Beyond the 13 A: to a bottomless pit
Posted on March 27th, 2015


Indian Prime Minister, Narenbdra Modi’s visit to Sri Lanka as expected ended up as yet another occasion of adding to the condescending words of a few leaders advising how Sri Lanka should be ruled and structured. One can recollect the arrogance of David Cameron,, John Kerry, Harper and Erik Sloheim  who sang the same song assuming that Sri Lanka and her people are mere puppets to order them to dance according to their wishes.

Prime Minister, Mody’s highly questionable advice to Sri Lanka was to go beyond 13th amendment. The Sri Lankans have naturally to assume that Modi’s prescription is to Sri Lanka to be adopt a Federal constitution or to become a quasi-federal state to quench the thirst of the Tamil racist leaders and arrive at ‘a peaceful settlement’ to the so called, but, non-existent Tamil problem.’

The Indian Prime Minister’s push towards beyond 13th amendment is untimely to say the least and unfortunate that the dictate has omitted to take into the consideration the expectations and the legitimate interests of the Sinhala majority and some sections of the minorities who wish to live in a unitary state in this small island of 25,000 sq. miles’

The fact that the Indian Prime Minister conveyed his desire for Sri Lanka to go beyond 13 th amendment in a public statement compels one to hark back to Rajiv Gandhi’s callous and arrogant policy platform which backfired in the 80s.Without reappraisal of the utterly destructive method of foisting Indo-Sri Lanka agreement on Sri Lanka and having forgotten how the LTTE terrorists were trained in India, for the Prime Minister Modi to advocate to Sri Lanka to go beyond 13th amendment can be summed up as a pompous pontificating to a smaller State to settle into to a pre –decided path constructed and determined by India.

One wonders whether Mody’s intention was to take us back to another Indian creation way back in 1985. Late Crown Counsel and the Constitution lawyer ,H.L. De Silva in rejecting the Federalism or quasi-Federalist models commented The so called Thimpu Principles’ enunciated as representing the essence of a common demand by all the Tamil parties at the negotiation between the Government of Sri Lanka and representatives of several Tamil groups conducted in 1985 UNDER THE SPONSORSHIP OF INDIA were a re-affirmation of the view that all States should correspond to the notion that every nation, IN THE EXERCISE OF ITS RIGHT TO SELF –DETRMINATION SHOULD HAVE TO RIGHT TO INDEPENDENT STATEHOOD. ..It is rejection of multi-national State and multi-culturalism,, a federal constitution, far from a check on secession, COULD BE THE PRECURSOR TO THE EASTBLISHMENT OF AN INDEPENDENT STATE BY A DISSATIFIED UNIT OF THE NEW FEDRATION/’ We are of the view that going beyond 13th Amendment will pave way for the dismemberment of Sri Lanka which existed as a single State for over 2500 years unlike India.

Even under 13 th Amendment, the land and the police powers were not devolved to the Provincial councils as per the Indo Sri Lanka agreement days as such an arrangement would lead to problems in the area of national development and national security. We are of the view that the land and the police powers should be exercised by the central government to  prevent incremental growth of separatism and political mobilization towards militant separatism


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  1. SA Kumar Says:

    13 th Amendment- is untouchable !!! sooner our later this will be fully implement in Mother Lanka .
    Sooner is better for every one but later is also no problem why harry take on time .

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Game Plan :

    Plan ‘A’ with Norway as Peacekeeper failed. Now, new Plan ‘B’ going on. More ‘Divide & Rule’ and De-stabilising Lanka on the Main Menu.

    Use Tamil Caste/poverty Frustrations from Tamil Nadu and imposed by Tamil leaders of Lanka on Tamils of Lanka by NOT using govt aid for Tamils, to > build a Separate State for Tamils only > to be used by …. > for what purposes …. ????

    Watch it, Mr Sirisena.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    There is no plan A or Z Only day dream We-Tamil have last 2,600 years Saiva TE. at last We have now call NPC !
    Only sadness is Indian flag is flying not your lion or our koddiya flag is flying in Japanaya !

    Vanthe matharam , no more Namoo namo Thaaye , Nam Sri Lanka ………………..

  4. crobe Says:

    Modi should apologize to SL on behalf of India & Tamil Nadu for perpetrating 30 years of terrorism on SL.

    SL needs to have a referendum on the 13th amendment.

    SL cannot allow India & Tamil Nadu to export poverty to SL

    India and TN doesnt seem to care about the Tamils of SL they claim to care about when it comes to stealing their resources.


