drift to the dissolution of the state in the guise of constitutional reforms? Or has Wickremesinghe outwitted Sirisena and taken the SLFP under his wing, as the head of the elusive national government”, to break up the nation? Is this the end of Bandaranaike’s SLFP, with his daughter, joining hands with Wickremesinghe, to sell the nation down the river? And is the new wave of Mahinda Rajapakse which began in Nugegoda the logical political counter to save 1956” and 2009”? Whichever way you look at it, the combination of the  four  forces mentioned above – the Queen, David Cameron, Narendra Modi and the Tamil parties in the Diaspora and Jaffna — is a serious threat to the nation.

27 Responses to “Sirisena shakes Queen’s hand without gloves. Wow!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Alternative view.

    We are proud of our VILLAGE MAN. Just imagine an AVERAGE SL meeting the queen. It will be exactly like this.

    We had 3 village men as leaders – Danayaka, Wijethunga and My3. Among all politicians they were the MOST HUMBLE, LEAST corrupt.

    Pussy cat pussy cat where have you been
    I’ve been to London to visit the queen.

  2. Nimal Says:

    I am glad the Queen and the British MP receive the president with respect because courtesy, good manners. tolerance are the building blocks of stable Britain that everyone wants to come to live.

  3. Independent Says:

    The point is, the man should not have spoken in a boasting manner on this. He need not have mentioned “gloves”, he should have mentioned other details ( for example what the British queen though about the country) instead. The man have forgotten this is British queen, not Sri Lankan queen.

  4. Sarath W Says:

    If MY3 thinks that the queen and Cameron gave him special treatment, then he should ask himself why they did so. The Brits, Yanks, the Canadians hated MR because he did not do what they wanted, please the Tamils who were their faithful servants. MR did what is best for Sri Lanka, not what they wanted, Tamil votes. If MY3 got a warm welcome, then he should think why. It is because he is a faithful servant to them.

    I wonder how the queen pets her dogs! With or without the gloves?

  5. Nimal Says:

    Ceylon today seems to have heard what the queen supposed to have said to MS about the ltte protestors. I doubt that she will ever comment about a third party like the ltte or any other political group. She talks with dignity and respect and it’s the SL gutter press that is advocating a separatist agenda.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Sarath W,

    1. Not very true. The SAME monarchy game MR the leadership of the commonwealth! AND Prince Charles visited MR in SL.
    So the honors are equal between MR and My3 from the Brits.

    2. “MR did what is best for Sri Lanka, not what they wanted, Tamil votes.”

    True UNTIL 2010. False AFTER 2010. There is NO election in sight. So let me give you some FACTS and FIGURES. Please leave this comment as it is based on FACTS published by the ministry of defence (EXCEPT the ethnicity part which was sourced from

    The number of people killed by the army, police, navy, etc. from 2010 to 2015 by ethnicity.
    Singhala 42 (91%)
    Tamil 1 (2%)
    Muslim 3 (6%)

    This was NOT the case 2005 to 2010.
    Singhala (0%)
    Tamil (100%)
    Muslim (0%)

  7. Charles Says:

    HLD Mahindapala

    Thank you for that excellent article so well written with the xcorrect word

  8. Charles Says:

    HLD Mahindapala

    Thank you for that excellent article so well written. The right has not changed. The Colonial world in Sri Lanka died, but it is now being revived.

    “The Right was too addicted to the colonial traditions which they inherited and perpetuated with hardly any structural adjustments to address the rising expectations of one of the most politically alert electorates of S. Asia.”

  9. sarathk Says:

    What a Sirisena? Can I touch your hand Sirisena?

  10. Christie Says:

    Namaste: “declaring boldly that you wear the coat and trousers only when you go for dog shows.” What a cunning fox he was to mislead the Sinhalese and come to power on the back of Sinhalese. Dog was part of the Sinhala culture and that is why British Peons introduced Dog tax when the Dutch possessions were administered from Madras. His kids studied in English and the boy went to Madras to do his London Advanced Level so he could go Vidyalankara or Vidyodaya.