    Fran Diaz, I have a problem! Why are you not talking about the ELECTION COMMISSIONER? HE IS WRITING A NEW CONSTITUTION FOR HIMSELF! Sri Lanka has already been de-stabilized. RANIL openly said I will abolish the constitution which late JRJ put together with great pain and every community participated. Sit and think for a moment; Sirisena president do not have any power. YES HE HAD WHITH THE JRJ constitution. NOT ANY MORE.

    Crobe, Come down from CROBE ORBIT. Modi to apologies don’t even think about it. This is why CBK is now living in Jaffna safe house. She got down TAMILS FROM FARNCE 56 to exact, who were in the French Armed forces and intelligent services, then she sent them to TAMIL HOUSES in Killinochchi. They threatened the occupants of the house so they excepted them. So she has her own army and is not afraid of any one. The latest photograph shows that CBK has a big BLACK PATCH ON HER CHEEK? is this MOUTH CANCER? Some one said that CBK was in a Paris cancer hospital about one year ago!

    Ranjith Soysa, Ranjith Soysa; As soon as the election was over RANIL VOVED that he will destroy Sinhalese and Buddhists. Which he has done successfully. What else is new? Why is Pramadase’s son is silent? Pramadase’s wife wanted to be the Sri Lankan ambassador to the UN is silent? Champica Ranawake is silent; we all know why! And Rathana thero the Dalilama stooge made few appearances but went silent; he did not get even a junior minister’s position.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about. There is an Exec President and an Exec PM appointed by the Exec President. Power is divided between them. I know that the Exec. PM has a lot of power – nothing new there. President still has a lot of power.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Exec PM on the move :

    Focus on Northern Province as Premier meets TNA, Forces top brass
    March 26, 2015, ISLAND

    by Shamindra Ferdinando

    In the wake of the government giving up a section of the Jaffna High Security Zone (HSZ) last Monday (March 23), Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe will undertake a three-day visit to examine the situation in the Northern Province.

    The Premier will commence his visit today (March 27) with religious observances at Naga Viharaya.

    The Premier will briefly meet Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarians representing the Northern Province, security forces’ top brass in the North, civil society organizations as well as senior officials handling resettlement and rehabilitated ex-cadres of the LTTE. Representatives of northern fisheries societies, too, will meet the Premier.

    Except for 49 ex-LTTE cadres held at a rehabilitation camp at Poonthottam, the previous government released all those who had surrendered or captured during eelam war IV.

    The UNP leader is scheduled to meet TNA parliamentarians at the Jaffna District Secretariat at 11 am today after having participated in a special programme at the Weerasingham hall conducted countrywide to provide nutritious food to expectant mothers.

    Premier Wickremesinghe last Monday joined President Maithripala Sirisena and former President Chandrika Kumaratunga at an event in Jaffna to release 425 acres of land in Vasavilan east held by the military for over 2 decades. The government recently declared that the government would release 1,000 acres of the existing Jaffna HSZ covering both Palaly and Kankesanthurai sectors before the end of this year.

    According to Prime Minister’s Office, Wickremesinghe will have a series of meetings in Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts. During the first day of the northern tour, the Premier will meet Bishop of Jaffna of the Church of South India Rt. Rev. Daniel Selvaratnam Thiagarajah and Jaffna Bishop Rt. Rev. Thomas Saundranayagam.

    The Premier will also visit Palaly air base, northern naval headquarters at Kankesanthurai as well as meeting a cross section of security forces officers at Palaly security forces headquarters tomorrow (March 28).

    Wickremesinghe will receive a briefing from the military as regards post-war developments in the region.

    Security Forces Commander, Jaffna Maj. Gen. Nandana Udawatte will receive the Premier on his arrival at the Jaffna area headquarters. Udawatte, formerly the General Officer Commanding (GoC) of the 59 Division liberated LTTE bastion Mullaitivu in late Dec 2008 during the eelam war IV.

    UNP sources told The Island that the Premier was keen to examine the ground situation in the Northern Province in the run-up to the next parliamentary election. Sources said that the government was engaged in an accelerated project to bring relief to war weary northerners. Responding to a query, sources said that the government was exploring ways and means of working with elected representatives of the Northern Province to bring relief to the civilian community.

    However, other sources asserted that a section of the TNA had been unhappy over Wickremesinghe’s recent criticism of the Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran. Sources said that the UNP and the TNA wanted to work towards the rapid improvement of the situation in war-torn areas.

    In an exclusive with Tamil Nadu’s Thanthi TV, Wickremesinghe declared that he could work with elected representatives in parliament representing the Northern Province and wouldn’t meet Wigneswaran.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    These losers can speak about GOING BEYOND 13 amendment is because MR DID NOT SCRAP it when he had the 2/3.

    You have to strike when the iron is hot. Otherwise no chance again.

    MR’s 18th amendment will be used by RUN-NIL to stay in power forever.

  9. Ratanapala Says:

    The tragedy of Sri Lanka is there is nobody who could explain to PM Modi that Sri Lanka is about a third the size of Tamil Nadu and is already administered through 9 provincial councils only because of Indian pressure. People of authority should have explained that granting of police powers will lead to the creation of para-military organisations as was the case during Eelam Wars and those organisations will not bode well for the future of India too.

    Moreover they should have explained that more than 50% of Tamils and even Muslims (who are dreaming of Safiristans and Naziristans) are living outside of those claimed enclaves. In such circumstances how the grievances and aspirations of Tamils and Muslims are going to fulfilled is difficult to envision. Last but not least the position of the Sinhalese who continuously inhabited Sri Lanka (- who now have to part with their historical land in some areas almost exclusively for the use of mono-ethnic Tamils and Muslims) have to share the rest of the land with the other 50% of these racist Tamils and Muslims, is not clear. This tantamounts to the pithy Sinhala saying ” Ange indagena Kana Kema wagei”

    The most interesting thing is Which Eelam? ; whether it is 1980 as depicted in the Eelam Stamp of 1980 or the one depicted now which includes areas coming close to Negombo in the west and close to Kataragama in the East. It looks like this mythical Eelam has no clear boundaries. When the boundaries are not distinct what comes next are borders wars and a thousand Mavil Aarus when water wars commence.

    In short division of Sri Lanka whether in a federal structure or ultimately on a permanent basis will only mean – Endless War and end to the people who call themselves Sinhalese.

    Sri Lanka should tell India that a stable and united Sri Lanka is much more advantageous and valuable to India than a divided Sri Lanka with Western Christian powers taking a foot hold in their south. The problem is that Indian arrogance, stupidity and subservience to the Christian West far exceeds their own welfare and safety. It is not by accident that the North of Sri Lanka is getting christianised unethically at an alarming rate much to the detriment of the indigent Hindus.

    Modi being a Hindu Nationalist should understand this little truth far more than the other Western boot lickers in the Indian Administration. Perhaps he should listen to Dr Subramaniam Swamy more, who has a better understanding of Sri Lanka and her importance to India in real geo-political terms.


    Fran Diaz, thanks for the reply, SL constitution has specified the functions of the Prime Minister. He can not hold the foreign ministers position. Only the President can. This is because the foreign ministers has to deal with foreign countries. Prime Ministers job is inside the Parliament. And he has no authority of territorial integrity of the nation and the security of SL. Very case that SL Gunasekara brought against CBK was based on this assumption. Ranil took the defense Ministry Under the advice of Tony Blair. Today OBAMA advice Ranil to do the same. DO YOU NOW SEE THE DIFFERENCE. Only difference is there is no Supreme court to discuss this. OBAMA has advised Ranil not to engage the supreme court. Premadase tried it several times but JRJ was firm. He did not allow it.

  11. Christie Says:

    Namaste: Ranjith; bow to the Empire or stand up and fight for freedom from the Indian Imperialists. Jai Hind.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Sri Lanka should tell India that a stable and united Sri Lanka- every one for United Mother Lanka , Modi ,West,USA,CM Viggi,RW,CBK & MS incluting myself ( when to declare separation that is you know as well as I know We lived together last 2,600 years my chinhala sakotharam )

    be Happy We only ask one TE but you gave as two you know We may live with you sinhalase but won’t live with soonis (muslim) or mattakkilappu (eastern) Tamilan (both not reliable -thoppi piraddikal ( turn their cup) eg: our commanding officer (kaddala thalapathy) Col Karuna)

    so We live in NPC (Saiva TE) , Musliam & Eastern Tamil live in EPC (Musliam TE) & you all Sinhalese live in other 7 provinces (Sinhala Lanka) in United Mother Lanka !!!

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    You have answered your own question. But Exec PM has more powers now than ever before, sans Foreign Ministry, as you say. But Sri Ranil listens mostly to foreign interests and Colombian interests, and appears not to heed the bulk of the vote bank of the country.

    Also, it is Rule Britannia for Sir Ranil, not Uncle Sam !! Unc Sam is a convenient and large scapegoat to bang the blame on. Don’t forget that it was America that trained Lanka army and located the LTTE arms ships.

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