    Mahinda you very well know:
    “from a ceremonial army to meet the greatest internal threats to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the nation” it was the Indian terrorist arm trained, managed, financed and branded Tamil Tigers by India. The JVP was financed by India. When I say India it includes Bharat Government, Bharat Prawasi Desis and vermin. Jai Hind.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    How many MP left in UNFL Party now ( 21 minister left) is greater than 22 TNA MP’S ?
    when Sampanthan will become opposition leader He only have life 2 or 3 years left so Please give him a chance mate?

  12. Nimal Says:

    Glad to note that the colonial traditions are coming back. So there may be many first names like Percy,Mervin,Bernard.Christie,Victor and even Charles. Perhaps the lives will be so good where corruption, nepotism and other evils of the third world will be thing of the past and likes of you and I will decide to come back to the island and make it a true darmadeepya.I am going to drink to it tonight, if time permits me.
    I might even name my house Carlton(oops! taken already by are former prez),perhaps I might call my house Westminister,where I have been successful due to the colonial types in UK.Great news I say and cheers!

  13. Indrajith Says:

    As usual, another masterpiece by Mr. Mahindapala.

    The incident involving Sirisena touching Queen’s hand without gloves and then boasting about that reminds me of a scene in D.B. Nihalsingha’s classic movie “Welikathara”. When Suwineetha Weerasinghe, wife of the police inspector (Gamini Fonseka) slaps on the face of Goring Mudhalali (Joe Abeywickrema), Goring Mudhalali touches his face in pain but in return says “Madam, mama moone mae paththa sumaneka hodhanne nehe!”

    I hope out of the pleasure of Queen’s touch, Sirisena too will not wash his right hand for a week or more!

  14. Indrajith Says:

    The English translation of what Goring Mudhalali says “Madam, I won’t wash this side of my face for a weak!”

  15. Cerberus Says:

    The way My3 and his wife bow to the Queen is pathetic. My3 is not too bad but the wife bends right over while looking down instead of curtseying while meeting her eyes and shaking hands. I guess no one told the poor woman the correct etiquette. I wonder if My3 has washed his hand after he came back from U.K. to ensure the ecstasy of shaking hands remains intact. My3 is such a coward. When he was eating hoppers with MR he did not have the courage to look MR in the eye tell him that he was going to leave to contest against him. Then he has told everyone that he was planning to hide in an estate in case he lost the election. In comparison when MR lost he just went to his home in Tangalle and stayed put. He was not fearful of anyone coming to kill him. I guess that is because he was not guilty of anything.

    The whole plot to get rid of MR was I believe hatched by some think tanks in the West. I think the money that paid for all the crossovers etc also came from LTTE diaspora I believe. No one in Sri Lanka has the brains to work out a devious plot like it. Though CBK tried to take credit she is not smart enough though she is cunning. We all know that they get the plans from the West and pass it on to people like RW. Now thanks to the West the grand old SLFP has been broken up. 26 of the SLFP have crossed over to the UNP essentially. So the party is split. What happened was not a National Government as RW likes to think but a cross over to UNP. The people who crossed are those who are in politics not to serve the people but to fill their pockets. They are ‘political prostitutes’ who will sell themselves to the highest bidder.

    MY3 left the SLFP joined the UNP to contest the elections then after he got elected went back to SLFP since they were in a majority and declared himself as leader of the party and also leader of UPFA too, to ensure MR will not run as SLFP leader. What pieces of dirt all these people are. They do not care for the Sinhalese or for the country. He appointed RW as Prime Minister even though he was not elected. He appointed a Tamil as the Chief Justice while Mohan Pieris was still in office. He then appointed Shirani Bandaranayake who had been impeached by the previous Parliament as CJ and then she resigned after one day. He then pressured Mohan Pieris to leave his office. What a comedy.

    RW then appointed a non-national as Governor Central Bank who now appears to have played out the country for $24 Billion. RW then appoints three of his friends to investigate the matter. RW also appointed Ravi Karunanayka(m) as Finance Minister while there was a case against him for money laundering and connections with Raj Rajaratnam. Sarath Fonseka who was found guilty by a Military Tribunal for an attempted coup was cleared of all charges and promoted to Field Marshal. The gay Mangala is trotting the world with his boy friend in tow staying in luxury hotels at tax payer expense trying to give the North and East to the Tamils along with RW. I saw that the US Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Desai Biswal said that after the “dramatic opening” created by the election of My3, the US is willing to assist the new government. She has also said that the finances of the country were in a mess when My3 inherited the Government. This is a total lie since the Rupee was strengthening and the economy was in good shape. Now after the major financial fiasco created by RW and his buddy no one wants to lend or buy Sri Lanka bonds. International Bankers have lost confidence in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Already in 50 days the Rupee has declined. In any case US never gave much aid to Sri Lanka and whenever was given was on terms that were not easy or Lanka friendly. Chinese always stood by us from the old days of the Rubber Rice pact and never tried to gouge Sri Lanka.

    What a comedy it would be if not for the fact that it is a tragedy for the Sinhalese.

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    My Chinhala brother I can understand your feel about MR gone home because We had same felling When VP gone to up (mela) at Nanthi Kaddal .
    only one thing I can tell you VP’S international net thieve run away with all money left over after 19th May 2009 not spending any cents to any one apart from their own family .

    NPC gone India (eg: Indian fisher man allowed to fish in our sea 83 days in a year)
    it is not only tragedy Sinhalese but also for We-Tamils as well .

    Vanthe Matharam !!! no more Nammo Nammo Thaye, Nam Sri Lanka …..
    Have You modayas or We Sakkiliyas learned any thing last 2,600 years or at least since 1948 -NO
    you modaya where is my mother Lanka !!!!

    NB/while looking down instead of curtseying while meeting her eyes and shaking hands. I guess no one told the poor woman the correct etiquette- come on… mate please leave poor village kirama sevakar wife alone , do not insult her , it is not morally right.

  17. Indrajith Says:

    A very dangerous development. Chandrika Perumal will handover EElam to TNA on a platter in the guise of reconciliation!

    Former Sri Lankan President to lead task force on reconciliation and national harmony
    Thu, Mar 26, 2015, 09:01 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Mar 26, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaranatunga has been appointed to lead a special presidential task force to identify urgent reconciliation needs of the minority Tamil community, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe announced Thursday.

    Prime Minister Wickremasinghe at a special meeting with the heads of government and private sector media institutes this morning at the Temple Trees said that a Secretariat on National Harmony has been declared open under the leadership of the former president Mrs. Kumaranatunga.

    “We are focused in achieving communal and religious harmony,” Mr. Wickremesinghe told reporters.

    Wickremasinghe said that the major task entrusted to the Presidential Task Force on Reconciliation (PTFR) is to preserve the diversity of all ethnic groups.

    The PTFR would identify urgent reconciliation needs of the communities that require immediate solutions and would consider proposals from the public on the issues.

  18. Indrajith Says:

    නිවාඩු ගත් බව කීවත් මහ බැංකු අධිපති දුරකථනයෙන් වැඩ

    ශ්‍යාම් නුවන් ගනේවත්ත

    නිවාඩු ලබා සිටිනවා යෑයි කීවත් මහ බැංකු අධිපති අර්ජුන් මහේන්ද්‍රන් මහතා දිනපතාම පාහේ දුරකථන මාර්ගයෙන් උපදෙස්‌ ලබා දෙමින් ශ්‍රී ලංකා මහ බැංකුවේ කටයුතු මෙහෙයවන බව ඉහළ පෙළේ ආරංචි මාර්ගවලින් ‘දිවයින’ ට වාර්තා වේ.

    මේ තත්ත්වය තුළ එකම වෙනස වන්නේ හෙතෙම කාර්යාලයට නොපැමිණීම පමණක්‌ බවද, මහ බැංකුවේ කටයුතු මුළුමනින්ම සිදුවන්නේ දැනට පත්කර සිටින ජ්‍යෙෂ්ඨ නියෝජ්‍ය අධිපතිවරයා හරහා අර්ජුන් මහේන්ද්‍රන් මහ බැංකු අධිපතිවරයාට අවශ්‍ය ආකාරයට බවද එම ආරංචි මාර්ග කියා සිටී.

    ආන්දෝලනයට තුඩුදී ඇති භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බැඳුම්කර අක්‍රමිකතාව සම්බන්ධයෙන් සාධාරණ පරීක්‍ෂණයකට අවශ්‍ය කිසිදු තොරතුරක්‌ මහ බැංකුවෙන් ලබා ගැනීමේ අවකාශය වැළකී ඇතැයිද එම ආරංචි මාර්ග තවදුරටත් සඳහන් කර සිටී. මෙම මහා පරිමාණ මූල්‍ය අක්‍රමිකතාව නිසා එම භාණ්‌ඩාගාර බැඳුම්කර වෙන්දේසියෙන් පසු පළමු සති දෙක තුළ පමණක්‌ රුපියල් කෝටි 2500 ක පමණ අලාභයක්‌ රජයට සිදුව ඇතැයිද මේ වසර තුළදී සමස්‌තයක්‌ ලෙස රුපියල් කෝටි දසදහසකට අධික අලාභයක්‌ රජයට සිදුවනු ඇතැයිද මූල්‍ය වෙළෙඳපළ නියෝජිතයෝ ප්‍රකාශ කරති.

  19. Indrajith Says:

    බන්දුල, කුමාර, ප්‍රසන්න, සාලින්ද, ඒකනායක, එස්‌.එම්., ලොකුගේ විදුර, උදිත, මනුෂ, කමලා, වක්‌කුඹුර, ලොහාන්, දිලුම්, රෝහිත, ගීතංජන රත්නපුර රැළියේ

    රැළියට ජන සන්නිපාතයක්‌

    මහින්ද රාජපක්‍ෂ මහතා එක්‌aසත් ජනතා නිදහස්‌ සන්ධානයේ අගමැති අපේක්‍ෂකයා ලෙස නම් කරන ලෙස බලකරමින් පාර්ලිමේන්තු මන්ත්‍රී වරුන් ඇතුළු අති විශාල ජනකායකගේ සහභාගිත්වයෙන් ඊයේ (26) සවස රත්නපුර සීවලී ක්‍රීඩාංගණයේ පැවැති රැස්‌වීමට සහභාගි වූ ජනතාවගෙන් කොටසක්‌ ඡායාරූපයේ දැක්‌වේ.

    Well done Wimal, Udhaya, dhinesh and Vaasu!

  20. Nimal Says:

    Cerberus and Indrajith
    Please think positive just like the Colombians and the British. Please don’t look back and move forward with a positive mind set.

  21. Indrajith Says:

    Nimal, are you going out of your mind for asking us to think like Colombians and the British?
    When you say Colombians I assume that you’re referring to people living in the South American country called Colombia which is very famous for narcotic related crimes. And the Britishers are the number one hypocratic people living in this planet. Have you so soon forgotten the arogant behaviour of David Cameron who came to Sri Lanka on the invitation of the president of Sri Lanka to attend the last Commonwealth meeting and then had his own press conference where he planted his own media men to ask questions tarnishing the image of Sri Lanka. Are you a Sri Lankan man or a tiger sympathier appearing in the name of a Sinhala man?

    About Britain I only like its beautiful landscapes and other places of natural beauty. Not their people and its culture!

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    Indrajith and Nimal,

    Don’t worry in another GENERATION, Britain will be an ISLAMIC republic. The beauty of Arabia will consume it. Can’t wait.

  23. SA Kumar Says:

    Don’t worry in another GENERATION, Britain will be an ISLAMIC republic. – keep on dream like naalai pirakkum TE .

  24. Nimal Says:

    As a Colombian I disagree with Cameron going to North. In fact I lobbied my MP and other people I know against he inviting the terrorist, bogus refugee diaspora party to No10,but their vote bank and money won the day.Sri Lanka had the power to stop him but they never attempted, because they are the lap dogs of the colonial types. Sadly our politicians play a double game with the west by giving a nod and enjoy privileges like visas to their close people.
    I personally deal with the people here on an equal footing and they respect me.
    West is deliberately violating the rights of the third world people to travel to their countries, playing immigration numbers game with our poor students who are not only trying to come here to study but earn a bit by working, legally or illegally.Why are are two bit politicians say any thing about it to the western countries. Why are our visa are processed in Chehhai in India, where a business man has to send his family’s original documents to an area where people are hostile to SL?Why are our Hippocratic sarong and sari clad leaders going to events like the Commonwealth conferences in a circus like fashion and live a good life in the best hotels. They(CBK) went to the extent of diverting a passenger plane all the way to Jamica,off loading the fare paying passengers though the organizers had prior arrangements for the leaders to travel.MR too did the same where he tried to off load innocent passengers coming to SL on the flight on the 6th of Dec,after another commonwealth event. Because the top man of the Srilankan couldn’t give him the seats for his circus Peter Clarke was sacked. Why are leaders so eager to get to west on any pretext and at any cost. I would stoop that low. Do they ever speak about the way the Western countries are treating our visitors, No? Their ultimate aim is to sell hog wash, make colossal amounts and go and live in the West. If I was treated right then I wouldn’t have left SL in 60s.
    By far Britain is a far fairer country to it’s citizens but will our back home leaders ever be fair to us, sadly our humble people have accepted their fate and some in the street have turned to be dishonest and become scoundrels and no one at the top to be a role model.Just a simple case where one get a contractor to do a job and it’s the common habit to take the money up front and vanish.I have made my building’s water system all made out of 22mm and 15mm copper pipes imported from UK.First I replaced the pipes on the roof feeding overhead tanks.This time another crooked contractor worked elsewhere in the building.Suddenly I found that there was no water in the building later in the morning that the copper pipes I layed myself with the electrician had gone missing and the workers of the contractors said that the monkeys have removed it, but three weeks later when we were shifting almost 3 lorry loads of building rubble my security people found the missing copper pipes neatly bent and tied in bundles. We had to do the checks as thing have gone missing from the building.I trained the electrican how to do plumbing with copper pipes where they are easily connected by compression joints and on the second visit I shipped three shower mixers that could be fitted to the copper piping systems so that my foreign born visitors could have showers.After helping so much,jealosey and envy over rode his urgent commitment to me.Again he too took the money from my sister and never sighted the place until I left the island after staying 3 months.Soon after I left he came and fixed that in one day.Yet a gain he crept into the building and messed up the wiring,severly disturbing the office tenants.Four or five yearsago another contracror who charged nme millions to red the sewage pipes had horrible workers who got their back on the contractor by pouring concrete in to the sewage pipes running horizontally, since we use our apartments once a year found that the sewage didn’t move and by breaking the marble floor found concrete with the broom stick that was used to push the concrete away from the nearest access joint. Our people seems to envy us but they don’t understand how hard we work in UK.Another very poor guy feeling pity got down to UK to spend some time and be of some help to my manager while we were in Far East that include SL.While we were out of the country we got a call from our accountant that the VAT people have raided my business and my house because that fell I had pity had called them saying that I am a fiddler and a gangster. Police kept an eye too and found that we are OK,as I work with them to with some sort of sec.clearance.But he did confess that no one in SL had ever given him a chance to come to UK,see the sights with much pocket money that he had ever seen in his life. VAT men asked him why he deliberately stitched me up, when I have done so much for him. He said that the consequences of his wrong doing against me would make him a victim back in SL and he would like to claim refugee status. They were so furious the bundled him in to a plane and sent him back. I heard that he took is life in Sl.
    Prior to his coming here I gave a colossal amount in TC to buy two earth movers, so that I could set up a company to help the people back home but this guy tried to change the ticket at the airport checking desk to get to Australia with the money I gave him, failing with he had to board the flight to London.
    Lord Buddha is absolutely right that humans and animals are all born with survival qualities like jealosey,envey, andgreed and it’s up to us to control that to attain Nirvana a state of mind.

  25. Nimal Says:

    Sorry due to an error I couldn’t check above for grammar, too busy to go through

  26. Nimal Says:

    Scared of the truth?

  27. Indrajith Says:

    Nimal, no not al all but feel sorry for you, really!

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